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Gough Medicine

THERE is no point getting angry with anyone about the death of morally responsive democracy in Victoria or anywhere else in the Western world. Pretty much everyone is to blame. A Uniparty now reigns over the ashes and rubble of … Continue reading

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John Howard, 83, is a presidential term older than Joe Biden

His 10-minute encomium at the memorial service for Peter Reith today was delivered off-the-cuff.

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Peter Reith

IT would be remiss of me not to mark here the sad news of former Howard government minister Peter Reith’s death yesterday in Melbourne, aged 72, after a long illness. All the more so given that many of us continue … Continue reading

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Canadian doctors encouraged to bring up medically assisted death before their patients do. I, as a human being, a Christian, a priest, and a German, demand of you, Chief Physician of the Reich, that you answer for the crimes that … Continue reading

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That time Laborites attempted to kill the entire Howard ministry

The attack on Mr Pelosi was horrifying – to think that something like that could happen.” – Fragile democracy is under threat: Anthony Albanese.

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In post-war France, this was collaboration horizontale and the culprits had their heads shaved. “Even if I were fully vaccinated, I would admire the unvaccinated for standing up to the greatest pressure I have ever seen, including from spouses, parents, … Continue reading

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America’s frontier plebiscites in the 1900s were completely legit

Reservations: US officials closely watching sham referenda in Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine.

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The Queen’s Obsequies

Tradition is the latest thing but only the upper case variety can unite and heal Western culture GIVEN that no pope has ever attended the funeral of an English monarch, the current successor of Saint Peter and Vicar of Christ … Continue reading

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Brits Outbred

Charles’s kingdom set to shrink: Catholics outnumber Protestants in Northern Ireland for first time. The census results are another clear indication that historic change is happening across this island, and of the diversity of society which enriches us all. We … Continue reading

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Nation that atomically incinerated 200,000 civilians slams Putin

More recently: The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have killed at least 500,000, according to report. Los Angeles Times, January, 2003: The Nuclear Option in Iraq. WASHINGTON — One year after President Bush labeled Iraq, Iran and North Korea the … Continue reading

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His Master’s Choice

AND speaking of constitutional conventions, far too little attention was given last week to Anthony Albanese’s argument that assurances King Charles gave in his first speech as sovereign to eschew interference of any kind in politics should not extend to … Continue reading

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Glorious Revelation

PARADIGM whisperer Paul Kelly, editor-at-large at The Australian, likes grand declarations about endings and beginnings in political economy and history. Heralding the end of something became fashionable and commercially shrewd after Francis Fukuyama’s 1992 treatise on the upshot of the … Continue reading

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The Queen’s Final Victory

America’s rapid metamorphosis into a left-wing police state toilet vindicates the British monarchy:

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The Queen

MY late father was a contemporary of Queen Elizabeth II. Like the overwhelming majority of his 1920s generation, he respected her greatly. By no definition was he a monarchist, however. In a very important respect – one that doubles as … Continue reading

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Long Live The King

I’m glad that Elizabeth – so noble and Christian a lady – was gifted the happy death she deserved.

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Good Old Gorby

WHEN you think about it, Joe Biden is the Yuri Andropov of American politics and Donald Trump the Yeltsin-cum-Gorbachev delineating the end of the old regime. More generally, one cannot but notice the resemblance between the May Day Parade balcony … Continue reading

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Biden’s 2020 ‘victory’ was rigged. That is no longer debatable

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That time Laborites attempted to kill the entire Howard ministry

This is an unprecedented violation of our democracy.” – Overwrought Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil last week

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