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Albanese blocks inquiry from investigating Labor governments

No decisions taken by state and territory governments will be examined by the Covid-19 inquiry.

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Slim Pickings at the End of History

Peter Dutton and Warren Mundine should be fixing bayonets, not consoling their devious enemies DESPITE the polls and the victory laps, I still think the Yessers could Matilda their way to a win on 14 October. The media will sell … Continue reading

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Emotional Teal can’t stand the heat in the Kitching, er, kitchen

Peter Dutton has ‘no concerns’ about claims opposition MP intimidated independent Kylea Tink.

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Kevni Vibes

No vote for Voice tips over 50 per cent as Coalition leads Labor on Newspoll primary vote.

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On 315K, Adam Bandt is fives times more valuable than a nurse

Lucky us: Australia’s 227 federal MPs get a 4% pay rise – the biggest salary increase in a decade.

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They said the old diseases would return thanks to selfish idiots

And they were right: Food affordability crisis raises risk of scurvy and rickets, researchers say.

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Bowser Wowser

I don’t go and fill up my car.” – Anthony Albanese tells Andrew Clennell he doesn’t hold a hose, mate

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Albanese: ‘I haven’t read it. There are 120 pages. Why would I?’

Allen key in hand and cubby house collapsing, a proud PM doesn’t need the instruction sheet.

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It’s a Nerd! It’s a Pain!

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Untruthful Transition

CAVEAT emptor: yet another Liberal Party ratchet scam is afoot this week and it will hornswoggle many. The media rounds of shadow energy and ‘climate change’ spokesman Ted O’Brien indicate the Opposition will take a policy of grid nuclearisation to … Continue reading

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Never allow your extremist enemy to say who the extremists are

“I never made this statement. I wholeheartedly reject any comparison between the Voice and the abhorrent system of apartheid and have never made that comparison.”

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And people wonder how a childcare abuser could be so brazen

Note that Ukraine War Rambo Simon Birmingham has limited interest in these local atrocities: Click the tweet for Senator Hanson’s remarks. Yet again, no leadership from the Liberal Party.

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Going down: Women, regional voters lead rebellion on Indigenous voice to parliament: Newspoll.

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The PM’s message to people who can’t afford a home or food…

It’s important that I attend the NATO Leaders’ Summit.” – Everything solved in the antipodes, Anthony Albanese heads to the North Atlantic

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The party that stole a hospital to kill 14 year-olds is ‘outraged’

Its own shameless contempt for natural justice and the rule of law has destroyed dozens of lives. They had the onus of proof reversed, they were treated as guilty until proven innocent and for those who had the temerity to … Continue reading

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From the same people who brought you cheaper renewables…

Federal government launches National Anti-Scams Centre to tackle scams and raise awareness.

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Nationals Lampoon Vocation

LIKE Yevgeny Prigozhin, Barnaby Joyce marched feebly on the capital at the weekend for reasons comparably arcane. The Daily Telegraph reports that the former National Party chief wants his old job back. That’s believable but the beefs cited as a … Continue reading

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A reminder that ‘civility’ is always a leftist con to gag opposition

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