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She’s too valuable to be rushed by right’s habitual messianism

Bronwyn Bishop: Jacinta Price should move from Senate as she has ‘what it takes’ to be leader.

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True Git: ‘President’ makes history protesting his own economy

■  ABC: Joe Biden urges striking car workers to ‘stick with it’ in picket line visit. ■  CNN: President Biden spoke for only 87 seconds in total on the picket line.

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Politico: Establishment GOP steamrollered in the Golden State

A treasury of RINO delegates no more: Trump is crushing it in California. His rivals are ‘in denial.’

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EU pawn Donald Tusk struggling to rein in Law and Justice lead

But race is tight: As Poland’s fateful elections near, Hungarians have a reason to hold their breath.

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Rolling up the red carpet: Sunshine State savages Palaszczuk

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Chook Cooked

LNP on track to win next Queensland election as Annastacia Palaszczuk’s popularity dives.

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Vicar of Christie

Not at all: DeSantis asks if Ramaswamy comparing Zelenskyy to Pope went too far for Catholics. I find it offensive that we have politicians who will make a pilgrimage to Kiev, to their pope Zelenskyy, without doing the same for … Continue reading

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The Moose In The Room

IT was seen as the one-on-one that would swamp a conventional and irrelevant FOX News debate featuring eight other contenders for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination. By the numbers, that expectation turned out to be accurate. Tucker Carlson’s sit-down with … Continue reading

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Fox News event is set to be riveting television for its 11 viewers

Ratioed: Donald Trump will interview with Tucker Carlson instead of attending debate, report says.

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Tangerine Terror

Panic sets in at CNN (and elsewhere): The chance of Trump winning another term is very real.

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The traditional rigging of America’s presidential election begins

His specialty is misinformation: Former CIA agent takes over ‘elections policies’ at Facebook.

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Mike Pence sews up the boutique child mutilation constituency

When the governor of Florida decided to launch a full-scale campaign of governmental retribution against Disney, he wasn’t taking a page out of the conservative playbook — he was following in the footsteps of the radical left. In doing so, … Continue reading

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Term limit clash: DeSantis points out Trump is half empty glass

Forgetfully, The Donald says a truly capable President would only need one term to save America. Other potential weaknesses in the 76 year-old’s résumé will also be exploited in coming months.

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Few causes are more satisfying than routing the Spanish left

Isabella the PSOE: Spanish PM Sánchez calls snap general election after disastrous local polls.

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Matthew Scully’s brilliant broadside against conventional hacks

The Real Robert F. Kennedy Jr: Tough and talented, the long-shot candidate has earned respect.

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No Stuffing

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr is shaking up the ’24 presidential contest

David Samuel’s essay and interview with Kennedy in Tablet is garnering a lot of admiring reviews.

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The New Coke Trump

Pro-Disney, Pro-Bud, Pro-Choice: Why Trump Is Beating DeSantis Among DC Republicans. It’s a little complicated when you say that you support this, and you think DeSantis did the right thing, but that it might hurt him in terms of electability. … Continue reading

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