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He’s not just a sociopath. He also hates democracy and voters

The Russians are dying … it’s the best money we’ve ever spent.” – Russia issues arrest warrant for Senator Lindsey Graham over Ukraine comments.

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Churchill cosplayers love the away games

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Just in but expected: The heterosexual family is a Russian plot

MP compared to Putin for saying traditional marriage ‘only possible basis’ for ‘successful society.’

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Sieg Heil

Peter Dutton wants non-violent hand raisers and flag wavers to be imprisoned for 12 months. It’s an ideology which, through its contempt for the rights of man, can lead only to darkness and to the destruction of humanity. Thus, in … Continue reading

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A Faint Heartbeat But No Brainwaves

ON Tuesday, I paid a few compliments to Peter Dutton because I thought he got some things right in his budget reply speech. Besides which, even for somebody who no longer has any confidence in the viability of the Liberal … Continue reading

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The Demolition Imperative

REALITY-editing Greg Sheridan would be a part-time job and I’m not volunteering to do it. Nor, to be more serious, have I the inclination to make of a serious middling thinker like Sheridan a piñata for copy’s sake. That would … Continue reading

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Speaking of Whitlam, Murdoch backed him as utterly fit in 1972

Fmr Australian PM Turnbull: Rupert Murdoch told me Trump was ‘utterly unfit’ to be President.

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This would constitute the overthrow of responsible government

A coup: Ken Wyatt says Indigenous Voice to Parliament must be allowed to advise ministers.

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Fruits of Dutton’s failure to make a principled case a year ago

Shadow Attorney-General Julian Leeser quits Liberal frontbench to support Voice to Parliament.

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The modern West is committed to spending trillions on ‘climate change,’ endless war, obsolete submarines and lockdown bills

And the ‘conservatives’ who backed all of it suddenly come along with hard Friedmanite sayings. Even worse is bipartisan bullying of traditional societies to be more Western. Why should they?

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Henderson missed the caravan but reports the barking dogs

You don’t say: Pesutto’s wronged target Moira Deeming exposes Liberal leadership malaise. Keen proclaims the right for women who were born women to be able to have women-only spaces in sporting teams, public toilets and the like. This she is … Continue reading

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Jake The Muss Liberal

Threats: John Pesutto says Moira Deeming has not made a good start to her suspension. Moira’s not off to a good start and the party room will be very, very seriously concerned if Moira doesn’t prove herself by faithfully observing … Continue reading

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Liberal ayatollahs punish MP for tempting a mob of violent men

She asked for it: Moira Deeming survives ballot to expel her, but cops nine-month suspension.

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The survivors must be grateful Dom skipped the Pell funeral

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Replacing the population, arresting Christians, razing families

The Tories: Jeremy Hunt wants a million more women in jobs as he unveils free childcare boost.

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Ratchet Conservatism

The only thing that was sad is Lidia Thorpe had to make a protest and make a scene. This wasn’t about her last night. It should be about the fact that we have moved on as a society and we … Continue reading

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Unity Thicket

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Dutton’s Half Nelson

RIFFING years ago on the rancor between the sexes, Dave Chappelle mocked the tips offered in a quintessential women’s magazine feature he caricatured as ‘A Hundred Ways To Please Your Man’. “Get outta here. There ain’t no hundred ways,” he … Continue reading

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