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Rushed, half-arsed ‘vaccines’ creating impervious super-bugs

COVID-19 variant described as ‘worst one yet’ emerges in South Africa, prompting UK to ban travel from six countries. PRETTY soon, the virus will be clever enough to convert to Islam and spread to Britain and Europe by boat. Police … Continue reading

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Because they’re fine, they walked the line…

Into hospital: COVID cluster emerges after Hamilton country music gig for vaccinated patrons. Concerns are mounting after three people were hospitalised after contracting COVID-19 at a country music gig in western Victoria. The live music performance was held at the … Continue reading

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Wacko vilification could be read as an incitement to violence

Michael Gunner labels vaccinated people opposed to COVID-19 mandates as ‘anti-vaxxers’. If you are anti-mandate, you are absolutely anti-vax. I don’t care what your personal vaccination status is. If you support, champion, give a green light, give comfort to or … Continue reading

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Truly inspired

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Mr Gunner’s whoppers are laughable but also despicable

NT records one new COVID-19 case. And 80 percent of her community is fully vaccinated. The new case is a 31-year-old fully vaccinated woman from Robinson River. The woman, a close contact of a previous case, was transferred to Howard … Continue reading

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Truth Uzi

The war on the ‘unvaccinated’ is a desperate attempt to demonize and destroy the control group.

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Right Arm Farce: Vaccine bowled out for a royal duck

Sheffield Shield match between NSW and Victoria postponed due to COVID-19 case. If the match was to be postponed it would be the second first-class fixture to be moved on the morning of day one this season. A Shield match … Continue reading

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The banning of the un-boosted – coming to Australia in 2022

This can only end via insurrection: Macron ties French vaccine passports to booster shots.

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Gay men ignored warnings and got the disease. Right, Bob?

I’m just reconciling the sentiment of these two tweets by a former Premier of New South Wales.

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In the world’s easiest covid gig, getting attention isn’t easy

Michael Gunner apologises for Facebook post saying a COVID case was a sex worker.

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Dom’s “magic” Tweet contradicted just hours later

Restrictions may be required in NSW and Victoria ahead of Xmas as covid cases increase again. Hilariously, the Premiers are now running out of unvaccinated people to blame.

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595 Australians were vaccinated to death by the government

The Pissweak Pandemic: Just the facts: coronavirus in Australia by the numbers.

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ScoSho: Another day, another fake conservative middle way

No, Labor would not be worse: Scott Morrison fuels electric vehicles’ road to Damascus. What about all these charging stations, how much is that going to cost? I mean if you have an electric car and you live in an … Continue reading

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Vaxxers to kids: ‘We have lotsa lollies in our van. Come see.’

I got the COVID-19 vaccine today! My wing is feeling a little sore, but it'll give my body an extra protective boost that keeps me and others healthy. Ms. @EricaRHill even said I’ve been getting vaccines since I was a … Continue reading

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Cowering Inferno

Good question: Is it ethical to enlist children’s bodies to boost Covid safety for vulnerable adults? This is not a pro-vax or anti-vax letter, but a serious question. Just because Covid vaccination can apparently be safely given to 5-11 year … Continue reading

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