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Older and safer than the Melbourne Cup but Nanny knows best

Wallabadah Cup track safety concerns end 169-year New Year’s Day picnic races tradition.

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Remembering how a communist scab nicked a great man’s job

Keith Windschuttle: Stuart Macintyre and the Blainey Affair.

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Dobber KKK’s inevitable entry into “death threats” panto

WE’RE over the target so metaphorical bombs away. Australia’s political plutocrats are losing their minds about being called to account not only for their use and endorsement of violence, quackery, bigotry and propaganda for two well-paid years but, above all, … Continue reading

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We Won

DESCRIBED by Spanish Civil War historians Chris Ealham and Michael Richards as “an assault on the public presence of Catholicism,” in August 1936 a communist firing squad “executed” the huge Monument of the Sacred Heart on the Cerro de los … Continue reading

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Not sure I approve of the Red Ensign being waved upside down

But apart from that – and the media lying about “hundreds of people” – this is wonderful. Speaking of the Red Ensign, I’ve been really delighted to see it revived as a people’s standard over the last 20 months. Until … Continue reading

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Covidians use Jews to justify liquidation of whistle-blower

• News Corp brings the “rant” sledge: Covid-rant Fair Work deputy Lyndall Dean sanctioned. • Fairfax: Industrial commissioner backed claim COVID measures a step toward Holocaust. A Fair Work Commission deputy president who compared vaccine mandates to “medical apartheid” has … Continue reading

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“I wanted to win the war… but I did not want conscription”

Here is an amazing excerpt from a 1962 ABC interview with Daniel Mannix. While looking for video resources relating to the plebiscites of 1916-1917, I chanced upon this NFSA clip. Aged 98, the famously sharp Archbishop of Melbourne has been … Continue reading

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Colin Powell

HE was a big man on a big stage for a long time and I always liked him. Capable and resourceful, Colin Powell had a perfect military bearing and an equally perfect American life-story. Contrary to racist cliches – and … Continue reading

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Celebrating Fr Emil Kapaun CMH

Hero’s life is a reminder of what wearing a uniform should entail TONIGHT, U.S. CST, thousands will gather in Wichita, Kansas, at the Hartman Arena to celebrate Mass and pray the rosary in thanksgiving for the return to America of … Continue reading

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In their defence, they were invincibly ignorant. Or were they?

William D. Rubinstein at Quadrant: The Incidence of Cannibalism in Aboriginal Society. A quaint theological notion and seldom encountered nowadays in the wild, the invincibly ignorant are those for whom theistic enlightenment or, more broadly, a rudimentary moral awareness that … Continue reading

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Paul Keating Tugs The Forelock

AS I was saying last week, defence and national security were never his strongest suits. Forty years after Bob Menzies began building or renovating Australia’s regional partnerships – of little interest back then to a Labor Party led by Soviet … Continue reading

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On George W. Bush and the Iraq War

THE arc of conservatism-to-collaboration these days seems to be as predictable in political, as the transit of Venus is in planetary, science. A major difference in the case of the 43rd President of the United States is that no black … Continue reading

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Das Skype

      The futuristic world as envisioned by Echte Wagner advertising cards, 1930. These German fantasies are as interesting for what they saw as here to stay as for what they didn’t. Does this aircraft look familiar? On the other hand, cutely, … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: Perversity, Culpability and Just Deserts

AS nobody ever said, “when we win the war in Afghanistan…” Think about it. At no time in the last 20 years did any ‘leader’ of the defunct Coalition of the Willing – political, military or otherwise – ever speak … Continue reading

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