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He’s not just a sociopath. He also hates democracy and voters

The Russians are dying … it’s the best money we’ve ever spent.” – Russia issues arrest warrant for Senator Lindsey Graham over Ukraine comments.

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How crazed neocons got hundreds of thousands killed – again

Jeffrey Sachs: The War in Ukraine Was Provoked – and Why That Matters to Achieve Peace.

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G7 leaders saw no morally compelling reason to initiate a truce

As they assembled in Hiroshima: Zelensky appears to confirm Bakhmut loss, saying ‘nothing left.’

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Swag of Biden officials background Politico on unwinnable war

Koreanisation as compromise: Ukraine could join ranks of ‘frozen’ conflicts, U.S. officials say.

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Warmongering ABC hails “redemption arc” of Japanese jailbird

Pictured and quoted in the article is Commander Mamuka Mamulashvili, a notorious war criminal.

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The Truth

Russell Brand and I discuss the Ukraine war. Thanks for the conversation @rustyrockets. — Robert F. Kennedy Jr (@RobertKennedyJr) May 15, 2023

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White Diggers and their families were bludgers, says Albanese

Exactly like the enemies this country fought, he wants to incite hatred for his own ideological ends.

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Looks like they’re going to have to confiscate a lot more yachts

Biden boom: Russian billionaires see wealth rise to three-quarters of a trillion dollars in past year.

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War criminals: Ukraine has murdered more POWs than Russia

Arrest Zelensky, I guess: UN human rights monitors report torture, killing of POWs in Ukraine.

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The Eagle Has Crash-Landed

The Times dresses Azov Hitlerites as Tommys: Azovstal steelworks battle was Ukraine’s Dunkirk.

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GOP contender loses the Teddy Roosevelt impersonator bloc

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The New RFK

Donald Trump, now looking weary, is uncharacteristically telegraphing his fear of the competition. While the US has many vital national interests – securing our borders, addressing the crisis of readiness within our military, achieving energy security and independence, and checking … Continue reading

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Nord Stream bombers criticise “unsafe and unprofessional” act

US drone conducting ‘routine operations’ struck down by Russian fighter jet over Black Sea.

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Scary & Dumb

What’s going on now in this White House is terrifying to me. Blinken, Sullivan and Nuland are out of their league here. Do they really want to get NATO into a war? There’s no question we’ve been increasing the number … Continue reading

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Grooming Ukraine

No, it’s a “sharp” reaction to the risk of losing US dollars and EU credit points if it doesn’t go along:

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Because inside every Ukie there’s a drag queen trying to get out

A new imperialism: Russia weaponising homophobia but war has strengthened fight for gay rights.

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I missed the parliamentary debate on declaring war on Russia

Australian drones made from cardboard and rubber bands helping Ukrainian soldiers. Managing director of SYPAQ, David Vicino, says the drones were supplied to Ukraine for humanitarian purposes including delivering medical supplies, food and water. Ukrainian ambassador to Australia, Vasyl Myroshnychenko, … Continue reading

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Handless Man In Feckless War

The Economist: Military recruiters accused of rough tactics as they try to boost the headcount. Meanwhile, the “flamboyant” Lindsay Graham has said he’s happy for every Ukrainian to die.

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