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Less threatening than chow mein

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Artificial Indignation

How to launch a product via the ABC: Can a chatbot help women who have experienced racism?

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Addicting young people to a vice is a venerable business model

Racism is ‘everywhere’, reveals report based on survey of children and young people in the ACT.

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Historical milestone as IPCC publishes its 1000th final warning

“Take drastic action”: Scientists deliver ‘final warning’ on climate crisis: act now or it’s too late.

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The Eagle Has Crash-Landed

The Times dresses Azov Hitlerites as Tommys: Azovstal steelworks battle was Ukraine’s Dunkirk.

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Nord Stream bombers criticise “unsafe and unprofessional” act

US drone conducting ‘routine operations’ struck down by Russian fighter jet over Black Sea.

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The ABC hides background details of its two left-wing ‘experts’

No, Indigenous Australians don’t already have a Voice to Parliament. Dylan Lino: Adviser to the Uluru Dialogue. Asmi Wood: Voice militant.

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Dubbed ‘Pony Girl’ because her daddy gave her an electorate

Annastacia curtsies to the Man after alluding to an unproven crime using a doctored quote: This week marks two years since Australian women showed the world what we’re made of. A decade of escalating sexism brought women – and men … Continue reading

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He once called for the assassination of two SCOTUS judges

Left-wing terrorist: Chuck Schumer attacks ‘shameful’ Fox News over use of January 6 footage.

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This will probably be the most hilarious thing you read today

New York Times goes full Bee: Intelligence Suggests Pro-Ukrainian Group Sabotaged Pipelines.

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Karen of The Month

Reporter Annette Sharp of the Daily Telegraph wins an N95 mask signed by Dr Monique Ryan: Dominic Perrottet coughs up on his fruity vaping habit. The admissions, now on the record, are likely to bring the heat at home where … Continue reading

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Courier Mail regretting poll it ran with anti-Christian scare story

Brisbane Citipointe Church West discusses ‘harvesting schools for disciples’ in leaked video.

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Premier Palaszczuk – whose abortion and euthanasia laws call to mind the Third Reich – says Labor wants to define humanity

This is our chance to do what we should have done two centuries ago. It is a moment that will define our humanity, our sense of fairness and a legacy we leave to our children.” – Path to Treaty bill … Continue reading

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Let’s take a moment to laugh at the ABC and its famed ‘experts’

Covid-19 may have come from a Chinese lab, if you believe Donald Trump – but experts disagree.

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Thoughts & Prayers

David Marr, 75, claims Catholics with electrodes are hunting homosexuals in hundreds of schools.

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This must be the upper limit of the burden “sneaked” can bear

The Financial Review: Only Putin was given a heads-up. How Biden sneaked into a war zone.

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The Nero Protocol

A brief history of how the security state packaged and promoted two Beijing-class bullshit stories AT 9.30 p.m. on 21 December 2016, gay rights zealot Jaden Duong parked a hired van loaded with four 9kg gas tanks in front of … Continue reading

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To be exhibited alongside all of Shane Drumgold’s evidence

Brittany Higgins’ stunning plan to donate the $475 white dress she wore during her ‘rape speech’ to a major museum is revealed – and she wants it displayed with other major democratic artifacts.

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