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It should start by investigating itself

The Attorney-General has announced a quarter of a billion dollar barrel of pork for Labor lawyers.

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Open to Voice third chamber, LNP backs ICAC fourth chamber

Quitting: Peter Dutton confirms Coalition in talks to pass Labor’s anti-corruption commission bill.

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Nigel Nails It

DESCRIBED by her as the “controversial and outspoken conservative commentator” – just “Nigel Farage” would do – the Brexit hero and broadcaster who made MEP muppets seethe with truth-triggered rage has given The Australian’s Rosie Lewis an exclusive about the … Continue reading

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Glorious Revelation

PARADIGM whisperer Paul Kelly, editor-at-large at The Australian, likes grand declarations about endings and beginnings in political economy and history. Heralding the end of something became fashionable and commercially shrewd after Francis Fukuyama’s 1992 treatise on the upshot of the … Continue reading

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Peter Dutton and the Moment of Truth

TRAINING a donkey for The Everest would be easy compared to prepping the LNP for the big race. The big race isn’t the next election, by the way – a glittering but secondary event – but an older, weightier contest: … Continue reading

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Mrs Bandt alive and well at the coal-fired Cost of Living Ball

“…where MPs and senators try to disprove the theory politics is show business for ugly people…”

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The two men have something in common

Former Coalition staffer Rachelle Miller releases details of $650,000 settlement.

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The Pot Calling The Kettle Shaq

I get that Liberal Opposition Leaders customarily take some time for themselves after the election of a new Labor Prime Minister. We’re now more than three months into Anthony Albanese’s term and journalists are still sending flowers, gift baskets, bottles … Continue reading

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I like the boy: Albo figures one black man the same as any other

WTF? Shaquille O’Neal joins PM as Anthony Albanese says ‘world is watching’ Voice debate.

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Old Labor favourite chosen to oversee “not political” show trial

PM appoints former HC justice Virginia Bell to lead inquiry into Scott Morrison’s secret ministries. ■ Solicitor at the Redfern Legal Centre 1978 to 1984 ■ Appointed judge of the Supreme Court of NSW in 1999 by the Carr Labor … Continue reading

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Albo’s Banana Republic

Irrelevant but obedient, the nominal Attorney-General wants Jan Sixer show trials, maybe arrests: Mr Dreyfus has wholly backed an inquiry announced yesterday by Anthony Albanese, which he said could have legal ramifications… Mr Dreyfus said the independent inquiry would be … Continue reading

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Skol this

The Solicitor-General says the co-ministries ScoMo assumed were completely valid and legal.

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I don’t slash a price, mate

Albanese channels Hawke as he downs a beer to the roar of the crowd at Gang of Youths concert.

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That time Laborites attempted to kill the entire Howard ministry

This is an unprecedented violation of our democracy.” – Overwrought Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil last week

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Fine Line

Grattan outraged: Even now, Morrison’s ‘women problem’ has reared its head again. It’s not breaking news that Scott Morrison has trouble with women. His “woman problem” was one factor in his election defeat. But really, his treatment this week of … Continue reading

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WE ‘LOL’ online all the time but today I literally Laughed Out Loud when I saw who was standing behind Anthony Albanese as he solemnly discussed alleged lawlessness, megalomania and abuse of power during the covid pandemic. It was like … Continue reading

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Karvelas: Sea of wogs and women will lower your cost of living

“I was stunned by the sea of men and the lack of cultural diversity on the benches of the Coalition.”

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Tony Roam

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