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You’re gonna need a bigger Bushmaster

Today’s New York Times map of the war shows Ukraine has made zero progress and cannot win.

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Disgraced ABC “fact check” unit investigates Professor Blainey

Turns out the great historian is correct. So of course the face-saving verdict is “there’s more to it.”

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True Git: ‘President’ makes history protesting his own economy

■  ABC: Joe Biden urges striking car workers to ‘stick with it’ in picket line visit. ■  CNN: President Biden spoke for only 87 seconds in total on the picket line.

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The new ‘dog ate my homework’

I think it’s going to be really important that all of us push back against Russian propaganda, Russian disinformation, and continue our steadfast and unequivocal support for Ukraine.” – Justin Trudeau claims Russia made Canada honour a Nazi

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Notorious ‘fact check’ department dogma-bombs Senator Price

The task: Round up some angry academics and get them to fulminate about a subjective opinion.

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Authoritarian Commies

Squishy, fishy Rishi: Sunak planning to drop net zero policies in pre-election challenge to Labour.

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Daniel Andrews promises 1538 new houses a week for 10 years

Like President Kennedy’s moonshot set to the Benny Hill theme: Victoria to build 800,000 homes.

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News Corp: Ukraine used terrorist missiles in market slaughter

The Australian, yesterday: Australian doctor Craig Jurisevic exposes the horrors of Russian attack. Damning evidence has emerged confirming the Russian military used outlawed flechettes – tiny steel nails with barbed tail fins deemed illegal by the Internat­ional Criminal Court – … Continue reading

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When genuine assaults don’t keep up with ideological demand

Bettina Arndt: Inflating campus sexual assault statistics: 275 a week is feminist disinformation.

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If you don’t count life’s necessities, Bidenomics has triumphed

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GOP lawmaker throws a spanner in the reactor of AUKUS ‘plan’

Paul Keating did warn Australia to distance itself from this fantasy and its loony backers We are as unprepared as our fleet was for the Japanese attack on the eve of Pearl Harbor… We need to act.” – Ranking Republican … Continue reading

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Tucho’s Train Wreck

Arch. Fernandez warns against bishops who think they can judge ‘doctrine of the Holy Father.’ FOR the author of a weird guide for teens called Heal Me With Your Mouth, The Art of Kissing, his nickname is regrettable. More importantly, … Continue reading

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Feminist establishment that totally ignored accusations against Stan Grant appalled by ‘heavy breathing’ claim against a Liberal

Sex discrimination commissioner appalled to hear former Coalition minister harassment allegation.

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The never-ending suffering of contemporary Australian women

Female Perth Football League players ridiculed in sexist online commentary after low-scoring final.

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Make Amnesia Great Again

Bruce Wolpe is unaware of a Labor mob’s attempt to overthrow the Federal government in 1996: Trump’s martyrs or American traitors? Just imagine that assault on our parliament. Imagine if, in Canberra… more than a thousand people marched down Commonwealth … Continue reading

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Emotional Teal can’t stand the heat in the Kitching, er, kitchen

Peter Dutton has ‘no concerns’ about claims opposition MP intimidated independent Kylea Tink.

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One of these countries is seen as the arch-enemy of civilisation

■  A map of the 83 churches vandalised or burned since the residential schools announcement. ■  The Russian Orthodox Church has opened 30,000 new places of worship in the last 30 years.

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Violent Crumble

Uh-huh: Ukraine closing on Russia’s southern supply lines as Putin’s troops ‘starting to crumble.’ Winning: Ukraine President Zelenskyy sacks defence minister, says ‘new approaches’ are needed.

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