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Petition in support of Heston Russell and November Platoon

The ABC lied. Russell explains how here and here (video). Please sign Petition EN3637 here.

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Shameless nonsense: Indigenous kids sitting ducks as Covid comes closer. Almost three-quarters of the eligible children spread across 30 Central Australian and Barkly Aboriginal communities have not received the two doses of vaccine needed to protect them from the deadly … Continue reading

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All This Madness

Fwets! WA Premier Mark McGowan considering moving family from home amid alleged threats. Details of threats have been increasingly made public amid anti-vaccination protests following the decision to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for 75 per cent of WA’s workforce. “There’s all … Continue reading

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Canard In The Coal Mine

For world’s vaxxer tyrants, curated “death threat” panic marks a Ceaușescu moment DESPERATE to wrest the moral initiative away from huge protests against Daniel Andrews’ Führer Forever Bill, last week reporters and Labor politicians swooped on a spray-can in Melbourne … Continue reading

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Labor recruits Jussie Smollett as mandates campaign manager

The real terrorists run a distraction: Queensland MPs receive death threats over vaccine mandate.

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Karmic Can

Gosh: Police say Mr Meddick was vandalising property before attacking a man who intervened.

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Long Stigma

Vaccinating children as young as five could keep them safe from developing mental health problems, experts claim. Perhaps we underestimated what does it actually mean to get Covid. Children are pretty well when they get Covid, no one should underestimate … Continue reading

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“How do we abolish gender bias in the construction industry?”

“We need to smash down the concrete walls,” says feminist office worker, Paula Gerber – inaptly.

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In the world’s easiest covid gig, getting attention isn’t easy

Michael Gunner apologises for Facebook post saying a COVID case was a sex worker.

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The Emergence of Mr Raman

THE Palaszczuk government’s schlock peddler, The Courier Mail, earlier this evening reported the emergence from Gold Coast University Hospital of the man, the myth, the legendary Public Enemy Number 1, Duran Raman. Interviewed by Nine News (whose reporter staked out … Continue reading

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The Vaxploitation of Mr Raman

REMEMBER the promotionally useful Duran Raman? He was the athletic and unvaccinated 30-something whose media-managed rise to notoriety coincided with the Palaszczuk/Young syringe ’em all tour. A fake lockdown panic was cultivated last month when the covid-infected Uber driver allegedly … Continue reading

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The Defamation of Mr Raman

THIS demonstrates who and what they are. Usefully coinciding with Annastacia and Jeannette’s Henpecking Vaccination Tour is the notoriety ginned up around the innocent Duran Raman. The state government and amenable News Corp frenzy factory, the Courier Mail, decided the … Continue reading

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Man becomes America’s first female four-star officer

Ouch: “I stand on the shoulders of those LGBTQ+ individuals who came before me.”

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Tim Blair, scourge of plastic turkeys, bags another one

AN astounding claim by Malcolm Turnbull in his newspaper – the Guardian – about the January 6 Capitol ‘riot’ caught Blair’s attention. How could it not? Here’s what Malcolm Ex wrote: They assembled in their thousands. Trump wound them up … Continue reading

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Scotty Bluegum: “I’ve always believed in modelling!”

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