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Tania Mihailuk dumps the party that ratted on its own history

“The left wing extremists and property developer mafia have taken over Labor like a cancer.”

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As Labor Premiers institute a literally Nazi euthanasia regime…

Dominic Perrottet has admitted he wore a Nazi uniform at his 21st “fancy dress” birthday party. “He seems to have a rather unhealthy obsession with Israel, dominated by his irrational hatred of the Jewish State and willingness to be a … Continue reading

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I can. A state funeral for covid cadaver magnet Daniel Andrews

Daniel Andrews ‘couldn’t think of anything more distressing’ for victims than a state funeral for Pell.

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Sunshine Tate

BRITTANY Higgins – not a victim of any known crime – recently demanded and received a seven-figure bonanza from Australian taxpayers because the Albanese government thought she’d earned it. Despite there being no proof she was ever sexually assaulted, the … Continue reading

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Top cop takes a moment to remember The System

Tributes for mother killed in alleged home invasion, with fresh calls for tougher youth crime law. We can’t arrest our way out of this. We’re working with other government agencies and non-government agencies to make the system a safer place … Continue reading

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Beer, Cigs, Bribes Up

Not a typo: Queensland politics: Public service wages bill blows out further to $129 billion.

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There is no evidence these handy ‘comments’ were ever made

Liberal ministers condemn ‘inappropriate’ comments made to Parramatta hopeful Tanya Raffoul.

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The Archbishop’s Deference Becomes A Debacle

ON New Year’s Day, Annastacia Palaszczuk’s Voluntary Assisted Dying laws will come into effect in the Sunshine State. Like her fixated Labor counterparts nationwide, the lately blonde Queensland Premier is at war with Catholicism. Going further than ultra zealot Daniel … Continue reading

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Hero: Roger Franklin wasn’t voting Liberal – even if it killed him

“A party of lemmings led by a human weather vane”: Hopeless Beyond Words or Measure.

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Gough Medicine

THERE is no point getting angry with anyone about the death of morally responsive democracy in Victoria or anywhere else in the Western world. Pretty much everyone is to blame. A Uniparty now reigns over the ashes and rubble of … Continue reading

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BA graduates tell women what sort of things they want to hear

Priority: WA Government set to modernise state’s abortion laws, following community consultation. We want to hear what their experience has been like and how they think abortion should look in Western Australia. This is not a debate about whether abortion … Continue reading

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The Rorta Rorta people are often mistaken for Irish redheads

Victorian Labor candidate Lauren O’Dwyer’s Aboriginal heritage claim disputed by relative.

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Dame Tele Melba

■ Is Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s popularity waning in post-COVID pandemic Queensland? ■ Annastacia Palaszczuk declares new COVID-19 wave in sight as cases rise across the state.

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Finally: Liberal state government outlaws the disposable spork

NSW to phase out more single-use plastics on November 1: Everything you need to know.

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K-Mart Elon To The Rescue

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Guerrillas In The Midst

CONGRATULATIONS, Matthew Guy. The Victorian Liberal Leader, a well-known practitioner of Turnbull Judo – the martial art of tactically going (and falling) with the leftist flow – has come out boxing against the Andrews government’s assault on Christian education. The … Continue reading

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Chookwaffe: Red Carpet Queen feels your cost of living pain

She spent $160 million on two luxury Gulfstream G280s and five Beechcraft 360s to inspect it.

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Profiles in Courage

Vic Liberals to give new hospital in Melbourne’s east an Indigenous name if elected in November.

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