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Canard In The Coal Mine

For world’s vaxxer tyrants, curated “death threat” panic marks a Ceaușescu moment DESPERATE to wrest the moral initiative away from huge protests against Daniel Andrews’ Führer Forever Bill, last week reporters and Labor politicians swooped on a spray-can in Melbourne … Continue reading

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Luvvie Scott Morrison finally criticises violence in Victoria

Committed, he says, by citizens. “Those threats and intimidation have no place in Australia.” Federal politicians fear for safety following protests Good. They weren’t very fearful for safety when Daniel Andrews was ordering his VicPol gestapo to run people down … Continue reading

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Patriots’ Day

Thank you to these real Australians (scroll down) and to my friend, Gab, for promoting the cause.

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Via Instapundit: coverage and video banned by the ABC

Massive Protest Today in Melbourne Australia Against Proposed COVID Laws and Mandates. I have only one favour to ask of protesters: please STOP flying the Australian flag upside down.

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Not sure I approve of the Red Ensign being waved upside down

But apart from that – and the media lying about “hundreds of people” – this is wonderful. Speaking of the Red Ensign, I’ve been really delighted to see it revived as a people’s standard over the last 20 months. Until … Continue reading

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“I wanted to win the war… but I did not want conscription”

Here is an amazing excerpt from a 1962 ABC interview with Daniel Mannix. While looking for video resources relating to the plebiscites of 1916-1917, I chanced upon this NFSA clip. Aged 98, the famously sharp Archbishop of Melbourne has been … Continue reading

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Whatever The Cost May Be

UK bakery ordered to stop using illegal US sprinkles that contain E127 food colouring. Anyone who’s into sprinkles will know what I’m on about. Sprinkles you can get in this country are totally shit. They look wank, they bake wank. … Continue reading

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It seems Tanya Plibersek doesn’t trust the vaccines

ASKED by Alan Jones tonight about university decrees that ‘vaccination’ will be compulsory for students returning to Jim Crow campuses from next week, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition defended the plan with a telling what-if. But Alan, what if … Continue reading

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Vaxx fanatics to be hit with $1000 fines for non-compliance

Leadership: Texas Governor Greg Abbott Bans Vaccine Mandates By ‘Any Entity’ In The State.

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One thing we can learn is that Donald Trump was right

Bruce Bawers: What We Can Learn From the Death of Muhammed Cartoonist Lars Vilks.

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What happened when policemen gave up walking the beat

The police cannot unburgle you. They cannot unmug you. They cannot unstab you. A policeman after a crime is not much use.” – Peter Hitchens says the British bobby is now a “paramilitary social worker”

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“This protest has no relationship to the purpose of this place”

On the contrary, the Shrine of Remembrance honours those who fought police state scum.

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That’s a shame

Police hospitalised after violent clashes with protestors in Melbourne, with 235 people arrested. What we saw today was a group of protestors that came together not to protest for freedoms but simply to take on and have a fight with … Continue reading

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Secretary of State Tucker Carlson draws more criticism

      No, Tucker Carlson: The US is not, will not, and never should be like Hungary. LEAVING aside the straw man – Carlson hasn’t advocated Hungarianisation – it’s genuinely tragic to see a conservative/libertarian defence of America so shot through with … Continue reading

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