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Blubbering Blowhards Battered

■  Janet Albrechtsen wallops weepy Voicers ■  Gemma Tognini mauls the McGowan ‘legacy.’

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The Ma’am With The Golden Smarm

Unsurprisingly rich pickings: Annastacia Palaszczuk’s media plundering causes newsroom chaos. The Nine newsroom has been decimated by Palaszczuk poachings over the last 18 months, with her government hiring up to a dozen of Nine’s most senior talent believed to have … Continue reading

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If you’re triggered by today’s saddening events, phone Lifeline

■ ‘Kochie’ to leave Sunrise. ■ Ten to keep Wilkinson off TV until 2024. ■ McGowan stands down.

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Latham refers left-winger’s gratuitous hate tweet to NSW Police

The ABC describes Alex Greenwich as “the Sydney MP” and Latham as “the right-wing politician.”

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Euphoric Ayatollah

■  Liberal Party votes to expel Moira Deeming. ■  Renee Heath out as party room secretary. Reform is not easy and reform does take time, but I previously asked Victorians to bear with me and my colleagues as we work … Continue reading

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Reign called the “last era of absolutely entrenched corruption”

Yeah, no: Disgraced former Queensland police commissioner Terry Lewis has died, aged 95.

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“This is the worst decision ever made by a state government”

Gettin’ had, gettin’ Chook: White elephant $220m 1000-bed quarantine centre given away for free.

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Chook Fatigue

Annastacia Palaszczuk’s standing as preferred premier sinks to lowest level since she took office.

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Loyalist ABC keeps Daniel Andrews’ name out of the headlines

IBAC: Victorian government advisors put pressure on public servants to award contract to union.

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Even Tilly Aston could see the Liberal Party stands for nothing

And the lady after whom the electorate is named was blind. Mr Dutton defines the Peter Principle.

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Jake The Muss Liberal

Threats: John Pesutto says Moira Deeming has not made a good start to her suspension. Moira’s not off to a good start and the party room will be very, very seriously concerned if Moira doesn’t prove herself by faithfully observing … Continue reading

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Liberal ayatollahs punish MP for tempting a mob of violent men

She asked for it: Moira Deeming survives ballot to expel her, but cops nine-month suspension.

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The survivors must be grateful Dom skipped the Pell funeral

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Regardless of which uniparty twin takes the NSW premiership…

The real winner is Mark Latham. He has become Australia’s best retail politician. Daylight second.

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Great Endorsements of History

How did you stay awake? You must have had a glass of wine.” – Peter Dutton asks Erin Molan how she got through the NSW Liberal campaign launch

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The Liberal Party throttles an MP who stood up to violent men

Victorian MP Moira Deeming replaced Bernie Finn. Both have been expelled for Christianity. This is not an issue about free speech but a member of the parliamentary party associating with people whose views are abhorrent to my values, the values … Continue reading

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I thought poisoning the vulnerable is now legal in Queensland

At the moment they don’t know what they are inhaling. They can contain toxic chemicals, like nail polish, nicotine, ingredients that are in bug sprays. It is not clearly labelled on these vapes.” – Palaszczuk may support federal ban on … Continue reading

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Statement of Facts

Toodyay landholder risks jail time for building creek crossing in alleged breach of Heritage Act. The Boyagerring Brook running through Mr Maddox’s property is part of the Avon River catchment and is said to have mythological value to the traditional … Continue reading

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