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Vendetta lunch lasted longer than David Sharaz’s first marriage

Five guileful hours: A real project: how Lisa and Brittany war-gamed which ‘friendlies’ to fire up. I have every confidence that you will answer that very eloquently, but it’s one you just need to really think about. I don’t want … Continue reading

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Fear not: A new breed of digger picks up the fallen standard…

Their manliness speaks for itself: Ben Roberts-Smith: War hero loses landmark defamation case. Nick McKenzie looks to have let out a sigh of relief and is nodding confidently at Chris Masters. He gave Masters a brief, one-armed hug with his … Continue reading

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I’ll tell you what rule I applied, sir. I applied rule D.S.C!

ADF chief tells Senate estimates he reviewed his own performance commanding in Afghanistan.

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Today, some rape victims skip the medical and do a media kit

Oh Britt. I’m so sorry. You need this like a hole in the head. How sh*t. How f***ing outrageous. Thanks for filling me in. I will, of course, keep it firmly in the vault…Lots of hugs and boxing gloves in … Continue reading

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70 years ago, judges didn’t interfere in the affairs of Parliament

Chief Justice Andrew Bell scolds Justice Ian Harrison’s Indigenous voice to parliament email. The designation ‘SC’ is completely appropriate and suited as a means of recognising and signalling excellence in a mature, independent legal profession in which the decisions of … Continue reading

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In Russia, all citizens are perfectly free to say “well done, girls”

Christian is banned from teaching for misgendering a trans pupil ‘in first case of its kind in UK.’

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Rat: Drumgolding them out of the Army while clutching his DSC

Defence Force chief Angus Campbell renews calls to strip medals from Afghanistan war veterans.

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Latham refers left-winger’s gratuitous hate tweet to NSW Police

The ABC describes Alex Greenwich as “the Sydney MP” and Latham as “the right-wing politician.”

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Shane Sea Patrol

Higgins investigation top cop: Drumgold mistook ABC re-enactment for ‘missing’ CCTV footage.

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Fair To Say

Nonagenarian great-grandmother Clare Nowland is five foot two and weighs 43 kilograms. At the time she was tasered, she was approaching police. It is fair to say at a slow pace. She had a walking frame. But she had a … Continue reading

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I thought homosexuality was only a cause for Pride these days

Independent MP Alex Greenwich to sue One Nation’s Mark Latham for defamation over tweet.

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Scooter Drumgold

Somebody at Dover’s last week likened the soon-to-be former DPP of the ACT to this man. Yep.

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It may not be that simple but, still, I like the waves he’s making

With Mark Steyn: Robert F. Kennedy: It Looks Like Almost Every Mass Shooter Is On SSRI Drugs.

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Puss In The Corner

Her cat was named Vagina. The judge wouldn’t allow us to put that in.” – Donald Trump on the latest failed Democrat ‘rape’ claimant, E. Jane Carroll

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They’ll Never Have Paris

It never took place and I will tell you.. she’s not my type, and that’s 100 percent true, she’s not my type. You wouldn’t be a choice of mine either. I would not, under any circumstances, have any interest in … Continue reading

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Obedient Little Australia

WHILE giddy Anthony Albanese drank champagne on Saturday at the vulgar nuptials of a wealthy slob he doesn’t know, a husband, father of six and former US Marine, Daniel Duggan, was in a two by four metre cell at maximum … Continue reading

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In the annals of chutzpah, this from the Pentagon will resound

Prosecutors say leak suspect Jack Teixeira kept arsenal of weapons, wanted to kill ‘ton of people’.

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‘Governments control 40-50% of legal spending for barristers’

Statement from the wallet: Pro-voice barristers are ‘financially motivated’: Stuart Wood AM KC.

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