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Dutton’s Half Nelson

RIFFING years ago on the rancor between the sexes, Dave Chappelle mocked the tips offered in a quintessential women’s magazine feature he caricatured as ‘A Hundred Ways To Please Your Man’. “Get outta here. There ain’t no hundred ways,” he … Continue reading

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Dutton finally dog-bowls Albanese but sticks to “details” dodge

Peter Dutton says the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum will fail without more detail.

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With enough super squared away, Nat wokel abandons base

Nationals MP Andrew Gee quits party over its opposition to indigenous Voice to Parliament.

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Peter Dutton on Voice insurrection and the war on Christianity

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Brutally honest analysis is equally true of Australia and the LNP

Hitchens: Liz Truss bought her opinions on eBay…the Tories have now run out of gimmicks.

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Kwazi Kancelled

BREAKING: Kwasi Kwarteng SACKED by Liz Truss as he takes the blame for mini-Budget. IT turns out you can’t imprison your population, shut down energy production and wage war on Russia – spending many hundreds of billions of dollars while … Continue reading

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“We can spare the soldiers”

Wentworth War veteran Dave Sharma wants Australia to send expendable young men to Ukraine.

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That’s just what they deserve

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Et Tu, CPAC?

It began with a welcome to country? Seriously? Look out next year for drag queen story hour. Tony Abbott delivered the keynote address and was also given an enthusiastic greeting, which prompted him to lament that more of the attendees … Continue reading

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Peter Dutton and the Moment of Truth

TRAINING a donkey for The Everest would be easy compared to prepping the LNP for the big race. The big race isn’t the next election, by the way – a glittering but secondary event – but an older, weightier contest: … Continue reading

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Before anything else, let me once again thank all those who’ve dialed us up on recent nights. As we did the previous week, we beat Piers Morgan every evening. As I always say, I mention him only because Rupert Murdoch … Continue reading

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John Howard’s enduring legacy

Man found dead in Melbourne this morning after ANOTHER shooting. Thank goodness for Australia’s strict gun laws that only allow criminals to own firearms. — Avi Yemini (@OzraeliAvi) June 29, 2022

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Hard cases make bad law but zombie-grade distractions

There are circumstances where we need to think about the mother’s wellbeing as well as the circumstances in which that pregnancy, particularly in abhorrent cases like rape and incest, that we need to just use a little bit of common … Continue reading

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Voicers wheel out the old ‘leftism is really conservatism’ trope

Last seen during the gay ‘marriage’ debate, Troy Bramston press-gangs it back into service. The voice to parliament is not a third chamber. It would only advise the parliament, which could accept or reject its advice. The voice would not … Continue reading

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Love triangle: ‘Door Matt’ Guy competing with Dom for Dan

Roger Franklin on the latest of Mr Guy’s flirtations: A not-so-alternative Victorian government.

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Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Disunity is unity.

Perrottet says $25M cost to fly Aboriginal flag on Harbour Bridge a ‘small price to pay’ for unity.

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Wokeback Mountain

Love is love: Dan and Dom: the two premiers leading a vibe shift in Australian politics. The cooperative, nonpartisan aspect [of the relationship] plays very well with voters who, at the federal election, supported independents largely because they rejected that … Continue reading

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Devout Catholic Perrottet expands the Goo-ga Archipelago

Motherhood as enemy of The Economy: $1.4 billion for NSW preschool fee relief. Parents of preschoolers will save thousands in childcare fees as part of a $1.4 billion package to be included in next week’s NSW budget. Premier Dominic Perrottet … Continue reading

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