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Locks out protection for Christian doctors and black footballers

Scott Morrison locks in protection for gay children. Christians are presented there as the enemy.

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That freedom MPs are ‘rebels’ is why Liberals deserve to lose

Forgetting the forgotten: Unite or we lose election, Scott Morrison tells rebel Coalition MPs.

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PM evacuates Liberals from religious discrimination war

And leaves Christians behind to fend for themselves against the leftist Taliban FIRSTLY, a dystopia update: from 15 December, an unvaccinated priest in Brisbane will be banned by Archbishop Mark Coleridge from attending a Catholic hospital to administer last rites … Continue reading

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Uncle Sco: Liberal Prime Minister announces Five Year Plans

Government promises to cut emissions to reach net zero by 2050 under new climate change plan. The plan came after the Nationals confirmed they would give “in-principle” support to the target earlier this week… As part of the deal to … Continue reading

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Malcolm Morrison

Newspoll: Coalition falls to lowest support in three years as Scott Morrison prepares for Glasgow.

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As expected, Nationals stab regional Australia in the back

After a month of agony theatre: Nationals provide in-principle support for a net zero 2050 target.

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Scotty Bluegum: “I’ve always believed in modelling!”

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Coming soon: Not committing to net zero will lead to Nazis

Morrison tells party room not committing to net zero will have ‘national security implications’.

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News Corp: Real Aussie blokes in hi-viz love unemployment

The Global Times phoned. They want their laughably ridiculous propaganda back. UPDATE: Scotty surrenders to urban luvvies, Rupert Murdoch, green extremists and China: Scott Morrison has issued a rallying cry for the nation to address the challenge of climate change … Continue reading

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“Free From The Dead Hand of Leadership”

QUEENSLAND Opposition Leader David Crisafulli was last week asked by Sky’s Paul Murray if he will at least reform Annastacia Palaszczuk’s assisted “suicide” regime if he is ever elected Premier. The extremist provisions of the Labor government’s laws include a … Continue reading

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Prime Minister defends war veterans – but only if they’re dead

Victorian protesters condemned by Scott Morrison after 215 people arrested at Shrine. Speaking from Washington DC, the Prime Minister said the Shrine was a sacred site and not a place of protest. “The conduct was disgraceful,” he said. “It was … Continue reading

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A Real Lady Killer

PM opens women’s safety summit with call to change way ‘some men think they own women’. There is still an attitude, a culture that excuses and justifies, ignores or condones gender inequality that drives, ultimately, violence against women, and that … Continue reading

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