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VicPol sergeant should have framed a Catholic cleric instead

■ ‘A war between good and evil’: Victoria to ban public display of the Nazi swastika. ■ Christian policeman faces disciplinary action after posting ‘there are 2’ genders. I don’t respect or value your views as they are offensive and … Continue reading

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Biologically confused newspapers call RU-486 “contraception”

■ The Times of London lies: Republican states plot to make birth control a crime. ■ The Australian goes along: Birth control next on Republicans’ ban list.

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Hopping mad inquisitor hits Liberals who claimed partisanship

QED: Icac commissioner calls critics ‘buffoons’ after Scott Morrison labels it a kangaroo court.

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Judge decides finding 12 impartial jurors won’t be a problem

The show must go on: Man accused of raping Brittany Higgins loses bid to delay Canberra trial.

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Gangland war: What old-time cops called a “self-cleaning oven”

Underworld figure Mahmoud ‘Brownie’ Ahmad shot dead in a hail of bullets on Greenacre street.

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Frustrated gentleman charged with assault

Those oh-so tolerant teals: Arrest after alleged assault at Politics in the Pub event in Warringah.

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Three weeks ago today…

Decision on future of trial over alleged rape of Brittany Higgins to be handed down next week. ACT Chief Justice Lucy McCallum will deliver a decision next week on whether the trial of the man accused of raping former Liberal … Continue reading

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Stand aside, Pyrrhus of Epirus: Chaser star Julian Morrow given a legal dressing down. A Supreme Court judge has found an ABC broadcaster engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct and acted in breach of his ­duties as a director. Chaser … Continue reading

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The 1580s are calling to ask for their jurisprudence back

HC judges delay considering whether to release secret evidence in Bernard Collaery trial. Bernard Collaery, a barrister and former ACT attorney-general, is accused of conspiring to reveal classified information about Australian espionage in Timor-Leste during sensitive oil and gas negotiations … Continue reading

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Top meanie’s callous put-down

Are you going to keep dying your hair?” – During the Mean Girls’ abusive war on Labor’s Kimberley Kitching, underappreciated style icon and beauty Penny Wong reportedly taunted the late senator about her appearance. “Penny went apeshit,” a source told … Continue reading

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Drug addict son of Vice-President WAS financing mystery labs

Now confirmed: Hunter Biden helped secure funds for US biolab contractor in Ukraine: e-mails.

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Under oath: Her two pregnancies must have come as a shock

No, I can’t. I’m not a biologist.” – Chosen ‘by’ Joe Biden to take the vacant seat of intellectual heavyweight Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, Ketanji Jackson was asked by Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R) if she could define ‘woman.’

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The idea that a fair trial can be saved – starting now – is a con

Brittany Higgins and her partner’s Twitter accounts shut down following warning from the courts.

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Bromberg’s vibe-of-the-thing ruling on fossil fuels demolished

Children’s climate change case overturned – Federal Court dismisses government’s ‘duty of care’.

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Steal Dossier

Peter Gleeson’s astonishing report: Court of comrades: Meet the ALP’s buddies on the bench.

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Give me a form guide on drive-offs and I’ll give you a price

Indigenous activists call for $100,000 compo in racial discrimination claim against service station. What’s the odds of two black fellas with PhDs, driving two different silver Mercedes Benz that they own being racially profiled at the same service station on … Continue reading

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In 2015, US bombed Médecins Sans Frontières in Iraq, 42 killed

• But in the Obama-Biden years, Kunduz hospital bombing ‘not a war crime’ says Pentagon. • Meanwhile: EU accuses Moscow of war crimes for hospital strike. Three people were killed.

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Liberals Ban Liberals

• Liberal Democrats lose High Court bid to keep party name. • High Court fight as Liberals, Labor force minor parties to change their names. Our team has been pretty surprised at how aggressive the government has been in this … Continue reading

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