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Let Your Hair Down, Mr Dutton

Ignore the aftermath whisperers. Magnanimity to Voice insurrectionists is neither owed nor wise LET’s assume the Voice really is going to be defeated on 14 October and that tantrums follow – by the usual people in the usual places. Though … Continue reading

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Francis Sullivan orders bishops to order Catholics how to vote

Larping as Primate of the Church in Australia, the Pell hater and professional ‘Catholic’ lashes out.

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St Paul is a No. There is neither Jew nor Greek – Galatians 3:28

Catholics have had enough of sacralised Laborism: Fr Brennan: Vote Yes despite ‘hell of a mess.’

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Yessers Kamauled

Tonight: Kamahl changes Voice to Parliament vote for second time, says he will vote no. “If you do the Voice this way, it becomes a racist issue, you’re putting a whole race of people separate to the rest of the … Continue reading

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The Good Tucker

■  Why the West needs to be more like united Ukraine. ■  Tony Abbott set to join Fox Corp board.

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Notorious ‘fact check’ department dogma-bombs Senator Price

The task: Round up some angry academics and get them to fulminate about a subjective opinion.

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What the customers at Paddington PO are feeding a rubbish bin

A very pleasing picture but Roger Franklin is sensibly leery of hubris: Flagging a mild concern.

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A meeting with his compatriot, the Pope, would be something

Argentina’s Javier Milei is on the campaign trail – signalling his intention to “dismember” socialism:

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Geoffrey Robertson KC intervenes from the seat of Sadiq Khan

Where the indigenous have no Voice: If the No wins, the world will think we’re racist anyway.

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White “Yued Noongar” medico doubts the value of colonisation

Unlike Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, Dr Jason King MBBS sees and feels the impact of it “every day.”

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Kooee Klux Klan

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Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

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Viagra Falls

The nation was asked out by a ‘modest’ mystery voice that turned out to be Noel Pearson in drag:

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What a man at the ABC has to do to impress the ladies at work

Eleventh-ranked soccer losers are “up there with Bradman or Phar Lap,” says Dan Colasimone.

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Losers Immortalised

Annastacia Palaszczuk plans to honour the Matildas’ heroics with a statue outside Lang Park. There are plenty there celebrating our male sporting champions. It’s time we celebrated women as well. You deserve your place amongst the greatest.” – Being rendered … Continue reading

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Mercy sakes alive, looks like we got us [another] Conroy

“So delegates, do you want to be on the side of John Curtin or do you want to be on the side of pig-iron Robert Menzies?” Congratulations to Defence Industry Minister Pat Conroy. Yesterday he said the stupidest of many … Continue reading

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Schmaltzing Matildas

Rise of Matildas is about more than one team. It’s a feminist cultural reckoning for our daughters. The tropes have been put to rest. Women don’t play as well, we’ve been told. They don’t have as much physical power. They … Continue reading

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Blacks Blamed

Albanese says failure of Voice referendum would not damage his credibility as Prime Minister. “It’s not my product. It’s a product that came from indigenous Australians and it’s one that I support.” From Garma lama to Peter Foster abjuring the … Continue reading

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