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As leftists yawn, super-tough Jessalyn fights for every breath

Horrific injuries: 11-year-old Waukesha Christmas parade attack victim clinging to life on ventilator.

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80 years on, pretense of delousing still comes first

In Germany, you must now be vaccinated before a euthanasia clinic will agree to kill you.

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He should have held the Donald’s truths to be self-evident

Trump’s comparison there is dumb. It doesn’t really even make any sense. And the notion that there’s some slippery slope is dumb.” – Jamelle Bouie of Slate and The New York Times dismisses President Trump’s August 2017 prediction that the … Continue reading

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Truly inspired

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Truth Uzi

The war on the ‘unvaccinated’ is a desperate attempt to demonize and destroy the control group.

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Karmic Can

Gosh: Police say Mr Meddick was vandalising property before attacking a man who intervened.

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People voting need to bring their own pen or pencil and they need to practice social distancing.” – In March, 2020, when zero percent of human beings on the planet were vaccinated against covid-19, ravenous for victory Annastacia Palaszczuk disregarded … Continue reading

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“How do we abolish gender bias in the construction industry?”

“We need to smash down the concrete walls,” says feminist office worker, Paula Gerber – inaptly.

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Man who wants doctors to kill people has thoughts on barbarity

But none on Germany in the 30s: Faith, hope and barbarity: Ignoring the truth on assisted dying. Nowhere in his speech was there recognition… Nowhere was there mention… Nowhere was there acknowledgment… Nowhere was there mention… And nowhere was there … Continue reading

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London 2021: Jew chased from university by Muslim terrorists

Video: Israeli Ambassador to UK Chased from Debate by Angry pro-Palestinian Mob.

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Perrottet government announces ban on pretty much all sex

Under new ‘positive sexual consent’ laws, NSW Attorney General Mark Speakman has confirmed it will be illegal for a couple in a long term relationship to have sex in the middle of the night (with no prior words or gestures).The … Continue reading

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ScoSho: Another day, another fake conservative middle way

No, Labor would not be worse: Scott Morrison fuels electric vehicles’ road to Damascus. What about all these charging stations, how much is that going to cost? I mean if you have an electric car and you live in an … Continue reading

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We Brought The Iceberg

Australians travel to Glasgow to join Greta Thunberg and thousands at youth-led protests. Another creative demonstration in the city featured a 4-tonne Greenland iceberg sent to Glasgow to melt outside the summit. Gail Whiteman, the founder of Arctic Basecamp, said … Continue reading

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Dom and Dommer

NSW Deputy Premier to recommend government ‘rules out’ new coal exploration zones.

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Commie Boris moves to ban non-leftist speech

New UK Law Could See Trolls Jailed for Causing ‘Psychological Harm’, ‘Disinformation,’ Ratioing.

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