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Churchill cosplayers love the away games

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Leader of the Free World under attack… from the United States

The Budapest Option: Contrary to the Davos consensus, Hungary is not a hotbed of “illiberalism.”

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Bundled into a van, held without charge or legal representation

Free the Essex 15!” – Tireless advocate, Cuckoo

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Julian Assange’s dungeon-keepers make fresh plea for reporter

Journalism is not a crime. We condemn the Kremlin’s continued repression of independent voices in Russia and its ongoing war against the truth. The US government will provide all appropriate support to Mr Gershkovich and his family. We call for … Continue reading

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Happy Easter

May your heart soar knowing goodness is destined to win and you can be one of the reasons why.

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Ron DeSantis announces that child mutilators will be struck off

In Florida, any physician who provides “gender affirming care” will from now on be deregistered.

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Labor haters are waging war on religious schools for a reason

Given a crisis in any country where totalitarianism in any form threatens the liberty of its citizens, the first to capitu­late will be the non-religious edu­cators. How could it be otherwise, for without a faith, how could they oppose a … Continue reading

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The same is true in Australia and everywhere else in the West

Xi didn’t shoot Melburnian lockdown protesters and Putin didn’t blow up our power stations. I was asked the other day, ‘Who’s our biggest threat? Is it China? Is it Russia?’ No. Our biggest threat is high-level politicians who work in … Continue reading

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The face of European “values” still punchable but not as smug

New anti-globalist movement wins even more Dutch senators than expected, are largest party. Note well that would-be farm confiscator Mark Rutte is also a fanatical backer of child grooming.

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Australians Told

US Congressman Joe Courtney dismisses concerns over risks to sovereignty in AUKUS deal.

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The ATO wants the public to anonymously dob on the growers

I’d tip ’em off to a raid. More than $31m worth of illegal tobacco seized, destroyed in rural Victoria.

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Let’s check in on the values the UK is fighting for against Putin

Army spied on lockdown critics: Sceptics, including our own Peter Hitchens, long suspected they were under surveillance. Now we’ve obtained official records that prove they were right all along.

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Never Again

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Evil Empire

In 1980, the USA won a famous moral victory in the Miracle on Ice against Russia in Lake Placid. Four decades later, the most respected man in North American hockey is a Russian Reaganite.

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“I was almost in tears… Like he has nothing bigger to do”

Ron DeSantis offered Libs of TikTok founder refuge at Governor’s Mansion after she was doxxed.

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Before the sun goes down on this feast day of Saint John Stone

I have to ask whether what was done to him is now being done to her. More politely, of course.

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“A more serious problem for the future of democracy than war”

Lord Sumption at the Robert Menzies Institute: The Relentless Rise of the Authoritarian State.

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You might have to buy a frozen rabbit but you get the picture

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