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The Suddenly Orphaned War

It took no particular genius for Jeffrey Sachs to be right all along. Uncommon sense was enough: “That old line – that we’re in there till the last Ukrainian – is, tragically, literally happening right now, in the sense that … Continue reading

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He cannot turn his pope-ness on and off according to prejudice

The Jewish should be reassured that heterodox both-sider Francis no longer speaks for Catholics.

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As I was saying fifty thousand men and fifty billion dollars ago:

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The most humiliating US military loss since the last one in 2021

And just like that, News Corp – which promoted this homicidal debacle from day one – calls quits. Meanwhile, David Cameron brings fresh Never Surrender to win a piece of the reconstruction pie.

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Everybody laughed when Putin turned to NoKo for extra ammo

They’re not laughing now: European Union struggling to fulfil ammunition promise to Ukraine. Look at Russia. They are producing today more than ever. They are getting shells from North Korea. Europe cannot say that Russia and North Korea can deliver … Continue reading

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General Hamaspital

Amnesty International has described how Gaza’s rulers like to use medical establishments: There were marks of torture and bullet shots on his body. His arms and legs were broken. his body was as if you’d put it in a bag … Continue reading

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Penny Anti

All Hamas operatives and terrorists must die. We are going to continue full force.” – Hard to believe Israel’s PM isn’t listening to Australia’s FM

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From The Blither To The Pee

Boastful after routing bubs and women, the ‘men’ of Hamas wet their pants and die by the bushel: The bawling for quarter proves there isn’t a single Rat of Tobruk among these fragile degenerates.

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The war in Ukraine is over and Russia won. Neocons inaugurate an utterly shameless preemptive assignment of historical blame

Unembarrassed, News Corp published it: Trump chaos ‘could hand Putin victory in Ukraine.’

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Thanks, rubble bunnies. This is worth another 10,000 air strikes

Reaffirming its end goal of “annihilating” Israel, Hamas promises more atrocities like October 7th.

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ABC is now laundering antisemitic blood libels through NGOs

As war rages between Israel and Hamas, Palestinian children are dying in staggering numbers. Is the killing of almost 1,000 children a week self-defence? That’s a question that leaders around the world are going to need to contemplate in coming … Continue reading

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Enoch Powell FTW

Technically ‘citizens’ or not, none of the tea-towel terrorists in Ngô’s London videos are British. Meanwhile, the BBC promotes ethnic cleansing: Muslim farmer wants more diverse rural visitors. People in the UK from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds (BAME) … Continue reading

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Fair enough: So buy an aircraft carrier and retake Port Jackson

“We do not for one moment accept that this country is not ours.”

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Tehran’s man in DC brings the big but and I don’t mean Michelle

Barack Hussein: “Israel has a right to defend its citizens against such wanton violence. But…” Turns out I’m really good at killing people. Didn’t know that was gonna be a strong suit of mine.” – January 2017: Obama’s Final Drone … Continue reading

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As he schemes to jail his rival, the President launders the proxy war America started by bundling it with the one that Iran started

Look who’s talking: Joe Biden says Hamas and Vladimir Putin want to ‘annihilate democracy.’

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Leftists find a Christian hospital they don’t want to see levelled

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Straight Outta Lakemba

NEVER lower the bar. It was frustrating to see various commentators concentrate their fire and ire on Adam Bandt and his accomplices for not supporting a government motion in Parliament that condemned “all forms of hate speech.” For the Greens … Continue reading

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Tactical tips for Bibi – from one commando legend to another

Special farces veteran: PM condemns Hamas attacks, calls on Israel to ‘operate by rules of war.’ Albanese said Israel had the right to defend itself against these terror attacks, but added: We join the call from President Biden and other … Continue reading

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