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News Corp: Ukraine used terrorist missiles in market slaughter

The Australian, yesterday: Australian doctor Craig Jurisevic exposes the horrors of Russian attack. Damning evidence has emerged confirming the Russian military used outlawed flechettes – tiny steel nails with barbed tail fins deemed illegal by the Internat­ional Criminal Court – … Continue reading

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Must-read: Tim Blair on Senator Price and the Jim Crow media

The Age’s coverage of Jacinta Price’s NPC speech erased a strong black woman for dissenting. An Aboriginal woman of note arrives for a major engagement in Canberra. Instead of the impressive venue used previously for similar events, however, she is … Continue reading

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White “Yued Noongar” medico doubts the value of colonisation

Unlike Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, Dr Jason King MBBS sees and feels the impact of it “every day.”

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The Groups of Wrath

I presume the Grattan and the Ponds also came a-courting but, in the end, it was the Constructive Institute that signed up the lavishly oppressed and lately on-leave Stan Grant. He thus becomes the inaugural Director of the Constructive Institute … Continue reading

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The Selective Urgency of Must

Walkley Foundation apologises for ‘racist views’ held by founder and oil boss Sir William Walkley. As an ethical organisation, we must call out the mistakes of the past.” – The board of directors of the Walkley Foundation

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Fox News event is set to be riveting television for its 11 viewers

Ratioed: Donald Trump will interview with Tucker Carlson instead of attending debate, report says.

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Finally: The media finds a child whose innocence is sacrosanct

The Guardian, thrilled: Girl, 13, gives birth after she was raped and denied abortion in Mississippi.

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The ABC removes all references to Allah in airline terror report

Censored: Man charged for allegedly claiming to have explosives on MH122 flight out of Sydney.

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Hiding supposed evidence, the ABC rebuts race stand-off video

The context doesn’t justify the apartheid rhetoric and a refusal to show the whole clip is suspicious.

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Poirot Challenge

Police believe poisonous death cap mushrooms are behind the Leongatha deaths. What happens when you eat one?

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The beastly Australianisation of Sir Air Hellair

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Tomato sauce odds for No as Grant returns from his saddatical

Since the Kouk noted Blue Bet’s book on the Voice yesterday, Yes has drifted from 9/4 to 13/4. I strongly support O’Brien, Grant and Burney speaking their minds in as many forums as possible.

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Audience at The Summit: “There’s coke in the White House!”

The response: Tucker Carlson proceeds to give one of the funniest two-minute monologues ever.

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An old routine: Labor cites the ABC to institutionalise depravity

Review announced into [mutilating innocent children] in NSW following Four Corners investigation.

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The Guardian

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Vote for the Voice and the Voice will ban criticism of the Voice

Anthony Albanese blows up at the media for giving airtime to Aboriginal opponents of the Voice.

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Now do America’s extraterritorial renditioning of Daniel Duggan

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It isn’t even punching down because he couldn’t land a blow

Gerard Henderson: Liz Storer channels Tucker Carlson on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Liz Storer: We shouldn’t be involved in the [Russia/Ukraine] war, period. This is NATO’s war, NATO started it, they poked the bear, they pulled the lever, they knew … Continue reading

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