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White Privilege

■ ABC presenter ‘takes a break’ after accusations of bias. ■ Auditor-General finds ‘no policy or precedent’ for ABC to pay Louise Milligan’s legal costs. ■ Virginia Trioli’s ‘crazy face’ at Senator Barnaby Joyce on ABC2 News Breakfast. ABC Weekend … Continue reading

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Child Sacrifice

Justin Trudeau to school children: "Every time you wore a mask, every time you stayed safe and stayed home, you were making things better…you were sacrificing for the good of all." This is manipulation. No child should have to sacrifice … Continue reading

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Pandemic authoritarians suddenly concerned about liberty

Henry Ergas on fighting a 99% non-fatal cold: Even true libertarians can support vax passports. It is undoubtedly true that preventing people who choose not to be vaccinated from engaging in ­activities that are open to the vaccinated involves a … Continue reading

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Poor Old Covid

Now reduced to asking “do you know who I AM?” at Ukraine rallies and flood working bees. It’s been done before, back in the Spanish influenza. If there is another pandemic, the High Court has ruled that these things are … Continue reading

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Quite Disgusting

Why would you needlessly scare children like this? I think it’s quite disgusting and I urge the people who are responsible for that to please think again.” – Sadly, Kalgoorlie MP Ali Kent isn’t talking about governments terrifying children about … Continue reading

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Bill Maher points out that Justin Trudeau sounds like Hitler

Like all vaxxer cult wackos: “It’s becoming a big thing. It’s happening all over the world now.”

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Dangerous Misinformation

Omicron is well and truly here in WA. If you are not fully vaccinated the virus can find you and it can have tragic consequences.” – Globally ridiculed loonball Mark McGowan forgot to mention not only that the virus can … Continue reading

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Masked Scottish children are becoming ill from CO2 overload

Peak imbecile: Nicola Sturgeon defends proposal to chop bottoms off school doors for ventilation.

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Nothing weird about this…

Nothing at all.

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Church-invading police were the real victims

It is a matter of regret to me that the police were placed in a position which led them to take the action they did. They should not have been placed in this position. The office of the Archbishop will … Continue reading

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90% of latest covid decedents in NSW were ‘fully vaccinated’

In Queensland: 84%. You remember the ads: ‘Get vaxxed and still fall ill, be hospitalised or die.’

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Desperate journalist seeks refuge from religious extremists

Successfully: Rejected by New Zealand, pregnant TV reporter Charlotte Bellis turns to Taliban.

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Boy Told

Jim CroMo: PM Scott Morrison says Kanye West must be fully-vaccinated to enter Australia.

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The Hobgoblin of Little Minds

Brilliant essay by Declan Mansfield at Quadrant: When Inflexibility Becomes a Guiding Principle.

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Needle And The Damage Done

Neil Young demands his music be removed from Spotify over “fake information about vaccines”.

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Based Bill

I mean, we’re in a very different place with Covid than we were just when I was on the air last time, and that is the vaccines, we know, do not prevent you from either transmitting it or getting the … Continue reading

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Mad Vaxx Beyond Blunderdome: Two countries enter…

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National Lampoon’s Vaccination

Wally World: Did you know you’re just a shot away from completing your “vaccination journey?”

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