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🐔 Chook Cooked

‘Nine years like an eternity’: Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk retires from politics.

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Judge who mocked Bruce Lehrmann lets off Hamas-like ghouls

The broken mother of Cian English was today treated with disdain. No convictions were recorded.

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Vote 1: Chris Minns

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Don’t Upset The Applegarth

Judge’s brutal message to Bruce Lehrmann – as accused rapist’s identity is finally revealed. A cynic might say: ‘I hope Channel Seven paid him, or his solicitors, a lot of money, for the consequences it had on his application, if … Continue reading

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Chookenführer legislates to ban absolutely anything at any time

Nazi flags to be banned under new Queensland hate symbol laws. Here’s what else is changing.

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The new Labor Premier of Victoria sounds a lot like the old one

A leftist anti-life ‘Catholic’ who has never worked outside of politics and has no trade or profession.

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The worst and most life-damaging Premier in Australian history

No, dumbo, that verdict is already in: Jeff Kennett says Andrews legacy will be judged in 20 years.

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Daniel Andrews promises 1538 new houses a week for 10 years

Like President Kennedy’s moonshot set to the Benny Hill theme: Victoria to build 800,000 homes.

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Rolling up the red carpet: Sunshine State savages Palaszczuk

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Spotted Dick

HIS taxi-owning dad might say that his boy has the résumé to be the next cab off the rank and he’d be right. But Cameron Dick is an oddly under-touted man in Queensland politics. Yes, his embrace of Rex Connor … Continue reading

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Putting the suit in Pesutto

Kellie-Jay Keen issues John Pesutto and his entire leadership team defamation concerns notices.

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Chook Cooked

LNP on track to win next Queensland election as Annastacia Palaszczuk’s popularity dives.

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Reviving school names prevalent before 1788 is long overdue

All 14 of Victoria’s new public schools will ditch English names in favour of Aboriginal ones.

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Labor governments are committed to your personal security…

Which is why Miss Palaszczuk’s brightest have devised this innovative citizen-safety technology: Visitors to Fraser Island are being armed with government-issued ‘dingo sticks’ to fight off wild dogs as a hunt for the animals responsible for the latest terrifying attack … Continue reading

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All he had to do was stand up for the right of women to speak

Being lied about in the egregious way Pesutto, and his Liberal Party colleagues, did, was a new very serious low. Not only was it unfathomable that anyone would be so cavalier with such vile accusations but it’s mind-blowingly stupid to … Continue reading

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Boom Town Spat

Why can’t you just utilise what’s there? And say to the International Olympic Committee: ‘This is our bid. We’re just using what’s here. We’ve got stadiums. They’re not the best. They’re not swish architecture. But we’re going to have the … Continue reading

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Labor is behind the worst attacks on faith in Australian history

NSW to criminalise religious vilification in ‘much needed’ move for multicultural groups. The unfortunate reality is that certain forms of religious vilification are on the rise. No matter your personal beliefs, this is unacceptable. Members of the Jewish, Muslim, Hindu … Continue reading

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Glad All Over

On the absurd investigation whose duration surpassed the Warren Commission’s nine months ago I smiled at the Bolt Report’s wintry chyron last night – “Love does not excuse corruption” – as the man himself editorially endorsed the bunyip Berias of … Continue reading

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