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Profiles in Courage

Vic Liberals to give new hospital in Melbourne’s east an Indigenous name if elected in November.

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Honesty isn’t bullying

He has a history of bullying. In his own book, he referred to all his colleagues as snakes, freaks, arseholes and sewer rats.” – Brad Hazzard on Mark Latham

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ABC finally investigates alleged branch-stacking in Victoria

Victorian Liberal Party branch stacking claims as Pentecostal church ‘infiltrates’ branches.

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Josh Frydenberg says Opposition leader Matthew Guy can defeat Daniel Andrews at election. A vote for anyone other than your Liberal candidate helps perpetuate the Andrews government, which has been seriously the worst government in Australia’s modern history.” – Tony … Continue reading

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Supreme Court rules imaginary Pell-trauma-by-proxy is a thing

Vibe recidivism in Victoria: Judge’s ruling paves way for choirboy’s father to sue church and Pell.

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Study finds 98% of workers have never been sexually assaulted

Yawn: NSW parliament’s culture of bullying and sexual harassment revealed by investigation.

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Not Kean

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The weird new convention of paying for rich people’s funerals

■ Olivia Newton-John’s family indicates it would accept state funeral for Grease star. ■ The Seekers singer Judith Durham will receive a state funeral in Victoria. ■ A man has died on a hospital stretcher after waiting over three hours … Continue reading

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Chook rorted $200m for nation’s most expensive ever attack ad

$325,000 per inmate: Queensland’s Wellcamp quarantine hub will be mothballed within days. The state government could have bought a one-bedroom unit for each guest. This was a trigger-happy decision to try and wedge the former federal government and this waste … Continue reading

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Peak Rotten

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Pillow blows rained on Victorian Labor for massive corruption

Egregious and extensive crimes. But hey, they weren’t committed by a pregnant mum in pyjamas.

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“Door Mat” Guy’s brilliant new strategy to win power in Victoria

The Liberal ‘leader’ commits to a 50% emissions ‘target’ by 2030 – besting Federal Labor’s 43%. Shadow spokesman for climate change and the environment, James Newbury, said writing the target into law would help drive investment in renewables. “The Victorian … Continue reading

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You’re getting soft, my dear Sinclair. They belong in prison

The only news link I could find: ‘I only wanted’ an apology: Victoria Police apologises to Avi Yemini. Fr Frank Brennan at Quadrant: An acquittal, VicPol’s methods, George Pell and a familiar name.

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Disregard anything we said about two doses. It’s three doses or more.” – NSW Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant AO

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After seven years, I believe I’ve turned a corner, Your Honour

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Judith Sloan on state budgets as nationally consequential cons

Australia’s best economics columnist: Hey presto, enjoy these state budget conjuring tricks.

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Wokeback Mountain

Love is love: Dan and Dom: the two premiers leading a vibe shift in Australian politics. The cooperative, nonpartisan aspect [of the relationship] plays very well with voters who, at the federal election, supported independents largely because they rejected that … Continue reading

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Clerks demand $3000 bonus for laptop-pyjama covid heroics

Why aren’t we receiving the same treatment as those other frontline workers?” – Stewart Little the PSA shop steward (not Stuart Little the mouse).

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