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The Pied Viper

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To buoy “sexual violence crisis,” feminists have rebadged rape

Pursuant to a fake survey, universities have ratified a charter on something called “sexual harm.”

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Wanted: Dumb lesbians, trans-midgets and brown mediocrities

A feminist Vice-chancellor bans high achievers: QUT defends removing ‘merit’ from hiring policy.

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A four-hour day sitting in a radio booth isn’t really work, fatso

Kyle Sandilands brutally calls out teachers – who just got a huge pay rise – as school plans ‘one day learning at home’: ‘The rest of us go to work!’

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Army of Albos

The feminist Minister for Social Services wants to take over the character formation of boys: Lesson 1: When girls are abducted and raped, don’t say both sides are to blame – like the ALP.

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Old cultural unity ÷ diversity + deindustrialisation − Christianity

Equals: Zero students test proficient in state mathematics exams at 13 Baltimore high schools.

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What the customers at Paddington PO are feeding a rubbish bin

A very pleasing picture but Roger Franklin is sensibly leery of hubris: Flagging a mild concern.

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Labor has plans to restrict Christian faith in Christian schools…

And they’re very serious. But carrying so-called ceremonial knives in schools is now entirely legal.

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Albo buys decommissioned rust bucket, USS Affirmative Action

Boosting regional, poor and Indigenous university students goal of higher education reforms. I predict the ‘Indigenous’ population – already bucking demographic trends – will boom anew.

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Fond memories of school lecturettes I ‘prepared’ during recess

AI is kind of a fancy thing. First of all, it’s two letters. It means Artificial Intelligence.” – Bad fall away from the Presidency Kamala Harris is the Elon Musk of not knowing

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Trump now able to use leftist tears to irrigate his golf course

He killed the Roe v. Wade death cult, college apartheid and a left-wing generation’s mental health.

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Universal schooling beyond 15 has always been a foolish idea

Jordan Peterson explains. The Prussian barracks-cum-feminine kindy is especially bad for boys.

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Thoughts & Prayers

David Marr, 75, claims Catholics with electrodes are hunting homosexuals in hundreds of schools.

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She may be a communist lunatic but she isn’t entirely wrong

You can’t take money from the public if you won’t share the values of the public.” – The AEU’s Correna Haythorpe wants Christian schools shut down

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Christianity isn’t prohibited or an arrestable offence in Russia

Unlike Britain: Lords back abortion buffer zone amendment to turn prayer into ‘thought crime.’ LSE strips Christian words Lent, Easter from term calendar. The London School of Economics said it is doing away with Christian words for its semester names … Continue reading

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Guerrillas In The Midst

CONGRATULATIONS, Matthew Guy. The Victorian Liberal Leader, a well-known practitioner of Turnbull Judo – the martial art of tactically going (and falling) with the leftist flow – has come out boxing against the Andrews government’s assault on Christian education. The … Continue reading

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Authoritarian money-launderer drags himself away from Vogue

Weird, cultic scenes: Volodymyr Zelenskyy delivers special address to Australian universities.

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There goes that doctorate on the history of lesbian puppetry

It just keeps just getting better: Abortion bans force US students to rethink college plans.

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