New: Boosters will soon come in regular and super-dooper

Psychopath Dr Fauci preps the world for the inevitable failure of regular. You’ll need super-dooper.
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Like a virus from Scotland Island killing Vietnamese dreams…

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70% of Queensland virus deaths Saturday were fully vaccinated

I’m always interested to know what today’s distraction squirrel will be. Let’s check it out…

Dr Gerrard said unless it was “extremely clear” someone had died from an alternative cause, it was becoming difficult to distinguish underlying health conditions and their relation to the death.

Funny, isn’t it, that officials around the world – at exactly the same time – are now faux-confiding to their publics that many (possibly even most) ‘covid deaths’ are nothing of the sort? The reason: formerly, it was in their political interest to hype (lie about) the casualties to sell pharmaceuticals; now the vaccines are failing, it’s in their political interest to lowball the numbers.

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Based Bill

I mean, we’re in a very different place with Covid than we were just when I was on the air last time, and that is the vaccines, we know, do not prevent you from either transmitting it or getting the disease. We know that. That’s a fact now… And what the f*ck is the use of a booster shot? Because I will never get a booster shot.”

– Left-wing commentator/comedian/contrarian Bill Maher may not be consistent but his Q&A with Deadline – in which he abandons Branch Covidian and its disintegrating story lines – is noteworthy

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90% of Queensland virus deaths Friday were fully vaccinated

And you know what that means: time for yet another weird John Gerrard reality inversion.

Chief health officer Dr John Gerrard predicted the Covid peak would be reached on the Gold Coast in the coming week as he warned unvaccinated Queenslanders who thought they could ride out the wave and then live Covid-free were dead wrong.

Dr Gerrard revealed the average age of an unvaccinated person hospitalised with the virus was just 39 – 20 years younger than those who were triple vaccinated.

He said they were “putting their lives at risk” every day.

“It is a very bad idea not to be vaccinated,” he said…

The message came as Queensland recorded 15,050 new cases, 884 people in hospital, 52 in intensive care and 10 deaths in the previous 24 hours.

Parked in another Courier Mail report are the details of those ten deaths:

Dr Gerrard said one person was unvaccinated, six had received two doses of vaccine, and three people had received their booster shots.

Oh. Dr Gerrard is now writing off the “vaccinated elderly or vulnerable” – precisely the ones vaxxer maximalists solemnly promised would be protected from illness, hospitalisation and death – and is transitioning to a new, deliberately muddled narrative that blames the unvaccinated. Blames them for what, nobody knows. The triple-‘vaccinated’ are too few to be indicatively compared to another cohort. They are underrepresented in hospitals just as they are underrepresented everywhere. The shameless distraction peddling doesn’t end there:

Dr Gerrard said the average age for an unvaccinated person in Queensland hospitals was about 20 years younger than those who were vaccinated and hospitalised for Covid-19, at about 39 years old.

This is a risible comparison of unvaxxed patients hospitalised with anything and those hospitalised for the virus. The age of the former is epidemiologically irrelevant. The only statistic that matters – the one denialist Dr Gerrard avoids like a real plague – is that the ‘vaccinated’ are the people dying. He also guesses that 1 million Queenslanders already have – or have had – covid. He doesn’t know the “true number” because hardly any of them are bothered by the symptoms – that is, if they have any. To summarise, then: Dr Gerrard is running a phony comparison of the triple-vaxxed with the unvaxxed and an equally phony comparison of hospitalised cohorts to avoid admitting the vaccines have failed. Except for media stenographers, nobody is listening any more.

Today: 73.5% of supposed virus deaths in NSW in latest reporting period were fully vaccinated.
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Knucklehead admits mandates are scientifically fraudulent

Mark McGowan reveals that “fully vaccinated” (until five minutes ago) was and is 96% worthless.
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His next girlfriend, currently 11, running out of time to be legal

Like a movie, “there is a ticking clock.” Leonardo DiCaprio – Earth ‘Literally’ Has Nine Years Left.
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Privileged trio gave the unessential something to watch on tele

While beautiful people played games, the real Australians of the Year fought for the rule of law.
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Circling The Saintly Wagons

YOU don’t hear much about the “silence of Piux XII” any more. Not even the advent of the internet could do much to revive the KGB-authored calumny that the war-time pontiff had been indifferent to the fate of the Jewish people during the Holocaust. The online arena of brawling about anything and everything may even have killed off the historicity of the charges against Pius once and for all. In some ways, it was easier for haters to traduce him in a lasting way when the instruments at their disposal were slanted magazine essays and sensationalist books – almost all of which were written by post-war Marxists and secularists who were using the Shoah as a proxy to vent their hackneyed grievances with the Catholic Church. Their sort of Big Lie used to take time – conceivably, decades – to extradite from credulous minds. On the put-up or shut-up internet, however, the accusations against Pope Pius were exposed as meritless in short order.

