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Thoughts & Prayers

David Marr, 75, claims Catholics with electrodes are hunting homosexuals in hundreds of schools.

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She may be a communist lunatic but she isn’t entirely wrong

You can’t take money from the public if you won’t share the values of the public.” – The AEU’s Correna Haythorpe wants Christian schools shut down

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Christianity isn’t prohibited or an arrestable offence in Russia

Unlike Britain: Lords back abortion buffer zone amendment to turn prayer into ‘thought crime.’ LSE strips Christian words Lent, Easter from term calendar. The London School of Economics said it is doing away with Christian words for its semester names … Continue reading

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Guerrillas In The Midst

CONGRATULATIONS, Matthew Guy. The Victorian Liberal Leader, a well-known practitioner of Turnbull Judo – the martial art of tactically going (and falling) with the leftist flow – has come out boxing against the Andrews government’s assault on Christian education. The … Continue reading

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Authoritarian money-launderer drags himself away from Vogue

Weird, cultic scenes: Volodymyr Zelenskyy delivers special address to Australian universities.

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There goes that doctorate on the history of lesbian puppetry

It just keeps just getting better: Abortion bans force US students to rethink college plans.

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The most obvious Acme booby trap since Wile E. Coyote

YOU just know the new national curriculum is bad when the Federal Labor Party fully endorses it. Highlights from the revised 2022 blueprint for ‘educating’ Australian children: ■ Children must be made conscious of their “eco identity.” ■ A “white … Continue reading

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Finders Peepers

They’re all our children… They’re not somebody else’s children. They’re like yours when you’re in the classroom.” – From a trusted teacher, this might be a solemn – albeit loosely worded – affirmation of all that ‘in loco parentis’ means. … Continue reading

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Victoria: The Groomer State

Primary school children told to ask their dads about their erections and ejaculations for homework. How the hell are we supposed to protect our kids when this sort of perversion is in our schools? This is what’s being dished up … Continue reading

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Archaic Values

Citipointe Christian College teachers threatened with dismissal for expressing homosexuality. Not signing this contract was my choice, but I have effectively lost my job to discrimination. Excluding LGBTQIA+ people from the school community perpetuates these archaic values, and doesn’t prepare … Continue reading

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College chooses tolerance over expensive Twitter quagmire

David Penberthy on a boys-only school that still is: Elite boys-only school allows trans student. One of Australia’s oldest and most exclusive boys-only colleges will let a male student who has transitioned to female remain at the school, even though … Continue reading

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What do hiloni Jews, Wesleyans and Jesuits have in common?

Unisex dunnies: Is there a place for trans students in religious schools? These schools say yes.

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Wine snobs and Bachelor of Arts layabouts slaughtered

On this day in 1355, a pub brawl at the Swindlestock Tavern in Oxford got a wee bit out of hand.

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First World Non-Existent Problem

It was reported today that Brad Hazzard regards low childhood ‘vaccination’ rates as “disturbing.” Subjected to U.S. sanctions under Taliban rule, Afghanistan faces a humanitarian disaster, with 1 million children in danger of dying from malnutrition — The Wall … Continue reading

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Calm down, Ernie

You just know she’ll humiliate the Count: First Asian American Muppet Arrives on ‘Sesame Street.’ “Sesame Street” is welcoming its first Asian American Muppet to the neighborhood. Ji-Young, a Korean American 7-year-old who loves playing her electric guitar and skateboarding, … Continue reading

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Academics finally admit they’re less useful than YouTube

University of Tasmania joins others in ditching face-to-face lectures in favour of online learning.

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The Old College Bye

IN a nation positively bent low by social fractures and orchestrated losing, this has the potential to be a trend that reinvigorates American culture – including its formerly legendary enterprise: The number of men enrolled in college this year trails … Continue reading

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