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Like it or not, Putin wins casus belli comp – and it isn’t close

Anyone care to argue his national security rationale for war is less credible than America’s?

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He can handle things! He’s smart!

HE isn’t dumb, like Michael Kroger says. He’s smart and he wants respect! Always described as a “Liberal power-broker” – which isn’t a compliment given the Victorian party is powerless – Kroger surprised me last week when he proposed an … Continue reading

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The Black Zelensky

Like Russia, Australia is threatened when a nuclear superpower buys the house next door. It was in response to the presence of American Jupiter ballistic missiles in Italy and Turkey and the failed Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 that … Continue reading

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Not eligible for the decoration, she nevertheless earned a VC

Legendary heroine: WW II nurse Lieutenant Colonel Vivian Bullwinkel’s incredible tale of survival.

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Calm Reason vs. Manic Dogmatism

Video: Bill Maher on Ukraine and Putin is spot-on. To Ben Shapiro, however, WWII can never end.

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Rooted Reforms

We have what they call ‘opposition’ to the pope. It’s trying to build walls, going backwards — looking to the old liturgy or maybe things before Vatican II. Vatican II is unknown by many of the young generation. So it’s … Continue reading

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Anti-Putin neo-cons mourn woman who killed 500,000 children

• Mariupol theatre with children sheltering ‘appears to be a direct attack’ on civilian target. • Madeleine Albright, first female US secretary of state, dies. • Clinton, Obama lead tributes. Ms Van Schaack, ambassador-at-large for Global Criminal Justice at the … Continue reading

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100 years ago today, Queensland’s Upper House was abolished

The trade-off: fewer politicians on the dole vs. executives that can get away with almost anything.

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Reports of Pax Americana’s death may indeed be exaggerated

But reports of Biden’s dangerous incompetence are not: Keith Windschuttle: The Causes of War.

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‘Audit’ officials may place a disclaimer next to engine replica

Loco: ‘Rooted In Colonialism and Racism’ – National Museum of Wales ‘Cancels’ Steam Trains.

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Not since it snapped up the Third Reich’s rocket scientists has the United States been so generously disposed to actual Nazis

• Via Greenwald: On the Nazi Maidan Revolution: The Heartbreaking Irony of ‘Winter on Fire’. • The new left-wing hotness: Putin worse than Hitler. “Hitler did not use chemical weapons.”

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A far better man than his quarry, he took no pleasure doing it

Justice: Mario Teran – the Bolivian soldier who shot dead revolutionary Che Guevara – dies at 80.

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‘We are experiencing the psychological weaponisation of war’

Arta Moeini has written the best essay yet on this subject: How Western elites exploit Ukraine.

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Liberals Ban Liberals

• Liberal Democrats lose High Court bid to keep party name. • High Court fight as Liberals, Labor force minor parties to change their names. Our team has been pretty surprised at how aggressive the government has been in this … Continue reading

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He translated Missile Crisis cables for Khrushchev and JFK

Jack Matlock Jr was also the last US Ambassador to the USSR. A man worth heeding on Ukraine.

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One Glorious Day In Sevastopol

Peter Hitchens: I saw what was coming. That’s why I won’t join this carnival of hypocrisy.

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Ghislaines To The Great Man

TALENTED biographer Troy Bramston has written a new work on Bob Hawke and he promotes it in today’s Weekend Australian with three teaser articles. The book’s vanilla revelations do matter for the chronicles but, prima facie, are not very interesting. … Continue reading

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Table Talk With The Donald

If you move against Ukraine while I’m president, I will hit Moscow. All those beautiful golden turrets will be blown up.” (To Vladimir Putin). . “Any military move against Taiwan would be met with an attack on Beijing.” (To Xi … Continue reading

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