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Few causes are more satisfying than routing the Spanish left

Isabella the PSOE: Spanish PM Sánchez calls snap general election after disastrous local polls.

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Affirmative Inaction

Her partner a klutz, a UK police lady becomes a rag doll for child star gone wrong, Ginger Meggs.

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‘Western Civilisation’ will not be saved by empowering nihilists

GREG Sheridan is now going country to country trying to shock people. Arguably Australia’s most fervent backer of America’s Endless Wars, he filed a column today from the Czech Republic. In his Cliffs Notes cosmology – wherein the complexities of … Continue reading

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“If we want things to be better we have to be better people”

A cup of coffee read: In Hungarian Conservative, a fascinating discussion with Jordan Peterson.

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In Russia, all citizens are perfectly free to say “well done, girls”

Christian is banned from teaching for misgendering a trans pupil ‘in first case of its kind in UK.’

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G7 leaders saw no morally compelling reason to initiate a truce

As they assembled in Hiroshima: Zelensky appears to confirm Bakhmut loss, saying ‘nothing left.’

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Bolt apologia for Tucker dismissal has aged like milk in the sun

I’ve raised concerns about Tucker Carlson painting Ukraine as hopelessly corrupt and the Biden White House as liars…”

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No Stuffing

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15 Western governments order Japanese to celebrate sodomy

Australia’s segment in Ambassador Rahm Emanuel’s racist video is the most embarrassing. The elite in the West, they keep talking of their exceptionalism, of how they are different. They are the ones creating a sense of disruption between our people. … Continue reading

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This may not be the comparative compliment it’s meant to be

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Leader of the Free World under attack… from the United States

The Budapest Option: Contrary to the Davos consensus, Hungary is not a hotbed of “illiberalism.”

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Looks like they’re going to have to confiscate a lot more yachts

Biden boom: Russian billionaires see wealth rise to three-quarters of a trillion dollars in past year.

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The men in raincoats offering sweets to children now run things

Both Disneyland and Sesame Street are now preparing children to be molested. Just like that.

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Bushmasters helped make this triumph of democracy possible

The people have spoken: Kiev to name street for Ukrainian Nazi collaborator after public vote.

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In Defence of The Indefensible Man

FOR neocons, China policy has become the Ishihara test of foreign affairs. It’s the obscured figures they’re unable to identify – not the ones they can – that clinically demonstrate impairment. Where realists see toadyism to an anarchic United States, … Continue reading

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The ‘our values’ brigade doesn’t have a lot of interest in Nigeria

The expendables: Holy Week attacks on Christian communities in Nigeria leave nearly 100 dead.

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In France, only an assassination attempt is a nastier escalation

Pension protesters target Paris bistro La Rotonde, favoured by President Emmanuel Macron.

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Biden’s Neocon Catastrophe

Western values FTW: Putin’s and Biden’s chief political opponents are now both under arrest.

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