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China isn’t threatening your freedom. Western governments are

Rumble's response to the UK Parliament's letter to our CEO @chrispavlovski — Rumble – 🏴‍☠️ $RUM (@rumblevideo) September 20, 2023

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TCL Office At Night

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The traditional rigging of America’s presidential election begins

His specialty is misinformation: Former CIA agent takes over ‘elections policies’ at Facebook.

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Musk’s Community Notes reform is mentally destroying the left

They see lying as a human right: The added context which she deliberately omitted is instructive.

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A vote for the Voice is a vote for a national ban on free speech

Aboriginal treaty body urges Facebook parent company Meta to clamp down on racist abuse.

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Musk and Teixeira are the heroes, nat sec Johnnies the traitors

We the Peepers: Elon Musk reveals US intel agencies had ‘full access’ to private Twitter DMs.

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Another angry battle axe, another velvet rope, another bouncer

Inebriated Aunty: ABC News branded with new label ‘Government-funded Media’ on Twitter.

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Are the people who abused Lisa Millar about her skirt lowlifes?

Yes they are. And so are the women of the ABC who lied Cardinal George Pell into a prison cell.

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“I am writing to tell you that I will not address you as Mike”

“The grandmother’s letter is tremendous. Eloquent, loving, firm. A true example of maternal love.”

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Get well wishes for the Donald Bradman of blogging, Tim Blair

I thought he was taking a WEB but he was having a STEMI – a more unpleasant kind of vacation.

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You have to earn the right to mock and humiliate brown people

Kamahl slams ABC host as ‘bully with a black soul’ amid calls for him to be sacked over comment.

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“I was almost in tears… Like he has nothing bigger to do”

Ron DeSantis offered Libs of TikTok founder refuge at Governor’s Mansion after she was doxxed.

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Block It Man

Elton John Quits Twitter: ‘Misinformation Is Being Used to Divide Our World’. From my point of view, I would ban religion completely.” – Elton John

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Pretty much explains everything

Twitter before Elon vs Twitter after Elon — Lauren Chen (@TheLaurenChen) November 19, 2022

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Only Slightly Less Annoying

Triumphant right-wing tweeters tweeting about mournful left-wing tweeters tweeting about Twitter.

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Words Have Meaning

Scroll: Realist Publius Valerius opens fire on pro-Ukraine zombies at Breitbart. Now that’s a rout.

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Rita The Beta Eater

The Persian Princess has today beaten up – and frightened off – a former Director of the CIA.

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Western values: Howitzers for nazis, prohibitions on speech

Washington-Brussels Axis: Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover sets him on collision course with Europe. How Congress Can Prevent Elon Musk from Turning Twitter Back Into an Unfettered Disinformation Machine. But, even though the financial logic of the deal is straightforward, the … Continue reading

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