I thought of Pius XII – died 1958 – and his constantly stalled canonisation cause when I read recently that a date had been set for the beatification of John Paul I (4 September, 2022). He held the job for only 33 days, his death making 1978 the Year of Three Popes. His two predecessors, Paul VI and John XXIII – the Popes of Vatican Council II – were canonised in 2018 and 2014 respectively. His successor, John Paul II, was canonised on the same day as John XXIII. This presto saint-making is itself extraordinary. Historically, the canonisation of popes is unusual but the canonisation of four in a row has no precedent later than the fifth century. Given that the many sainted Bishops of Rome in the first 400 years of the Church’s history were not exulted thus by a formal, centralised process – that wasn’t instituted until 1200 – it could be argued there is no precedent at all. Something odd and purposeful is happening here. But what? And why now?

To answer the first question, it is necessary to outline how a canonisation happens. There must be a genuine, appreciable cultus surrounding the candidate; he or she must be revered as a Christian of singular – even heroic – holiness, virtue and orthodoxy. The faithful are drawn to them, request their prayerful assistance and honour their relics. In most cases, this cultus will be a phenomenon occurring within a local or a national church. Beatification is the ritual by which the pope himself gives the Church’s approval for such veneration to be licit everywhere. There are quite exceptional figures whose cults are truly catholic from the start: Thérèse of Lisieux, Padre Pio and John Paul II are a few examples. Despite the sacredness of these formalities, they are overseen by human beings in a material world. Yes, having the prestige, resources, expertise and influence of Milan (Paul VI) or Venice (John XXIII and John Paul I) certainly doesn’t hurt. It would be a stretch to argue that Holy Fathers or not, these men showed greater heroism in virtue than Australia’s own Servant of God, Eileen O’Connor, whose cause is making its way through the requisites at a more traditional Roman pace: adagio. First in are not first served on the canonisation queue.

What is happening, arguably, is this: the ageing liberals who fear their domination of the Church is drawing to a close are hurriedly raising to the altars not only those who presided over the Council but also the harebrained, revolutionary idea that derailed its interpretation and reception (so far): ‘the spirit of Vatican II’ (invariably invoked to explain away its frequently inconvenient letter). The proofs are compelling: the snubbing of Pius XII – despite his colossal reputation – even as four of his successors were elevated; Pope Francis’ decision in 2013 to waive the unfinished protocols of John XXIII’s cause, thereby allowing the man who called the Council to be canonised on the same day as John Paul II, the man who sought to rein in its unauthorised excesses. The combination of ceremonies was a characteristically boorish Bergoglian touch: the hero of the ‘conservatives’ offset by the hero of the innovators.

As for why now, put it this way: it must have been easier for Francis to humiliate Benedict XVI by trashing the conciliatory Summorum Pontificum with the Cromwellian Traditionis Custodes when the predecessor who sanctioned the New Order Mass – Paul VI – was no longer just a baffled man who once likened himself to Hamlet but a saint for the ages. This doesn’t mean he was undeserving or that a conspiratorial plan is afoot. It does mean a battle for the meaning of history – specifically, continuity of authority in history – has been joined.

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Embrace the different energy of losing

You’ve got, like, you know, the most entertaining player playing in his home slam on Rod Laver, you’d expect the crowd to be like that. I can understand it’s a gentleman’s game, but it’s about time that people embraced some sort of different energy in this sport, otherwise it will die out.”

– Choker Nick Kyrgios couldn’t beat Daniil Medvedev even with the crowd cheating on his behalf

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Sociopath Palaszczuk: Shop stewards are immune from virus

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After all, a single injury to a minor isn’t worth the risk

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ABC: Poms lost the Ashes because too few of them are black

Tom Brown is a high-performance coach with Warwickshire County Cricket Club and is completing a PhD in talent identification and development in cricket.

Inside the indoor nets at the famous Edgbaston ground in Birmingham, he told the ABC just how skewed England’s selections had become.

“We looked through all the specialist [batsmen] that debuted (for England in Tests) since 2011, and we found that 95 per cent of them have been white, 77 per cent of them have come from private schools, only 30 per cent of them have managed to average over 30 or more, with one player averaging 40 or more, which was Joe Root,” he said.

If you have to do a PhD to identify talent, chances are the natural gift for scouting isn’t your strong suit. While it’s not unreasonable to examine possible disconnects between less prestigious schools and top flight selection, by conflating alleged disadvantage with race (and religion) Brown is laying the groundwork for a quota regime that will reduce the game itself to ashes.

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Update on those Catholic ‘mass graves’ for orphans in Canada

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Mad Vaxx Beyond Blunderdome: Two countries enter…

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Maybe American democracy has had enough of personality

Sketchily sourced but believable: Trump Bashes Ron DeSantis in Private: ‘Dull Personality’.
Interestingly, the Bee is now mocking The Donald.
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The Courier Mail disappears rolling vaccine debacle – again

Eleven have died in the latest reporting period. Nine were fully vaccinated and/or boosted.

“An unvaccinated person in their (sic) 30s is among 11 more covid deaths…”

Chief health officer Dr John Gerrard said one of the deaths announced this morning was of someone in their (sic) 30s who was not vaccinated.

He said the others were one person in their (sic) 50s, two in their 60s, one in their (sic) 70s, three in their 80s and three in their 90s.

That’s how easily Dr Gerrard commands the lede at The Palaszczuk Bugle.

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My Brad

On the day 91% of NSW virus deaths were ‘vaccinated,’ Mr Hazzard admits the shots don’t work.
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