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ABC smears Giorgia Meloni but promotes far right hate symbol

■ What it felt like the first time I wore a hijab to school. ■ Muslim women on breaking down misconceptions and why wearing a hijab is empowering. ■ Journalist Noor Tagouri becomes first woman to wear hijab in Playboy. … Continue reading

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Newspaper in race row with guardians of funereal etiquette

As a matter of fact, he was a burglar and an addict. That’s part of his story. May he rest in peace.

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Nice try, ABC, but Iranian women don’t need any help from you

■ How the death of Iranian Mahsa Amini caused thousands of women to defy hijab laws. ■ Muslim women on breaking down misconceptions and why wearing a hijab is empowering.

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The new Republican Hitler

The New York Times says Ron DeSantis doesn’t have the lovable qualities of Donald Trump.

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Virginia Trioli gets the entitlement without being watched

A cautionary tale for Charles, whose legendary sense of entitlement is being closely watched. This week in London, as I spent long warm Autumn days walking from mourning place to mourning place speaking to Britons from all points of their … Continue reading

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Weird that leftist politicians and celebs are never defamed

Nine apologises and agrees to pay damages to Andrew Laming in defamation settlement.

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George Pell and Andrew Laming weren’t at the Writers Festival

If we make mistakes we must correct it (sic) immediately and people who don’t should hang their heads in shame… [Suing somebody is] for people with means, or people with blind trusts or whatever, who can afford to do it.” … Continue reading

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The perils of Stan Grant cosplay

Malcolm Farr: Why Australia cannot simply move on from Scott Morrison’s many ministries. There are indications Scott Morrison as prime minister sought to be a quiet Australian echo of France’s Louis XIV who grandly declared: “L’état c’est moi” – I … Continue reading

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Fine Line

Grattan outraged: Even now, Morrison’s ‘women problem’ has reared its head again. It’s not breaking news that Scott Morrison has trouble with women. His “woman problem” was one factor in his election defeat. But really, his treatment this week of … Continue reading

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Paper inspires envious North Korean media to dial it up a notch

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Albanese Broadcasting Corporation

The ABC dobs Pauline Hanson’s One Nation into the domain police for its anti-Voice campaign: A pre-emptive strike by One Nation to register dozens of website addresses that could be used in the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum campaign has … Continue reading

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American lady follows in Australian man’s pioneering footsteps

■ ABC: Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan trip is a high-risk, high-reward gambit that could cement her legacy. ■ ABC, last year: Tony Abbott’s Taiwan visit attracts criticism from inside the Morrison government.

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PM set to present credentials to Her Majesty at Ultimo Palace

Brown paper bags of gratitude: Anthony Albanese’s visit to Ita Buttrose to ‘protect the ABC.’

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2021: ABC celebrates protest ban. 2022: ‘Experts’ concerned

■ Abortion clinic protests banned in WA as safe access zones bill approved to protect women. ■ Vegan protester is banned from every WA pub via liquor laws. Legal experts are concerned. ■ 2021: Tasmanian women in veils and religious … Continue reading

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The Ghost of Geeveston

IN late May, tributes flowed – in newspaper parlance – for Tasmanian truck driver Mick O’Neill who died on the front line of the Russo-US/Ukrainian War. The Australian media – as in thrall to official propaganda about Ukraine as they … Continue reading

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Before anything else, let me once again thank all those who’ve dialed us up on recent nights. As we did the previous week, we beat Piers Morgan every evening. As I always say, I mention him only because Rupert Murdoch … Continue reading

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Cloaking Device

REFERENCE having already been made below to the national broadcaster protecting the identity and activities of a left-wing rioter, two other examples of this culturally entrenched fig leafing are worth noting. Last week, abortion ghouls throughout America (and the sad … Continue reading

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Vaping: In a stunning development, prohibition isn’t working

Tonight’s Four Corners will look at the latest iteration of a dangerous habit the state can’t kick.

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