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The Doorman Conquest

Year 13 of Conservative Party rule: Net migration to UK hit record 745,000 in 2022, figures show.

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Muslims dumped in Ireland begin randomly attacking innocents

Because that’s what they do. Equally predictable:

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Here’s why Gillard’s Royal Commission protected state schools

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Another Click In The Pawl

Utilitarian ‘conservatives’ are ratcheting the Liberal Party into lackadaisical acceptance of tyranny IN June, the health minister of the only jurisdiction left in the country where “no person, hospital, health institution, other institution or service is under a duty” to … Continue reading

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Drop the weasel word, ‘Islamist.’ Terrorists are regular devotees

This is the number of Christians slaughtered by Muslims in Nigeria over the past 15 years: 52,250.

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Pray instead for the bereaved, the abducted and, most of all…

Victory: Archbishop of Canterbury arrives in Holy Land, joins church leaders in prayer for peace.

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To controlled conservatives: ‘Islamism’ is a luvvie weasel word

Every time you use it, you reinforce the Mohammedan-leftist lie that Islam is victimised and good.

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Literally dancing on the hallowed grave of Saint Thomas Becket

Canterbury Cathedral set to host 90s disco, featuring Eminem, Britney Spears and Oasis songs.

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The Bolshoi doesn’t ban Christians who hate child molestation

Calvin Robinson wins £8,000 settlement after being cancelled for opposing drag queen story hour. It is sad to see that, on the one hand, they insist on pushing toxic ideologies upon young people, and, on the other hand, call themselves … Continue reading

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EU pawn Donald Tusk struggling to rein in Law and Justice lead

But race is tight: As Poland’s fateful elections near, Hungarians have a reason to hold their breath.

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Na’aman Danlami

The loved seminarian in Kafanchan, Nigeria, was burned alive last Friday by Muslims. He was 25.

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One of these countries is seen as the arch-enemy of civilisation

■  A map of the 83 churches vandalised or burned since the residential schools announcement. ■  The Russian Orthodox Church has opened 30,000 new places of worship in the last 30 years.

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Trudeau knelt (with a teddy) for meaningless ground anomalies

‘Unmarked graves’ discovery at Manitoba residential school a hoax – no bodies found, only rocks.

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“What has happened shows that I am not free and this is not a free country anymore. If it was free, I would be able to speak.”

A banana monarchy: Conservative Party suspends Christian councillor for calling pride a sin.

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Exterminationism: EU, neocons continue war on Christianity

Embassies urge Hungary’s government to retract LGBTQ+ laws ahead of Pride march. Calling the institutions of a democratic state ‘illegal’ in an EP resolution is absolutely unacceptable. This is a declaration of political war against a democratic state and a … Continue reading

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What happens when you displace St Patrick with a gay atheist?

Snakes slither back: Ireland to pass anti-Catholic bill criminalising prayer outside abortion facilities. Since 2018, abortionists in Ireland have killed ten times the number killed during The Troubles.

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The Rainbow Comintern

AUTHORITIES may have prevented an alleged attack on an Austrian ‘pride’ parade but nothing is stopping the US State Department’s ISIS-like war of agitprop and iconoclasm on the remnants of European Christendom. A year ago, left-wing Obama flunky, occasional lawyer, … Continue reading

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On Its Knees

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