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Hamas and the Western left see rape as politics by other means

■  2021: Feminists rally at Parliament House to condemn ‘rape’ on behalf of the Labor Opposition. ■  2023: Feminists don’t rally at Parliament House to condemn the worst rape atrocity of our time.

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The Suddenly Orphaned War

It took no particular genius for Jeffrey Sachs to be right all along. Uncommon sense was enough: “That old line – that we’re in there till the last Ukrainian – is, tragically, literally happening right now, in the sense that … Continue reading

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Report: Indigenous children 10.5 times more likely be in out-of-home care than non-Indigenous. I took a closer look at this story by examining the Family Matters annual report. But first, this: [Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care] chairman … Continue reading

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They said Dobbs would have consequences and they were right

Unemployed abortionists: Overturning of Roe v. Wade led to 32,000 additional births, study finds.

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The most humiliating US military loss since the last one in 2021

And just like that, News Corp – which promoted this homicidal debacle from day one – calls quits. Meanwhile, David Cameron brings fresh Never Surrender to win a piece of the reconstruction pie.

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Catholics have had quite enough of this vengeful bomb thrower

But fear not. He and his synodal Zimmer-frame army of 1970s revivalists are on their way out. Criticise Francis, by all means, but don’t fall into a melancholy premised on his lasting importance.

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Fraternal Correction

Peter Smith: “The Reformation changed not one word of the Bible…” It changed many thousands.

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When Giants Walked The Turf

ON this race day in 1907, Apologue won the feature at Flemington – the first New Zealand-owned horse to do so. Hugh Denison’s illustrious Poseidon won the Caulfield Cup a few weeks earlier. The latter’s owner backed both horses in … Continue reading

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It turns out that Putin isn’t the No.1 ‘threat’ to European ‘values’

Germans re-exterminate the Jews: Anne Frank Kindergarten renamed for ‘diversity’ reasons. Ultimately, the parents and employees wanted a name that was more child-friendly and better suited to their concept. Their needs are more important than the global political situation.” – … Continue reading

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Synod this: Francis is seen by the faithful as an angry old crank

Aldo Maria Valli notices reality: Empty square and exhausted rituals – The Death of a pontificate.

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The Tony Burke Defence used to be called the Dresden Defence

Martin Kramer on the equivalency claimed, and vigorously dismissed, at the Einsatzgruppen Trial. A city is bombed for tactical purposes… In these operations it inevitably happens that nonmilitary persons are killed. This is an incident, a grave incident to be … Continue reading

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No, Paul Kelly, it revealed remarkable unity from coast to coast

“This referendum exposed the unhealthy fracture of our society.”

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Referendum Open

One of the most revolting, dishonest power grabs in our history ends today. Definitively, I hope. Quasi-teal preciousness. The defeat of a nation’s enemies should always be celebrated. Always.

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The actor with a Mensa IQ who reported 9/11 terrorists on 08/01

Worth heeding: James Woods on Hamas-like army “walking across Biden’s non-existent border.”

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To controlled conservatives: ‘Islamism’ is a luvvie weasel word

Every time you use it, you reinforce the Mohammedan-leftist lie that Islam is victimised and good.

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Michael Pascoe slams Murdoch for elevating the wrong blacks

And also for needless balance: Fear, outrage and ‘Trumpian schtick’ derailing Voice to Parliament. For most of the Murdoch media, running a No campaign explicitly or by the “balance” subterfuge was a foregone conclusion given their political and social alignment … Continue reading

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Who’s going to tell him?

No, that wasn’t Audie Murphy risking his neck for glory atop the Reichstag on 2 May 1945. To President Trump and anybody else: if we pull the plug on Ukraine, that’s 10 times worse than Afghanistan. To stop funding Ukraine … Continue reading

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Disgraced ABC “fact check” unit investigates Professor Blainey

Turns out the great historian is correct. So of course the face-saving verdict is “there’s more to it.”

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