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You usually have to be elected before citing this old classic

Oh no. The cupboard is bare: Albanese reveals two-term strategy if Labor wins. If elected, Albanese said Labor “can’t repair all of the damage done in the first term; we will inherit a trillion dollars of debt and need to … Continue reading

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Speers: Albo the ‘winner’ for not saying something stupid again

Third leaders’ debate ended in an awkward moment for Morrison, but Albanese the clear winner.

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He can handle things! He’s smart!

HE isn’t dumb, like Michael Kroger says. He’s smart and he wants respect! Always described as a “Liberal power-broker” – which isn’t a compliment given the Victorian party is powerless – Kroger surprised me last week when he proposed an … Continue reading

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Maybe the RAN should ask permission to use Darwin Port

For our nuclear subs: Australia needs to be ‘on guard’ to ‘serious threat’ in the Pacific: Paterson.

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The Voodoo Buck Stops Here

IGNORANCE of the laws of economics is no excuse. Neither is the adolescent classic that everyone else was doing it. Enough to be ouch-worthy to many, yesterday’s 25-basis-point interest rate hike means the official cash rate of 0.35% is now … Continue reading

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Or – knowing Ray would be Ray – he played him for sympathy

When his office asked my producer John Redman, I said for Albo to come on and fasten his seatbelt. Put it this way, I made sure I did plenty of homework on Monday night. But no one seemed to offer … Continue reading

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Morrison by a length in the No Business Being There Stakes

Albanese marches in Labour Day parade in Brisbane as Morrison attends Eid service in Sydney.

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Educated at Riverview. Good job, Jesuits.

Matt Kean’s departmental officials taught it is now “inappropriate” to say someone “born a male.” In the course materials given to bureaucrats, staff are told instead they should use “preferred” phrases such as “assigned male at birth” or “designated female … Continue reading

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The Maltese Rabbit

Anthony Albanese brings Grace Tame to tears in interview answer about his childhood. SURE, a big shot gave me a beating but I grew up in a housing commission sardine can where we all ate beatings for breakfast. Besides, there’s … Continue reading

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Men Xi’s

Nationals MP Darren Chester agrees with Scott Morrison that Australia must become poorer: Matt Canavan is becoming like the Japanese intelligence officer who refused to accept World War II was over and hid in the Philippines jungle for 30 years. … Continue reading

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Mad Maxim

AN old aphorism-cum-cliché beloved of armchair Churchills and lounge lizard neo-cons was today raised to the headlines as Prepare for war and Dutton warns: Australians must prepare for war. It was a felicitous Anzac Day angle within an election campaign … Continue reading

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Frustrated gentleman charged with assault

Those oh-so tolerant teals: Arrest after alleged assault at Politics in the Pub event in Warringah.

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SMH captions picture of aggro bogan “a frustrated gentleman”

‘Politics at the Pub’ event with Katherine Deves erupts in anger as media barred and member of the public asked to leave. Almost 30 minutes after the event was was scheduled to begin, Ms Deves’ white escort vehicle sped quickly … Continue reading

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Embarrassed Matt

I don’t think having candidates that want to spruik the politics of division is in the interests of the party or in the interests of those particular candidates. We need to have strong systems and processes to make sure that … Continue reading

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Not Hard To Be Humbled

THE interactive functionality of the original Newspoll graph cannot be replicated in this image but hovering over the point at which Anthony Albanese’s support begins to decline anew shows it was 13 March – the date of the Opposition Leader’s … Continue reading

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ABC anchor calls Albo’s Twitter army “lobotomised shitheads”

I like her: Fauziah Ibrahim has created lists titled “Labor Trolls/Thugs” & “Lobotomised Shitheads.”

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Rita clubs Liberal Wets backing gendercide, child mutilation

This absolute imbecile is a huge part of the problem. A Liberal attacking a woman for stating an opinion held by 80-90% of the population…Vile. — Rita Panahi (@RitaPanahi) April 15, 2022

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Morrison tops Albo’s unemployment gaffe

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