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Hamas and the Western left see rape as politics by other means

■  2021: Feminists rally at Parliament House to condemn ‘rape’ on behalf of the Labor Opposition. ■  2023: Feminists don’t rally at Parliament House to condemn the worst rape atrocity of our time.

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Furious Frank

September: Pope Francis: Forgiveness is the cure that heals ‘the poisons of resentment.’ Cardinal Burke is my enemy. So I take away his apartment and his salary.” – The notoriously vengeful Pope Francis to Vatican officials earlier this month

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The only difference: Okie ogress doesn’t have a medical degree

Oklahoma woman, 44, is accused of ‘intentionally’ giving her mother, 72, a gun to commit suicide. Meanwhile: How voluntary assisted dying laws will work in New South Wales. They can either self-administer or have a doctor or nurse give them … Continue reading

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Winston bin Laden

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Great Dynasties of Sydney Town

In late 2020, Kristina Keneally shopped Tony Abbott to the authorities with a false accusation. The material parts of the statement bare no relationship to what was said orally, nor was there any grounding for it to have been confused … Continue reading

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The ABC cites Hamas-aligned CAIR in ‘both sides’ bullshit story

Uh-huh: Jewish and Muslim students say they’ve become targets on American college campuses.

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Here’s why Gillard’s Royal Commission protected state schools

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Albo doubles down on Lakemba-approved ‘both sides’ script as Peter Dutton calls him out for indifference to antisemitism crisis

“But it is also the case that Arab Australians and women wearing hijabs are being threatened.”

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The Present is a Foreign Country

October: Albanese rejects Dutton’s call for royal commission on Indigenous child sex abuse.

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Va Te Faire Voir

Hamas is cruelly holding our people hostage – women, children, the elderly – and thus committing a crime against humanity. Hamas is using schools, mosques and hospitals as terrorist command centers. The crimes being committed today by Hamas in Gaza … Continue reading

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We can reduce the planet’s temperature but can’t help the Jews

Turnbull challenges Morrison to go to Glasgow: “History is made by those who turn up.” I’m sure their visit is appreciated but you’ve got to remember they’re two guys that are out of office. They’ve got plenty of time. I’m … Continue reading

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The Incredible Shrinking Indignation

FOR a month, feminists and the ABC have collectively yawned their way through the aftermath of the worst rape and femicide enormity of our time. No marches in Canberra for the violated women and girls of Israel, no white ribbons … Continue reading

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Tingle: Dutton is stoking division by not condemning the Jews

Disturbing lack of bipartisanship on Middle East points to ugly new direction for Australian politics.

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Don’t Upset The Applegarth

Judge’s brutal message to Bruce Lehrmann – as accused rapist’s identity is finally revealed. A cynic might say: ‘I hope Channel Seven paid him, or his solicitors, a lot of money, for the consequences it had on his application, if … Continue reading

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She almost forgot. Government is ‘supporting’ the Jews as well

Public holiday for Hamas: Foreign minister calls for ‘humanitarian pause’ in Israel-Gaza conflict. Viewer discretion advised: Two shocking images of the “arson attacks” in the City of Churches.

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Tehran’s man in DC brings the big but and I don’t mean Michelle

Barack Hussein: “Israel has a right to defend its citizens against such wanton violence. But…” Turns out I’m really good at killing people. Didn’t know that was gonna be a strong suit of mine.” – January 2017: Obama’s Final Drone … Continue reading

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Game, Set, Match

■ Australian mosques honour Gaza ‘martyrs’. ■ Anti-Israel protesters chant ‘Gas the Jews’.

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To settle the score with Jacinta, Labor abandons raped children

Price’s motion calling on government to hold RC into abuse of Indigenous children is voted down.

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