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You only get one Joe Biden in a lifetime and Putin has had his

More than a dead bear bounce: Russia’s ruble rebound raises questions of sanctions’ impact.

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Thread: ‘Why don’t the Australians take over the Solomons?’

The ADF was busy policing Melbourne: China Takes Over the Solomon Islands — And the Pacific.

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He’s Italian: Former spy boss remains loyal to dangerous capo

Cringe: Former CIA chief Leon Panetta explains Biden’s fiery unscripted remark saying he’s Irish.

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The Vatican’s top diplomats in Hong Kong and Taiwan removed

‘Some level of urgency’: Hong Kong bishop meets Pope Francis ahead of China deal renewal.

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Completely Normal

.@VP Harris awkwardly starts laughing when asked about the Ukrainian refugee crisis — Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) March 10, 2022

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He translated Missile Crisis cables for Khrushchev and JFK

Jack Matlock Jr was also the last US Ambassador to the USSR. A man worth heeding on Ukraine.

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Tougher on Putin than Scott Morrison was on China Olympics

International Cat Federation Bans Russian Cats from Competition Following Ukraine Invasion.

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Our backyard is special

Australia endorsed Suharto’s 1975 East Timor invasion. Death toll: between 90,800 and 202,600. Above: Gareth Evans and Indonesian Foreign Minister Ali Alatas sign the Timor Gap Treaty, 1989.

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The Hockey Gear Airlift

No sticks, though: Canada is sending $25 million worth of non-lethal equipment to Ukraine. Ukraine has asked for more equipment to keep their soldiers safe. They need helmets, body armour and gas masks. Canada is delivering just that with an … Continue reading

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Back when NATO invasions were cool and extremely funny

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An Irony Curtain Has Descended

“TO maintain the support of his people,” says Marcus Kolga in an anti-trucker extravaganza for the Toronto Star, “Putin has created one crisis after another…” Canberra, Washington, London, Paris, Berlin, Toronto and Brussels would never do that would they? Kolga … Continue reading

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Until he appears in a siren suit, Peter Dutton isn’t being serious

Brendan O’Neill on critics of ‘appeasing’ Russia: “The Churchillian cosplayers are everywhere.”

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Scotty From Plummeting

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He’s exactly the same age Reagan was when first inaugurated

Nonsense: Peter Dutton labels Vladimir Putin an ageing dictator who is becoming ‘more irrational’.

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Like Russia, Australia doesn’t like being doorstep-trolled either

It’s OK when we resent it: Australia to fund PNG port upgrade amid strategic rivalry with China.

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Biden’s Biceps and Various Other Flabby Delusions

Alan Dupont: Flexing US muscle over Ukraine best way to deter alpha male Vladimir Putin. Russia’s brazen attempt to force Ukraine into submission by threatening its territory and freedoms must be resisted. If Russian President Vladimir Putin successfully imposes his … Continue reading

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Great Men Gonna Grate

LOVED or hated, nobody has ever doubted Paul Keating could take care of himself in any political brawl. That’s why even for a longstanding critic of his excesses – of language, historical claims and self-estimation – it’s surprising to feel … Continue reading

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Marco Paulo

WHEN I noticed in a Twitter sidebar on Tuesday that former Prime Minister Paul Keating would be “in conversation” at the National Press Club yesterday with Laura Tingle, I assumed it would be a farce. I was right, of course, … Continue reading

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