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They want us to think it’s Jack Palance and the state is Shane

Rand Paul dismisses the TikTok panic as a Trojan bid to seize control of social media generally.

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She isn’t deeply concerned by the treatment of Julian Assange

Since the advent of AUKUS, Australia has become more sycophantic to the US than ever before. And given that America is now a lawless banana republic, this approximates an existential threat.

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Quick Off The Mark

USING the left’s favourite umbrage marker and preferred way of ‘thinking’, the most homophobic comment yesterday about the Latham-Greenwich sodomy squabble might have been made by the New South Wales environment minister. Apparently squeamish lesbian Penny Sharpe said the One … Continue reading

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Nazi collaborator George Soros buys an indictment off-the-shelf

Unfortunately for him, the resulting circus will not affect the re-election campaign of Donald Trump.

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Labor has produced more child molesters than any other party

In the entire world: Ex-MP Milton Orkopoulos had a ‘sexual interest in young boys’, court told.

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Labor haters are waging war on religious schools for a reason

Given a crisis in any country where totalitarianism in any form threatens the liberty of its citizens, the first to capitu­late will be the non-religious edu­cators. How could it be otherwise, for without a faith, how could they oppose a … Continue reading

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Full-Court Press Gang

Embarrassing and brutal: Netanyahu and Israeli Ministers Respond Sharply to Biden’s Criticism.

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Two months after banning swastikas, McGowan apes Gestapo

Inspired by state terrorism during pandemic: Drugs zones to give police extreme search powers.

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Miserable Ghost’s spokes-skeleton won’t condemn trans-terror

Niki Savva says Peter Dutton and the Liberals must not oppose men who stalk and bash women.

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Every Afghan the ABC meets had nothing to do with the Taliban

Pious herdsmen: Family of killed Afghan villager wants more ADF personnel to be brought to trial.

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It means the only Premier in our history to build a concentration camp will pick which purveyors of “hate” should be imprisoned

Queensland is set to have ‘the strongest hate crime laws in the country’. Here’s what that means. How would I report someone breaking these proposed laws? Just like you would any other crime – by calling the police. The new … Continue reading

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This was probably the intellectual zenith of the Voice campaign

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‘War crimes’ and Get Pell investigators tapped to go after LNP

Gail Furness will assist Knox Grammar Cadets hero: Paul Brereton appointed to lead NACC.

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Labor to jail parents who prevent children from being mutilated

A thread by David Limbrick on the real intentions of the Mengele-Andrews government in Victoria.

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Into the sun would be preferable but Proxima Centauri will do

Abundans cautela non nocet: Pope Francis to bless satellite set to launch his words into space.

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The French Complexion

In 2011, he was an inept dill: Gillard resolute on her criticism of Chief Justice Robert French. Prime Minister, are you worried the wording leaves the door open for high court challenges or are you confident it’s as watertight as … Continue reading

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After the Pell acquittal, the justices didn’t attend Benediction

It would have been inappropriate: Eastern Maar traditional owners’ land rights formally recognised.

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Jake The Muss Liberal

Threats: John Pesutto says Moira Deeming has not made a good start to her suspension. Moira’s not off to a good start and the party room will be very, very seriously concerned if Moira doesn’t prove herself by faithfully observing … Continue reading

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