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Addicting young people to a vice is a venerable business model

Racism is ‘everywhere’, reveals report based on survey of children and young people in the ACT.

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Historical milestone as IPCC publishes its 1000th final warning

“Take drastic action”: Scientists deliver ‘final warning’ on climate crisis: act now or it’s too late.

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Adam Is Disgusted

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The Liberal Party throttles an MP who stood up to violent men

Victorian MP Moira Deeming replaced Bernie Finn. Both have been expelled for Christianity. This is not an issue about free speech but a member of the parliamentary party associating with people whose views are abhorrent to my values, the values … Continue reading

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British Tories now draw inspiration from the old East Germany

Peter Hitchens: Making women wage slaves suits everyone – except women and children.

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The Welsh government quietly abolishes private property rights

Licences to let and rent may be revoked: Landlords to receive anti-racism and hate crime training.

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Crossdresser Dick Levine says White House backs mutilation

The Free World: Hormone therapy for trans kids supported at ‘highest levels’ of Biden admin.

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What they want for you: microwaved insects in a 15-minute city

New hoax: Health impacts from gas stoves in Australian kitchens under microscope in new study.

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Aborigines conduct the ritual at the behest of enthroned whites

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The climate hoax is a bigger threat to our way of life than China

Treachery: Electricity prices set to surge up to 30 per cent as regulators reveal draft pricing plans.

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Nothing is more reassuring than a leftist who wants to free me

Forget the conspiracies, 15-minute cities will free us to improve our mental health and wellbeing.

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Police and bodyguards protect Kellie-Jay Keen at women’s rally

Albo and Tanya weren’t there, of course (video). Labor gives some violent men a green light.

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Viet Cong comfort woman wants pro-life Americans to be killed

Zero surprise in what Jane Fonda said. Communists and abortionists are murderers by definition.

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You have to wonder if the Brits would, in fact, have surrendered

Tyburn II: UK Parliament passes buffer zone bill prohibiting silent prayer outside abortion facilities.

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Statement of Facts

Toodyay landholder risks jail time for building creek crossing in alleged breach of Heritage Act. The Boyagerring Brook running through Mr Maddox’s property is part of the Avon River catchment and is said to have mythological value to the traditional … Continue reading

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Communist West denounces Russian Christianity

Russia puts its own spin on International Women’s Day. Any expression of LGBTQI identity is almost impossible in Russia, with a “gay propaganda” law banning the distribution of materials on non-traditional relationships among any age group and the promotion of … Continue reading

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Grooming Ukraine

No, it’s a “sharp” reaction to the risk of losing US dollars and EU credit points if it doesn’t go along:

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Businesses are now exploiting the mentally unwell for publicity

Some women do have penises.” – The man being paid by Seafolly to model ladies’ swimwear and send it broke

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