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That’s what governments, health officials and police are for

The online world should not be a wild west where bots and bigots and trolls and others are anonymously going around and can harm people and hurt people, harass them and bully them and sledge them. That is not Australia.” … Continue reading

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Tough but fair

I trust Kyle Rittenhouse with a gun more than I trust Alec Baldwin.

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This Simon Overland? I’m shocked and surprised

Keith Windschuttle reveals something very interesting about The Commissioner and the Choirboy.

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If only state school teachers were allowed to marry

Tasmanian Education Department shielded paedophiles, disbelieved students, inquiry finds. The Tasmanian Education Department’s predominant response to child sexual abuse complaints has for decades been to ignore students, shield abusers and protect itself from legal, financial and reputational risks, an inquiry … Continue reading

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One of the reasons I didn’t shed any tears for Christian Porter

Timorgate: The Coalition is still hounding Bernard Collaery. Is this in the public interest?

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Gladys: A Hard Lady To Love

THINGS took a Jeff Toobin turn at the NSW Independent Commission Against Conservatives last week when counsel assisting, Ian Robertson, pulled off a line of inquiry about Gladys Berejiklian’s sex life that feminists would have Twitter-fitted about if she was … Continue reading

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The Defamation of Mr Raman

THIS demonstrates who and what they are. Usefully coinciding with Annastacia and Jeannette’s Henpecking Vaccination Tour is the notoriety ginned up around the innocent Duran Raman. The state government and amenable News Corp frenzy factory, the Courier Mail, decided the … Continue reading

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They merely prevent unvaccinated workers from buying food

          Judge dismisses challenges to NSW COVID-19 vaccination orders for workers. So far as the right to bodily integrity is concerned, it is not violated as the impugned orders do not authorise the involuntary vaccination of anyone.” – NSW Supreme Court … Continue reading

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Representing himself, Clive had a righteous fool for a client

Star turn as Rumpole ends badly: Clive Palmer loses High Court bid to overturn WA legislation. IT sounds like the judges might have been open to expertly presented arguments on the question of inconsistency but didn’t hear any. On the … Continue reading

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Bombing Dom

AS Quadrant Online editor Roger Franklin notes today, Dominic Perrottet is the media’s favourite new Catholic hate figure. He is, in a sense, as much the successor to Cardinal Pell as he reportedly soon will be to Gladys Berejiklian. To … Continue reading

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We see you. We hear you. We believe you.

WorkSafe charges Victorian government over alleged hotel quarantine breaches.

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High Court affirms the right to exterminate the subhuman

UK woman loses fight against abortion laws for foetuses that would be born with a disability.

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It’s a war cabinet and we’re the enemy

Legal experts blast ‘bizarre legislation’ proposed to shield national cabinet from FoI requests.

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The Christian Porter situation

ALBO the mudlark: “He needs to answer where this money came from. Members of Parliament, as well as ministers, just can’t accept money from anonymous donors for a private legal matter.” The Labor Party has been trousering cash from anonymous … Continue reading

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Must be a typo. Should read OUR laws with ITS beliefs

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