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Blubbering Blowhards Battered

■  Janet Albrechtsen wallops weepy Voicers ■  Gemma Tognini mauls the McGowan ‘legacy.’

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Noticeably eager to escalate Labor’s national war on Catholics

Anthony Albanese intervenes to back the ACT government on Calvary Hospital acquisition.

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2023: “Novak Djokovic has stirred anger after calling for peace”

What did Novak Djokovic say about the Kosovo protests? Why is it controversial? So if a Russian player tomorrow writes ‘Crimea and Donbas are the heart of Russia. Stop violence’ it’s all cool?” – Yes, Petrit Selimi (former ‘foreign minister’ … Continue reading

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Renditioned by Albo on the orders of corrupt US security state

His heroic wife, Saffrine, is on Twitter – FreeDanDuggan – where she chronicles her upended life.

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70 years ago, judges didn’t interfere in the affairs of Parliament

Chief Justice Andrew Bell scolds Justice Ian Harrison’s Indigenous voice to parliament email. The designation ‘SC’ is completely appropriate and suited as a means of recognising and signalling excellence in a mature, independent legal profession in which the decisions of … Continue reading

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Rat: Drumgolding them out of the Army while clutching his DSC

Defence Force chief Angus Campbell renews calls to strip medals from Afghanistan war veterans.

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Sieg Heil

Peter Dutton wants non-violent hand raisers and flag wavers to be imprisoned for 12 months. It’s an ideology which, through its contempt for the rights of man, can lead only to darkness and to the destruction of humanity. Thus, in … Continue reading

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Warmongering ABC hails “redemption arc” of Japanese jailbird

Pictured and quoted in the article is Commander Mamuka Mamulashvili, a notorious war criminal.

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Bolt apologia for Tucker dismissal has aged like milk in the sun

I’ve raised concerns about Tucker Carlson painting Ukraine as hopelessly corrupt and the Biden White House as liars…”

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Reign called the “last era of absolutely entrenched corruption”

Yeah, no: Disgraced former Queensland police commissioner Terry Lewis has died, aged 95.

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Obedient Little Australia

WHILE giddy Anthony Albanese drank champagne on Saturday at the vulgar nuptials of a wealthy slob he doesn’t know, a husband, father of six and former US Marine, Daniel Duggan, was in a two by four metre cell at maximum … Continue reading

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This is because Democrats believe babies don’t have any rights

Litterers: Teens face only misdemeanor charges after crashing stolen car, killing infant in Chicago.

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A New Idea

Eleven years ago: John Derbyshire fired for article urging children to avoid African Americans. “If planning a trip to a beach or amusement park at some date, find out whether it is likely to be swamped with blacks,” Derbyshire wrote. … Continue reading

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Musk and Teixeira are the heroes, nat sec Johnnies the traitors

We the Peepers: Elon Musk reveals US intel agencies had ‘full access’ to private Twitter DMs.

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A domestic homicide outside hotel where minister was staying

On Thursday, Linda “Gucci” Burney declared mission accomplished in the Northern Territory: The statistics are heading in the right direction in Alice Springs. There has been a reduction in presentations to the emergency ward, and substantial reductions in call-outs for … Continue reading

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Millionaires will appear on television in heartfelt plea for a voice

The Lionel Logue of our time: Anthony Albanese to recruit Indigenous superstars to Yes vote.

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A Welcome Willy-Willy

THE Liberals are surrounded. That simplifies the problem. Aficionados of Marine Corp history will recognise their Chesty Puller. It’s a quotation that occurred to me yesterday as the nation’s serious crises – chiefly, ever-worsening homelessness and the unaffordability of living … Continue reading

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On Radio National, blasphemous delusions of biblical grandeur

As silver-laden ATSIC revivalists sashay through a crime, rape and child abuse epidemic… I couldn’t sleep last night. I was troubled by dreams and the spectre of the Liberal Party’s Judas betrayal of our country.” – Trilby of greatness Noel … Continue reading

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