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Computers assist carpenters match precision of their forebears

900 years ago: Rebuilding Notre Dame’s fire-ravaged roof transports workers back to Middle Ages.

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Fear not: A new breed of digger picks up the fallen standard…

Their manliness speaks for itself: Ben Roberts-Smith: War hero loses landmark defamation case. Nick McKenzie looks to have let out a sigh of relief and is nodding confidently at Chris Masters. He gave Masters a brief, one-armed hug with his … Continue reading

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Affirmative Inaction

Her partner a klutz, a UK police lady becomes a rag doll for child star gone wrong, Ginger Meggs.

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Vladimir Reagan

Putin just scorched the west. — Billboard Chris 🇨🇦🇺🇸 (@BillboardChris) May 25, 2023

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“If we want things to be better we have to be better people”

A cup of coffee read: In Hungarian Conservative, a fascinating discussion with Jordan Peterson.

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Sodomy has become the Western world’s official state religion

■  A week ago: Dodgers disinvite anti-Catholic drag performers from Pride Night after backlash. ■  Today: Dodgers apologize, re-extend Pride Night invitation to Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

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If there was a prestigious award for political essay of the year…

Samuel Mullins in Quadrant would be hard to beat: The Midwit Shallowness of Anthony Albanese.

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Victorian Liberal leader Pesutto banned her and stood with him

■  Transgender activist Deni Todorovic slams Liberal MP Moira Deeming. ■  Deni Todorovic at the centre of a FLASHING scandal at Fashion Week.

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Imitating men comes at a high cost and somebody has to pay

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Women as Lego, “built of parts that can be reassembled at will”

Nathanael Blake has written a must-read review of Mary Harrington’s Feminism Against Progress.

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This may not be the comparative compliment it’s meant to be

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A New Idea

Eleven years ago: John Derbyshire fired for article urging children to avoid African Americans. “If planning a trip to a beach or amusement park at some date, find out whether it is likely to be swamped with blacks,” Derbyshire wrote. … Continue reading

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There was the age of Chaplin and then the age of Humphries

Vale Barry Humphries. I’ve known you since 1956 and we did lots of things together – including three significant films – parting company because of politics. But I still regard you as the cleverest person I’ve ever known.” – Friend … Continue reading

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Date claimer and EV charger:The 2023 Sydney Writers’ Festival

“25 May – Special Event: Spend an electrifying evening with former prime minster Julia Gillard…”

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The Great Big Gadsby

Barry Humphries is one of history’s comedy geniuses. See how much Hannah you can take.

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The Voice of Reason

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Autarchy of the Maudlin and The Magical Abo

IT seems the older, richer and more privileged he becomes, the more Stan Grant likes to brandish his affliction. And despite decorating his weekend columns for the ABC with mostly European desk calendar quotations, the Q+A host may now be … Continue reading

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