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Petition in support of Heston Russell and November Platoon

The ABC lied. Russell explains how here and here (video). Please sign Petition EN3637 here.

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Rabbi Dov Fischer’s must-read on Rittenhouse and his enemies

How the Media Messed Up on Rittenhouse From Day One – And Why That Messes Up America.

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So Waleed Aly is trending for being … too right wing? — James Morrow (@pwafork) November 16, 2021

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The ABC cracks down on misusing analogy reserved for Trump

“Comments comparing the covid restrictions to Nazi Germany will be removed and users banned.”

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“My Purpose Holds”

MEDIOCRE ratings are being cited today as the reason for the sudden “sacking” of Alan Jones. The Struggle Street sentinel has been dismissed from his 8pm derby but was offered a weekly slot on a streaming service (whatever that is) … Continue reading

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ABC: Black markets are good. Also ABC: Black markets are bad

• Medicinal cannabis is legal in Australia, but people like Grace are turning to the black market. • How private Telegram channel ‘IM Packs’ created a black market for Ivermectin in Australia.

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US-obsessed ABC resents Americans criticising Australia

Rebecca Armitage – a colleague of Sarah “Trump/Russia” Ferguson – blames conspiracies etc.

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"Brought to you by Pfizer." 🤑 — Kelly Bee 🐝 (@ke11ybender) October 19, 2021

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“There is no police persons at the moment”

Lorry drivers – possibly hauling grammar textbooks to a furnace – clash with Insulaters.

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Clubbable Crusader

HE is a long-time favourite of the national broadcaster and Anthony Albanese’s preferred architect for a federal anti-corruption commission. Former New South Wales ICAC counsel Geoffrey Watson SC – invariably described by the ABC as a “top silk,” “eminent barrister” … Continue reading

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The Vice-Brittany decides which women speak in Australia…

… and the circumstances under which they speak. This is how, indeed: Jessica Rowe pulls podcast interview with Pauline Hanson after backlash. This is how discrimination and hate is subtly enabled and normalised. Everyone’s entitled to their own views, but … Continue reading

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Alexander Doesn’t

At ABC Online: Federal Labor staffer Alexander Matters charged with two counts of rape. A federal political staffer has been charged with two counts of rape, over an incident alleged to have taken place in April this year. Alexander Matters, … Continue reading

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Leigh Sales tells the truth about Twitter

I have only one criticism of a very solid column: none of the abuse from Twitter ghouls cited by the 7.30 host comes close to matching the life-endangering malice her victim colleagues were happy to either dish out to George … Continue reading

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The ABC “fact checks” Craig Kelly. Shut up, they conclude

Coming up short, the home of Sarah Ferguson and Louise Milligan plays the context card.

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Toobin network condemns heavy breathing

CNN: “People are cheering and enthusiastic, exhaling with vigor.”

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