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Pretending nativity is androgynous makes feminists feel better

They hate themselves: Dadbooster offers support for fathers experiencing postnatal depression.

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The Malcolm Turnbull of Our Time

He’d sell his nanna for a Howitzer: Zelensky opens door to same-sex civil partnerships in Ukraine.

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His pronouns are he and him and he was standing at the dispatch box in a blue suit First, help Australians with the costs of living by cutting childcare costs for 1.6 million families and reducing barriers for parents, overwhelmingly … Continue reading

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Role models who aren’t passive-aggressive fabulists might help

But quite literally there are kids out in the suburbs that are killing themselves.” – Ian Roberts criticises a newspaper column by Jason Akermanis, 2010 There are kids killing themselves in the suburbs.” – Ian Roberts on why the NRL … Continue reading

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The Ghost of Geeveston

IN late May, tributes flowed – in newspaper parlance – for Tasmanian truck driver Mick O’Neill who died on the front line of the Russo-US/Ukrainian War. The Australian media – as in thrall to official propaganda about Ukraine as they … Continue reading

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Building The Lily

I was trying to tell one of the guys on site to do something. And he said, ‘I don’t know why I should listen to you. Why don’t we go to the bathroom and have a striptease’?” I think it’s … Continue reading

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Benito Albanese

He embodies the state and its salvational mission: PM astonished by Morrison sermon. The Prime Minister said it was “astonishing” that former prime minister Scott Morrison suggested people should put their faith in God rather than governments. Mr Morrison told … Continue reading

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Unemployed Brit gives “emotional speech” to about 11 people

Prince Harry addresses UN, urges divided world to fight for better future in face of war and crisis.

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Cloaking Device

REFERENCE having already been made below to the national broadcaster protecting the identity and activities of a left-wing rioter, two other examples of this culturally entrenched fig leafing are worth noting. Last week, abortion ghouls throughout America (and the sad … Continue reading

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Stephanie’s Mind Was Spinning

The ABC pretends a terrorist was a victim and lets a well-known lie about Donald Trump stand THAT “young anti-fascist woman” (pictured here) has a name. Actually, she has a few. For media purposes at the time of the 2017 … Continue reading

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“…for periods at a time…”

Australia ‘on track’ to generate half its electricity from renewable sources by 2025, report finds.

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The Wheel Thing

It’s starting to look like the Democratic National Committee is colluding with Donald Trump IT was the most embarrassing bungled hoax relating to Donald Trump since the last bungled hoax relating to Donald Trump. On Tuesday, Democrats arranged for fake … Continue reading

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Albanese to solve the earth’s energy crisis and feed the world

The Prime Minister of Overseas tells NATO he’ll use imaginary technology and good intentions. “Our goal is for Australia to be a renewable energy superpower. But we’re also ambitious for what we can achieve as a global community,” he will … Continue reading

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Ted Kennedy’s party unveils the story of a vehicular incident

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Tinfoil Tampons

With Roe v Wade gone and abortion banned in some US states, Americans are deleting their period tracker apps.

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Vaping: In a stunning development, prohibition isn’t working

Tonight’s Four Corners will look at the latest iteration of a dangerous habit the state can’t kick.

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If they have to convene a meeting for that, it probably isn’t

WHO convenes meeting to determine whether monkeypox is a global health emergency.

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Truth is sedition

Peter Smith at Quadrant points out that we are now living In the Realm of the King of Lies.

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