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Liberal Party makes support for decapitating babies mandatory

Chinese values: Bernie Finn steps down after ‘controversial’ social media comments on abortion.

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Victoria: The Groomer State

Primary school children told to ask their dads about their erections and ejaculations for homework. How the hell are we supposed to protect our kids when this sort of perversion is in our schools? This is what’s being dished up … Continue reading

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Minnsa: A special society for those with exceptionally low IQs

Chris Minns: Pointing out vaccines don’t stop the catching or spreading of covid is misinformation.

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100 years ago today, Queensland’s Upper House was abolished

The trade-off: fewer politicians on the dole vs. executives that can get away with almost anything.

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Great: Another Premier whose name I have to Google to spell

Marshmallow out: Labor has won South Australian election, Peter Malinauskas to become premier.

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He’ll do anything to escape being charged with Catholicism

A father of seven not keen on Parental Rights: NSW government rejects Mark Latham’s trans bill.

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Vladimir Palaszczuk

Qld Human Rights Commissioner slams government plan to extend CHO’s emergency powers. Powers imposing such significant human rights limitations cannot continue without proper oversight, transparency and external review… The Commission recommends this Bill not proceed and instead be replaced with … Continue reading

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Steal Dossier

Peter Gleeson’s astonishing report: Court of comrades: Meet the ALP’s buddies on the bench.

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Poor Old Covid

Now reduced to asking “do you know who I AM?” at Ukraine rallies and flood working bees. It’s been done before, back in the Spanish influenza. If there is another pandemic, the High Court has ruled that these things are … Continue reading

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Victoria: The Stinker State

Keith Windschuttle on the foulest pong in Australia: VicPol’s Shame: Smelly Cans to Open.

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Quite Disgusting

Why would you needlessly scare children like this? I think it’s quite disgusting and I urge the people who are responsible for that to please think again.” – Sadly, Kalgoorlie MP Ali Kent isn’t talking about governments terrifying children about … Continue reading

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Fact-Checking Myself

Claim: A Pandemic of The Recalculated. The Premier insists she’ll do what ATAGI says but if that’s at odds with polls, watch the scandal-plagued pseudo-heroine dump the ‘science’ to avoid being honked. Thursday: Australians need booster after six months or … Continue reading

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Western Australia has a ‘State Security Investigation Group’

SS: Geraldton man Wayne Glew charged with allegedly inciting others to arrest Mark McGowan.

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Courier Mail’s hilarious take on embarrassing junk science

Annastacia’s boob o’ doom: New data reveals level of covid destruction avoided in Queensland.

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Trusting The Silence

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We see you. We hear you. We believe you.

‘Should be in jail’: Dan under attack over political scandal. Will feminists hail Kaushaliya Vaghela? Kaushaliya Vaghela reveals why she crossed floor to pass motion for red shirts rort investigation.

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Could Have Played A Part

WITH 75% of the latest alleged covid deaths in Queensland being in the ‘fully vaccinated,’ CHO Dr John Gerrard invents a distracting connection for the headlines: Chief Health Officer Dr John Gerrard said the death of the person in their … Continue reading

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Snakes Alive

SORRY, Jamie Walker, but the claim that Tony Fitzgerald has “studiously distanced himself ” from politics in Queensland is risible. He never missed an opportunity to chide non-Labor governments and leaders – and one LNP-appointed Chief Justice. Fitzgerald has become the … Continue reading

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