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Have you noticed the AUKUS question reporters haven’t asked?

Were Aborigines consulted about acquiring nuclear subs and burying the waste? If not, why not?

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He was, in fact, the My Sharona of Prime Ministers in the 1990s

Troy Bramston lionises a personal hero lately criticised: Keating still frames big picture of politics. When Paul Keating led Labor to victory 30 years ago this week, he achieved an accolade denied to every other prime minister in the past … Continue reading

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Ratchet Conservatism

The only thing that was sad is Lidia Thorpe had to make a protest and make a scene. This wasn’t about her last night. It should be about the fact that we have moved on as a society and we … Continue reading

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The never-ending suffering of contemporary Australian women

Yawn: Women share difficulties and stigma around accessing abortion care with Senate inquiry.

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The Last Noel

I will fall silent. That will be the end of it.” – Noel Pearson says he’ll shut up forever if the Voice is rejected by Australians

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New Jim In Town: Chalmers Channels Cairns

You know the Treasurer’s superannuation stunt must be weird when even PvO is stunned. We know that if you put a few thousand dollars in super during your working age you will see the magic of compound interest. You will … Continue reading

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Anthony Albanese is dodging the most necessitous Aborigines

One of them might speak out of turn: WA mayors pan PM for not visiting troubled regional towns.

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Find an Aborigine and win a weekend for two in Alice Springs

Pictured: Anthony Albanese and friends at an Inner West BBQ for the Voice in Sydney yesterday.

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As families sleep in their cars and NT women cower in terror…

Parliament unites for a selfie to show its commitment to a nazi basket case and the Endless War.

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Another leftie lady quits: Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon resigns after eight years in office.

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Yarralumla Or Bust

IT isn’t often that one of Stan Grant’s increasingly strident, black supremacist essays inspires me to ponder a bigger issue, let alone one with Commonwealth implications. His chauvinistic column on Aboriginal sovereignty published Saturday, however, is a handy warning of … Continue reading

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The Romper Stomper Racket

A day after Anthony Albanese silently endorsed Westboro-style terrorism at St Mary’s Cathedral… As a result of a discussion we held last night, I agreed to invite the director general of Asio, Mark Burgess, along, to talk about the rise … Continue reading

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Constitutionally non-existent entity prints phony communiqué

Dom went along: National cabinet leaders sign statement of intent to secure Voice to parliament.

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You could read hundreds of words on the Alice Springs crisis

Or you could save yourself a lot of time and see this morning’s Leak instead. Pass it on.

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The never-ending $uffering of being an indigenous cricket star

Indigenous cricket star Ash Gardner slams Australia Day as the ‘beginning of genocide’ and says she’s unhappy about having to play on January 26.  ‘As a proud Muruwari woman and reflecting on what January 26 means to me and my … Continue reading

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Citing toddler daughter and desire to finally marry, Ardern quits

The announcement means recovery can begin in a nation the toothy Trotsky reduced to rubble.

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Tennis Apartheid cancels white ball boys and girls for a day

“A 14-strong First Nations ballkid squad will also take to the courts at the Australian Open. They were selected from across the country during trials at the National Indigenous Tennis Carnival in Darwin and training sessions in Victoria.” A demonstration … Continue reading

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On Vices and Vapes In A Land Lucilled

LUCILLE Ball’s chocolate conveyor belt skit is the best analogy for the politics and crises of recent years. So much has happened since the start of the pandemic – so much is happening in any given month – that we … Continue reading

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