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The man to whom Pope Francis refused to give an audience

To avoid angering China: HK police arrest Cardinal Joseph Zen over ‘collusion with foreign forces.’

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He’s saying American wackos should mind their own continent

We will have a peace to build tomorrow, let us never forget that. We will have to do this with Ukraine and Russia around the table. The end of the discussion and the negotiation will be set by Ukraine and … Continue reading

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European toilet: ‘Values’ include killing and grooming children

■ EU trying to force Poland and Hungary to perform abortions for Ukrainian refugees. ■ MEPs demand more EU action to protect common values in Hungary and Poland. ■ EU takes action against Hungary, Poland over anti-LGBTQ measures. The European … Continue reading

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Cool story, bro: The source, a former actor, is a psy-op spook

Volodymyr Zelensky refused to be evacuated from Kiev as Russian hitmen parachuted into capital.

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If it’s a bad thing for China to troll Australia from the Solomons, why is it a good thing for the US to troll Russia from Ukraine?

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Turns out you can’t feed a population with concrete islands

Reason: Shanghai’s people are running out of food and meds while pets get killed in the streets. Having detected a huge surge in cases, with more than 20,000 new cases being found daily, Chinese authorities locked the city of 25 … Continue reading

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Brussels Spouts

President Zelensky has a bad habit of telling everyone what to do. It’s unusual for someone in trouble to ask for your help or demand that you help him, and then, if you don’t help him in the way he … Continue reading

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‘Values’: The EU sends in the sanctions tanks to shell Hungary

Watson: The EU is a disgusting foul beast that should be consigned to the ash heap of history.

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You only get one Joe Biden in a lifetime and Putin has had his

More than a dead bear bounce: Russia’s ruble rebound raises questions of sanctions’ impact.

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What Zelensky is to Moscow, he is to Brussels and Washington

Mark Ivanyo on Sunday’s momentous Hungarian election: Why Viktor Orbán Needs To Win. Now, the globalists are striking back. As 2020 showed, the top threat to US national security is not any foreign adversary but domestic subversion by an unaccountable … Continue reading

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Banning the press and democracy not enough for Mr Elensky

Consonant with the eitgeist: Ukraine demands all countries ‘criminalize’ use of Russian ‘Z’ symbol.

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The hyenas close in on a dying, diseased old elephant

• Saudi Arabia Considers Accepting Yuan Instead of Dollars for Chinese Oil Sales. • ‘I did that’ Biden stickers create headaches for gas station workers. Saudi Arabia is in active talks with Beijing to price some of its oil sales … Continue reading

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Rich Man’s World

Has Putin undermined too many oligarchs to survive? Nothing talks like Money money money.

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It’s time for Kiwis to look their gift Prime Minister in the mouth

She isn’t trending on Twitter: NZ records highest daily covid cases as US issues travel warning.

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Licence To Shill

A round-up of fake news so far: Propaganda and its consequences in the Russian-Ukraine war.

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The Hockey Gear Airlift

No sticks, though: Canada is sending $25 million worth of non-lethal equipment to Ukraine. Ukraine has asked for more equipment to keep their soldiers safe. They need helmets, body armour and gas masks. Canada is delivering just that with an … Continue reading

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Bullied 11-year-old girl with Down’s Syndrome is walked to school by North Macedonia’s president after he heard she sits in a classroom by herself after pupils and PARENTS picked on her.

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The Honk Heard Round The World

Canadian-inspired freedom convoys have spread through Europe and now into France.

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