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Fear not: A new breed of digger picks up the fallen standard…

Their manliness speaks for itself: Ben Roberts-Smith: War hero loses landmark defamation case. Nick McKenzie looks to have let out a sigh of relief and is nodding confidently at Chris Masters. He gave Masters a brief, one-armed hug with his … Continue reading

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The Ma’am With The Golden Smarm

Unsurprisingly rich pickings: Annastacia Palaszczuk’s media plundering causes newsroom chaos. The Nine newsroom has been decimated by Palaszczuk poachings over the last 18 months, with her government hiring up to a dozen of Nine’s most senior talent believed to have … Continue reading

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If you’re triggered by today’s saddening events, phone Lifeline

■ ‘Kochie’ to leave Sunrise. ■ Ten to keep Wilkinson off TV until 2024. ■ McGowan stands down.

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I bet it’s the Jews

I work on Q+A social media and see racist abuse every day. You might be shocked who’s writing it.

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Today, some rape victims skip the medical and do a media kit

Oh Britt. I’m so sorry. You need this like a hole in the head. How sh*t. How f***ing outrageous. Thanks for filling me in. I will, of course, keep it firmly in the vault…Lots of hugs and boxing gloves in … Continue reading

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Grand Stan Finish

HAD you asked me ten years ago what I thought of Stan Grant as a person, I wouldn’t have had any emphatic opinions to share. My cursory impression of Grant as a journalist was that he was good at his … Continue reading

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Rigged election denialist Lachlan Murdoch is Bud-Lighting Fox

It’s now as tuck-friendly as Target: Leaked Policy Exposes Fox News Stances on Woke Ideology.

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Angry ‘journalist’ calls for the immediate abolition of the ABC

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Warmongering ABC hails “redemption arc” of Japanese jailbird

Pictured and quoted in the article is Commander Mamuka Mamulashvili, a notorious war criminal.

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Official humiliation for ABC conspiracy theorist Sarah Ferguson

Special counsel John Durham concludes FBI never should have launched Trump-Russia probe.

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A Blue From The Bolt

Putin, Biden, Mohammed bin Salman and Lachlan Murdoch now have something in common… ALL four disappeared resolute truth-tellers they didn’t like. News Corp employee Andrew Bolt won friends across political and cultural spectra when he made amends for initially wobbly … Continue reading

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A day after slamming leftist cancellation of Barry Humphries…

Bolt backs the leftist cancellation of Tucker Carlson – who criticised Ukraine and the “Biden team.”

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Another angry battle axe, another velvet rope, another bouncer

Inebriated Aunty: ABC News branded with new label ‘Government-funded Media’ on Twitter.

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The heaviest ever lift by “pointing out” in a straight news report

Sure,’s Frank “Bold Claim” Chung has become famous but Natalie Brown led the way.

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The Face of The Voice

THIS weekend we saw it again. If the Voice debate – such as it is – was Django Unchained, the ALPABC would be Candyland, the Aboriginal Industry would be horrible house slave Stephen and Jacinta Nampijinpa Price would be the … Continue reading

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Speaking of Whitlam, Murdoch backed him as utterly fit in 1972

Fmr Australian PM Turnbull: Rupert Murdoch told me Trump was ‘utterly unfit’ to be President.

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Parallel parking is about to become the new ‘drink spiking’

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Teixeira thread: “Indescribably shocking and sickening”

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