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Tinfoil Tampons

With Roe v Wade gone and abortion banned in some US states, Americans are deleting their period tracker apps.

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With another neo-con war all but lost, the US builds an off-ramp

Kabul redux: Senior Ukrainian Officials Think Biden Has Begun ‘Process to Lay Blame’ on Them.

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Warmists said that ‘climate change’ would cause island nations to sink, bringing on a refugee catastrophe – and they were right

■ Sri Lanka takes war against chemical fertilizer to COP 26. ■ ‘It will be hard to find a farmer left’: Sri Lanka reels from rash fertiliser ban. ■ Sri Lanka on the verge of ‘humanitarian emergency’, hundreds boarding boats … Continue reading

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Awarded for biggest public policy disaster in Australian history

The faces of Australia’s response to covid handed gongs in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

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Penny Wong’s Charm: Offensive

Pacific Islands Forum invites closer ties with China. It’s so much easier being mean to colleagues. The truth is the former government had a submission from Foreign Affairs and Trade backed by the former foreign minister Marise Payne for increased … Continue reading

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Politics is now about scaring women, children and Matt Guys

They’re my words. Here are the great Peter Smith’s: Hard Truths About Power for the Weaker Sex.

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Safe Death

New South Wales Parliament to the sick, the abandoned, the lonely and the old: Drop dead. For Animal Justice Party MP Emma Hurst, the bill’s passing had personal significance. “Last year, I spent many hours next to my father who … Continue reading

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The Ghost Who Won’t Walk

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Badly missed at Sky where enthusiasm is mistaken for reality

He’s a very good campaigner, Morrison, and he can learn a script and he can nail the issues. The question is: are people listening? Now there are many people saying, ‘Well, we do know him, and we’re a little concerned … Continue reading

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All The Ladies’ Names Are Joan

THREE cheers for the generosity of men! Hip-hip… Anyone? Guess not. One remarkable feature of the ‘transgender’ skip blaze currently warming the cockles (extant or not yet surgically removed) of the Australian left – an Australian left that now makes … Continue reading

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Ukraine’s Nazi Azov Battalion not as cocky as it used to be

■ The memo: Defenders of Mariupol will fight to the end, Ukrainian PM Denys Shmyhal says. ■ We’d rather not, they plead to CNN: ‘We’re outnumbered 10 to 1’: Mariupol commander. The commander of the last army brigade defending Mariupol … Continue reading

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I Am Variety, Hear Me Roar

There… look… er… I think there are… there are a variety of definitions… and I think – perhaps to give a more fulsome answer – we should take that on notice.” – Secretary of the Department of Health and former … Continue reading

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Banning the press and democracy not enough for Mr Elensky

Consonant with the eitgeist: Ukraine demands all countries ‘criminalize’ use of Russian ‘Z’ symbol.

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The Friendless Kimberley Kitching

KIMBERLEY Kitching has become the most talked about Australian politician to die in office since Harold Holt, the panegyrics honouring her the most bipartisan since the death of Fred Daly. One thing all the tributes prove is that the late … Continue reading

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Don Squixote

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What if men were to go on strike from swift water rescue?

On International Women’s Day we ask, what if women were to go on strike from unpaid care?

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The Prime Minister suggests he may be arming terrorists

Gun-running for the rich: Australia to provide $70 million to NATO for weapons for Ukraine. PM warns Australians wanting to fight in Ukraine against entering into ‘suicide missions’. When asked about it again on Tuesday, Mr Morrison said the legal … Continue reading

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Ghislaines To The Great Man

TALENTED biographer Troy Bramston has written a new work on Bob Hawke and he promotes it in today’s Weekend Australian with three teaser articles. The book’s vanilla revelations do matter for the chronicles but, prima facie, are not very interesting. … Continue reading

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