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A Silver Bee For Me

• The Uyghurs matter but they’re not worth a foregone bronze in the women’s curling. • Tess Coady claims Australia’s first medal of the Winter Olympics with bronze in snowboarding.

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Column Shift

This, of course, was inevitable: Health Minister proposes change to definition of ‘fully vaccinated’. Health Minister Brad Hazzard told the ABC this morning he would like to see the third jab, currently being given as a booster, essential for people … Continue reading

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The ding-a-ling is gone but he’s not forgotten

‘Pandemic’ priorities: WHO backs Neil Young’s Spotify boycott over Joe Rogan’s ‘misinformation’.

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My Brad

On the day 91% of NSW virus deaths were ‘vaccinated,’ Mr Hazzard admits the shots don’t work.

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The Australian Remaindered Movement

Binning FitzSimons: Keating blasts new republic proposal as dangerous ‘US-style presidency’. Australia is in no requirement of a US-style presidency with its grandiosity and propensity to throw up individuals of the Donald Trump variety. Australia is safer and better with … Continue reading

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Bringing the trusted name of Bozo into disrepute

No time to catch up with the state of the nation this morning? Leak has you covered.

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Asked how a meeting with Tutu went, Reagan replied, “so-so”

Agent of change but not lasting stability: South Africa’s Archbishop Desmond Tutu dies aged 90.

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The Eighth Sacrament

St Mary’s in Perth sets up COVID vaccination clinic as WA prepares for February reopening. “In our Catholic approach to things, we’re not just on about what I want or what’s best for me or what my rights are,” he … Continue reading

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When five children die tragically, nobody works a political angle

Nobody except republican Peter FitzSimons who suddenly – weirdly – prefers monarchism.

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Do Tell

The worst thing is, at the next election "conservatives" will still vote Tory because "the risk of Labour is worse". That strategy has been working great so far hasn't it….. — Mark (@markantro) December 14, 2021

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Chif Off The Old Block

Moderna vaccine to be made in Australia, with hopes for Victorian plant to open by 2024.

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Steyn: Hypocrite leaders WANT you to see their privilege

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Awardee avoids riling left-wing men – understandably

Miss Tame is a bright woman whose gutsiness it would be churlish to deny. Sadly, she hasn’t been savvy enough to withstand the flattery-as-bouncer phenomenon with which feminists control their heroines. As long as the Australian of the Year hammers … Continue reading

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Their Hearts Will Go On

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It’s AstraZeneca

Scientists discover cause of rare AstraZeneca clotting. I could have saved them a lot of time.

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Take a bowwow: Former PM defends puppy torturer

Take a bow Murdoch. For once again empowering the global assault on the integrity of medical science from your news organisation. All to maximise your market share. With zero regard for the public health consequences. Including vaccine hesitancy here in … Continue reading

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Rushed, half-arsed ‘vaccines’ creating impervious super-bugs

COVID-19 variant described as ‘worst one yet’ emerges in South Africa, prompting UK to ban travel from six countries. PRETTY soon, the virus will be clever enough to convert to Islam and spread to Britain and Europe by boat. Police … Continue reading

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Dobber KKK’s inevitable entry into “death threats” panto

WE’RE over the target so metaphorical bombs away. Australia’s political plutocrats are losing their minds about being called to account not only for their use and endorsement of violence, quackery, bigotry and propaganda for two well-paid years but, above all, … Continue reading

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