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Dispatches From Woke War I

ONE of the amusing things to do of a morning these days is to check in for the latest on the war in Ukraine. The stories are almost always sourced to “intelligence officials” or “Ukrainian officials.” In other words, they … Continue reading

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Morrison set to lose because voters want children mutilated

Former economics reporter Laura Tingle now makes Kamala Harris sound like a voice of reason. [St Josh Frydenberg is] under threat because of where his government, and particularly his prime minister, have taken politics in the past three years. That … Continue reading

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“This might have been the greatest crime in American history”

2,000 Mules Will Infuriate You: Dinesh D’Souza’s new documentary provides convincing evidence of ballot trafficking. Our mainstream/legacy corporate media, who have outed themselves as inveterate liars in a hundred other respects before and since that time, embarked on a propaganda … Continue reading

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Closeup Glimpse

Viewership down 80% in a week: Piers Morgan ratings dive as talkTV struggles to attract viewers. Ratings for the Piers Morgan interview with me were great! Unfortunately, after that interview, his show bombed completely because of the fake narrative he … Continue reading

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Extremists: “Liberal MPs are privately disgusted with Mr Finn”

Victorian Liberal MP ‘praying’ for abortion to be banned in wake of concern about US law change.

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Or – knowing Ray would be Ray – he played him for sympathy

When his office asked my producer John Redman, I said for Albo to come on and fasten his seatbelt. Put it this way, I made sure I did plenty of homework on Monday night. But no one seemed to offer … Continue reading

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Badly missed at Sky where enthusiasm is mistaken for reality

He’s a very good campaigner, Morrison, and he can learn a script and he can nail the issues. The question is: are people listening? Now there are many people saying, ‘Well, we do know him, and we’re a little concerned … Continue reading

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ABC and Mrs Jones

Got a thing goin’ on: Sarah Ferguson to replace Leigh Sales as host of ABC’s 7.30 program.

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Bring Back Rita

Is there anything about this Morgan show that’s not about Morgan? — Real Mark Latham (@RealMarkLatham) April 26, 2022

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White Privilege

■ ABC presenter ‘takes a break’ after accusations of bias. ■ Auditor-General finds ‘no policy or precedent’ for ABC to pay Louise Milligan’s legal costs. ■ Virginia Trioli’s ‘crazy face’ at Senator Barnaby Joyce on ABC2 News Breakfast. ABC Weekend … Continue reading

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Sky News Australia’s new recruit is a reality-altering con artist

Bring back AJ: Trump didn’t storm out on Piers Morgan, according to audio obtained by ⁦NBC.

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ABC anchor calls Albo’s Twitter army “lobotomised shitheads”

I like her: Fauziah Ibrahim has created lists titled “Labor Trolls/Thugs” & “Lobotomised Shitheads.”

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Brilliant: Glenn Greenwald on the West’s evil new censorship

Western dissent from US/NATO policy on Ukraine is small… the censorship campaign is extreme. President Joe Biden is sending Ukraine $800 million in new firepower – including artillery, helicopters, ammunition and other hardware that will test the limits of how … Continue reading

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Stand aside, Pyrrhus of Epirus: Chaser star Julian Morrow given a legal dressing down. A Supreme Court judge has found an ABC broadcaster engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct and acted in breach of his ­duties as a director. Chaser … Continue reading

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The Boy Who Cried Wolfsangel

IF at first you don’t succeed in mainstreaming The Narrative, lie lie again. One thing those with an IQ higher than Joe Biden’s basement have learned over the past two and half years is that the Big State/Big Tech/Big Spook … Continue reading

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Confirmed: Most of what the US says about Ukraine is false

Unnamed insiders have told NBC the CIA is constantly lying about Russian activities in Ukraine. It was an attention-grabbing assertion that made headlines around the world: U.S. officials said they had indications suggesting Russia might be preparing to use chemical … Continue reading

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Four Corners revamps the meaning of the word ‘witness’

An Australian soldier was accused of kicking corpses in East Timor. What the NZ SAS witnessed went much further.

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What next, professionally, after lying for Democrat criminals?

Silly question: Biden press secretary Jen Psaki to become TV host at MSNBC, reports say.

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