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Let’s take a moment to remember headhunting and cannibalism

Brown people never have to ‘own’ anything: Penny Wong says UK must own its colonial past.

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Stretched to breaking point by neo-con war of choice in Europe

Yanks flag ScoMo manoeuvre: Leaked letter reveals US concerns over AUKUS submarine deal.

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Churchill cosplay only for Russia

We shall not fight them on the breaches: Offer on table for China trade deal. Trade Minister Don Farrell has signalled ahead of a trip to Beijing that the Albanese government is prepared to withdraw two World Trade Organisation cases … Continue reading

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Pullin’ A China Sop

IT seems governments nowadays can segue from one steadfast policy to another and media gizzard whisperers act like nothing happened, however ridiculous the switcheroo. Winston Smith knew the phenomenon well: “There was, of course, no admission that any change had … Continue reading

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Murdoch conspiracy nut well suited to Biden’s banana republic

Mr Snit goes to Washington: Kevin Rudd announced as Australia’s new ambassador to US.

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ABC’s John Lyons: How To Kiss Arse and Influence People

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It’s Not Them, It’s Us

I suppose an official visit to Indonesia by Anthony Albanese and his girlfriend is out of the question unless they sleep in separate quarters. Our northern neighbour’s coming prohibition of fornication is being discussed in predictably jejune terms – Bali … Continue reading

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These two Foreign Ministers have big plans for Australasia. More bizarre heathenism for starters.       Australia has ‘much to learn’ from Jacinda Ardern’s New Zealand as Foreign Minister Penny Wong calls for the nation to be more like the Kiwis. In … Continue reading

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Status Quo Ante Bedlam

TWO tragedies that illustrate for the discerning the state and moral quiddity of Australian foreign policy – and therefore of Australia itself – were in the news last week, actually or by implication. The first was a rapprochement with the … Continue reading

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Taiwanese told: No tickee, no laundry

Values: Anthony Albanese signals Australia unlikely to back Taiwan free-trade entry request. Anthony Albanese has signalled Australia is unlikely to support Taiwan’s entry into one of the biggest free-trading blocs just days after meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping. A bipartisan … Continue reading

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Standing Up To Down For China

■ Anthony Albanese calls on Putin ‘to back off’ amid Russian President’s decision on G20. ■ Anthony Albanese signals to China that Australia is open for dialogue without ‘preconditions.’ Anthony Albanese said he “didn’t miss” during a discussion with Russian … Continue reading

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Jews Blamed

Secularised fraud: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky blames Israel for Russia-Iran alliance.

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Tough But Fair

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PLO, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad warmly thank Albo

Terrorists’ hero: Palestinians laud Australia’s stance to cancel Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

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Labor shuts down Scott Morrison’s half pregnant “middle path”

No removal vans necessary: Australia drops recognition of west Jerusalem as Israeli capital.

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A Deadbeat Away

The United States shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance with the Republic of North Korea.” – Kamala Harris

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Never mind Taiwan. Truss couldn’t keep ’em out of Westminster

■  Friday:  Chinese delegation barred from Queen’s coffin. ■  Saturday:  China calls for ‘proper manners’ after snub at Queen’s funeral. ■  Sunday:  Ban on Chinese officials visiting Queen’s coffin reversed. ■  Monday:  Chinese VP views Queen’s coffin, Taiwan invited to … Continue reading

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Completely disinterested arms dealers honour TV personality

They must really care: Zelensky will deliver keynote address at US defense industry conference.

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