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Just a Deadbeat Away

The United States shares a very important relationship, which is an alliance with the Republic of North Korea.” – Kamala Harris

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Never mind Taiwan. Truss couldn’t keep ’em out of Westminster

■  Friday:  Chinese delegation barred from Queen’s coffin. ■  Saturday:  China calls for ‘proper manners’ after snub at Queen’s funeral. ■  Sunday:  Ban on Chinese officials visiting Queen’s coffin reversed. ■  Monday:  Chinese VP views Queen’s coffin, Taiwan invited to … Continue reading

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Completely disinterested arms dealers honour TV personality

They must really care: Zelensky will deliver keynote address at US defense industry conference.

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Emotion of The Moment

I think that the current period has a great trouble defining a direction. It’s very responsive to the emotion of the moment… We are at the edge of war with Russia and China on issues which we partly created, without … Continue reading

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American lady follows in Australian man’s pioneering footsteps

■ ABC: Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan trip is a high-risk, high-reward gambit that could cement her legacy. ■ ABC, last year: Tony Abbott’s Taiwan visit attracts criticism from inside the Morrison government.

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Let’s not rush to judgement

China says it will shoot Pelosi’s plane down if she travels to Taiwan under US fighter escort.

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Panhandlers finesse endless ransom to go on shunning China

Pacific leaders to declare ‘climate emergency,’ praise Australia’s move to lift emissions target.

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Mr Albanese, many poor and struggling Australians are having to choose between heating and eating. How do feel about that?

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Labor’s Strategic Vision

We recognise there is strategic competition in our region, and Australia is not afraid to stand up with all the countries of our region for an open, inclusive and prosperous Indo-Pacific. Under my government, it will be through Australia’s actions … Continue reading

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Well, they did buy the place in 2014

Property rights: New York Times confirms on-the-ground CIA agents are directing war in Ukraine.

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Modern Western foreign policy is the art of theatrical amnesia

NATO leaders are shocked – shocked! – to discover that Russia has grown closer to China.

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Killing In the Name

Edgy: Rage Against the Machine donating ticket sales to reproductive rights organizations.

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Biden said he’d reduce currency to “rubble” – and he was right!

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Who would be dumb enough to join a “catastrophic” war?

We need to play into that debate in Beijing, play into the debate about whether Xi Jinping’s foreign policy has, after all, been so smart; by the way, ending up an ally of Russia’s in its catastrophic war in Ukraine. … Continue reading

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Penny Wong’s Charm: Offensive

Pacific Islands Forum invites closer ties with China. It’s so much easier being mean to colleagues. The truth is the former government had a submission from Foreign Affairs and Trade backed by the former foreign minister Marise Payne for increased … Continue reading

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Who could resist?

Penny Wong launches charm offensive in the Pacific in a bid to counter influence from China.

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You only get one Joe Biden in a lifetime and Putin has had his

More than a dead bear bounce: Russia’s ruble rebound raises questions of sanctions’ impact.

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Thread: ‘Why don’t the Australians take over the Solomons?’

The ADF was busy policing Melbourne: China Takes Over the Solomon Islands — And the Pacific.

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