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Eau de Fear

■  The Guardian ‘reports’ that Trump is a ‘direct threat to the rule of law and democracy in the US.’ ■  Old school: Former Democrat senator declares Trump ‘more dangerous’ than Hitler, Mussolini. ■  The case for another fix: Barbra … Continue reading

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Ho, Meet Hum

If Donald Trump wins in 2024, it will be the end of our country as we know it.” – Russian intelligence collaborator and loser Hillary Clinton

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Rope-a-dope indict-o-crats rocked by a glutton for punishment

Bungle in the Jungle: Trump Leads Biden in Nearly Every Battleground State, New Poll Finds.

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Mobsters in the US (the untaxable ones) poised to make billions

The hand of Hunter: Joe Biden moves to ban menthol cigarettes while pushing safe crack pipes.

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Ginger Ails

Donald Trump has blasted billionaire Anthony Pratt, describing him as a “red haired weirdo”.

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Thanks for coming out. Bye-bye

■  Vivek Ramaswamy comes out against Gaza invasion, removal of Hamas. ■  RFK Jr. comes out in favor of reparations, carving out lane to Biden’s left.

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Always On

I’m at one of my many Biden Witch Hunt Trials, this one in New York City, where New York State Attorney-General Letitia “Peekaboo” James has spent many days, rather than looking for murderers and other violent criminals that are destroying … Continue reading

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The actor with a Mensa IQ who reported 9/11 terrorists on 08/01

Worth heeding: James Woods on Hamas-like army “walking across Biden’s non-existent border.”

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Norwegian Would

As Muslim invasion of Europe continues… Zelensky arrives in Brussels for surprise visit. We need today to mobilize more support to Ukraine. And as President Zelensky just said, this is about air defense. It’s about artillery. It’s about ammunition. And … Continue reading

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Adam’s Apple

The thing that you need to understand about Jim Jordan is he is a true believer. He truly believes that the Democrats, or the left, is an enemy of America and he will do anything, even extra-constitutionally, to defeat them. … Continue reading

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What happens when ‘immigrants’ arrive en masse in blue states

Joe Biden approves new section of border wall in south Texas to curb unauthorised immigration.

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Democrat-ruled America is the most dangerous nation on earth

That’s the upshot of this sobering discussion between Tucker Carlson and Victor Davis Hanson.

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Firsts in America are not as Neil Armstrong as they used to be

Historic appointment: Laphonza Butler becomes California’s first black lesbian U.S. senator.

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There are times when an undertaker really has to be on the ball

The potential for a mix-up here is huge: Pelosi to accompany Feinstein’s body home to California.

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As torture of Daniel Duggan continues on Joe Biden’s orders…

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True Git: ‘President’ makes history protesting his own economy

■  ABC: Joe Biden urges striking car workers to ‘stick with it’ in picket line visit. ■  CNN: President Biden spoke for only 87 seconds in total on the picket line.

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Politico: Establishment GOP steamrollered in the Golden State

A treasury of RINO delegates no more: Trump is crushing it in California. His rivals are ‘in denial.’

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