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Dispatches From Woke War I

ONE of the amusing things to do of a morning these days is to check in for the latest on the war in Ukraine. The stories are almost always sourced to “intelligence officials” or “Ukrainian officials.” In other words, they … Continue reading

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Saving Private Raytheon

More cash rations for heroic arms dealers: Congress races to pass $40B Ukraine aid package.

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He’s saying American wackos should mind their own continent

We will have a peace to build tomorrow, let us never forget that. We will have to do this with Ukraine and Russia around the table. The end of the discussion and the negotiation will be set by Ukraine and … Continue reading

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Like it or not, Putin wins casus belli comp – and it isn’t close

Anyone care to argue his national security rationale for war is less credible than America’s?

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The Black Zelensky

Like Russia, Australia is threatened when a nuclear superpower buys the house next door. It was in response to the presence of American Jupiter ballistic missiles in Italy and Turkey and the failed Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 that … Continue reading

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The war in Ukraine is lost and everyone denying it is a lunatic

There is, however, one man who grasps reality and wants peace. His name is Donald Trump.

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Washington to Zelensky: We’ll take it from here, Mr President

United States urges Ukraine’s allies to move at ‘speed of war’ to deliver more weapons to Kiev.

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Not eligible for the decoration, she nevertheless earned a VC

Legendary heroine: WW II nurse Lieutenant Colonel Vivian Bullwinkel’s incredible tale of survival.

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America was something special once – but not anymore

Joy Pullmann: It’s Not Just Joe Biden. The United States Has A Potemkin Government. This is not just in the symbolic farce of regime actions such as placing a man who claims to be a woman in charge of what … Continue reading

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Justin Time

■ Canada to send heavy artillery to Ukraine. ■ US considers another $800m in military aid. Ukrainians have fought like heroes over the past number of months. They’re not just fighting for Ukraine, they’re fighting for the values that underpin … Continue reading

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Ukraine’s Nazi Azov Battalion not as cocky as it used to be

■ The memo: Defenders of Mariupol will fight to the end, Ukrainian PM Denys Shmyhal says. ■ We’d rather not, they plead to CNN: ‘We’re outnumbered 10 to 1’: Mariupol commander. The commander of the last army brigade defending Mariupol … Continue reading

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Brilliant: Glenn Greenwald on the West’s evil new censorship

Western dissent from US/NATO policy on Ukraine is small… the censorship campaign is extreme. President Joe Biden is sending Ukraine $800 million in new firepower – including artillery, helicopters, ammunition and other hardware that will test the limits of how … Continue reading

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Walk-back: US reluctant to escalate legal case for ‘war crimes’

Glass houses are perilous: Pentagon can’t independently confirm atrocities in Bucha, official says.

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■ Foreign Minister blasts Russia for reported use of chemical weapons. ■ Growing fears about Russia’s use of chemical weapons in Ukraine. ■ Zelensky warns Russia could use chemical weapons, calls for more sanctions.

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Brussels Spouts

President Zelensky has a bad habit of telling everyone what to do. It’s unusual for someone in trouble to ask for your help or demand that you help him, and then, if you don’t help him in the way he … Continue reading

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Calm Reason vs. Manic Dogmatism

Video: Bill Maher on Ukraine and Putin is spot-on. To Ben Shapiro, however, WWII can never end.

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To be fair, who hasn’t taken a Nazi to a Greek parliament?

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The Boy Who Cried Wolfsangel

IF at first you don’t succeed in mainstreaming The Narrative, lie lie again. One thing those with an IQ higher than Joe Biden’s basement have learned over the past two and half years is that the Big State/Big Tech/Big Spook … Continue reading

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