Modern Western foreign policy is the art of theatrical amnesia

NATO leaders are shocked – shocked! – to discover that Russia has grown closer to China.
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Killing In the Name

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Life not worth discussing, says unwanted pregnancy survivor

This is a decision that goes to the heart of a woman’s right to control her own body. These are issues which aren’t the subject of partisan political debate in Australia. And that’s a good thing.”

Prime Minister of Overseas, Anthony Albanese, supports the killing of the unwanted unborn.
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Called Shot

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Churchill mobilized the English language and sent it into battle

Whenever Kamala Harris tries to do the same, the English language dies during basic training.
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Quick! Send a celebrity to be photographed with Mr Zelensky

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Deo Gratias: The US Supreme Court has overturned the non-existent ‘right’ to kill the unborn.

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Germany runs out of gas while fighting the Russians – again

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Not interested in Aussie cyclones, Albo heads back overseas

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If they have to convene a meeting for that, it probably isn’t

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Love triangle: ‘Door Matt’ Guy competing with Dom for Dan

Roger Franklin on the latest of Mr Guy’s flirtations: A not-so-alternative Victorian government.
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Why Ben Stiller is currently the biggest story out of Ukraine

Because, as Adam Creighton points out, ‘Experts’ have been so wrong on just about everything.

Foreign policy experts, though, have given economists a run for their money since Russia invaded Ukraine, prompting the US and Europe to wallop Russia with unprecedented sanctions designed to compel Vladimir Putin to stop his illegal invasion.

They fired a bazooka at their own feet, doing nothing to avert the war while crushing the competitiveness of European industry and slashing the living standards of ordinary Americans and Europeans. Goodbye German car industry, on current trends.

It’s worse, though. In late March Biden, under the advice of experts no doubt, said Russia’s currency would be turned to “rubble” by sanctions. This week the rouble reached a seven-year high against the US dollar, becoming the best performing currency in the world this year.

Interest rates on Russian 10-year government bonds, at about 9 per cent, are one percentage point lower than they were before the war. The Russian central bank is cutting interest rates as the Fed lifts them.

Soaring energy prices, as a result mainly of Western sanctions, have supercharged Russian oil and gas revenues, quadrupling the Russian government’s budget surplus in May compared with the same month a year ago, as Putin gloated in St Petersburg last week.

Security and intelligence experts haven’t done much better, routinely foreshadowing the collapse of Russian forces, or even the imminent death of Putin from a variety of diseases, all while those forces appear to have slowly occupied a fifth of Ukraine, including the crucial land corridor between Crimea and Russia.

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Hypothetical Compassion

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But For Wales…

On the feast day of Saint Thomas More, a favourite scene from the classic, A Man For All Seasons:

To choose safety and preferment rather than call a lie a lie has never gone out of fashion in the 487 years since More’s death. Yet I doubt any era was more in thrall than ours to the red dragon.

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Zelensky understands contemporary ‘Western values’ very well

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Anyhow, have a Kalashnikov…

Australia’s soaring cost of cigarettes is presenting lucrative opportunities for international organised crime groups who are turning to illicit tobacco as a “low-risk and high-reward” trade.

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) says there is growing evidence serious and organised crime cartels are also using the enterprise as a platform for further illicit activities including drug importations and terrorism.

We’ve known prohibitionism enriches criminals longer than we’ve known smoking causes cancer.
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Off-ramp for neo-cons: Pretending they stopped an annexation

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Biden said he’d reduce currency to “rubble” – and he was right!

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