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The man to whom Pope Francis refused to give an audience

To avoid angering China: HK police arrest Cardinal Joseph Zen over ‘collusion with foreign forces.’

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New Concerns

Our concerns are not new. The President has long talked about his concerns about the power of social media platforms, including Twitter and others, to spread misinformation.” – White House and MSNBC spokesman Jen Psaki reacts to news that Twitter … Continue reading

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The BCA and the NFF should take a leaf out of Omar’s book

The straight-shooting Mogadishu businessman has the coveted endorsement of Doomy himself.

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Morally Deficient Individuals

It will pain me not to go to the Salzburg Festival to hear soprano Anna Netrebko sing, or to Covent Garden to see Valery Gergiev conduct, or to Melbourne to watch Daniil Medvedev at the Australia Open. But these morally … Continue reading

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Victorious Päivi Räsänen puts the bishops of Europe to shame

George Neumayr in The American Spectator pays tribute to A Christian Heroine in Finland. Related: Australian Christian Lobby to take on ‘rebel’ Liberal MPs. The Australian Christian Lobby is launching a campaign that could unseat key Liberal rebels who crossed … Continue reading

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Under Labor, open season on Christians will remain open

Christchurch mosque attacks: Islamic Call to Prayer to be broadcast on radio for anniversary. The Islamic Call to Prayer will be broadcast on radio stations around the country to mark the anniversary of the Christchurch mosque attacks. Quite the snub. … Continue reading

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Pandemic authoritarians suddenly concerned about liberty

Henry Ergas on fighting a 99% non-fatal cold: Even true libertarians can support vax passports. It is undoubtedly true that preventing people who choose not to be vaccinated from engaging in ­activities that are open to the vaccinated involves a … Continue reading

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Are you paying attention yet?

Joe Rogan: The requisites for a Chinese social credit system in the West are now up and running.

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The Ghost of Kiev retaliated by sinking 27 Russian battleships

Russia blocks access to Facebook and Twitter. Their last words were “f-ck Donald Trump.”

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Bill Maher points out that Justin Trudeau sounds like Hitler

Like all vaxxer cult wackos: “It’s becoming a big thing. It’s happening all over the world now.”

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“The big numbers aren’t there anymore.”

Jack The Insider last week: Where to now for the protesters who have no truck with reality?

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Generational Carnage

Must watch: Last night, the IPA’s Gideon Rozner lashed the Morrison government – memorably.

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The Honk Heard Round The World

Canadian-inspired freedom convoys have spread through Europe and now into France.

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Karen “Mrs Bucket” Andrews condemns “those sorts of rallies”

OK, Hyacinth: Craig Kelly signed anti-mandatory vaccine protesters in to Parliament House.

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“We are participating and are in full support of the truckers”

Mount this: Alberta tow truck companies refusing to assist RCMP in removing border blockade.

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Only those who stand together will triumph over nazism

• United: Mandatory covid vaccinations for NHS and care workers in England to be scrapped. • Alone: Sanctuary Cove restaurant Artichoke closed after owner rejects vaccine mandate.

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I’m not so sure

Thinking for yourself is highly contagious. — $inclair Davidson (@SincDavidson) January 15, 2022

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Drop ’em off parents expect bub minders to act responsibly

Silver lining: Early childhood centre closures predicted because of mandatory staff vaccination.

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