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What are the odds?

Another Kate Jenkins harassment ‘survey,’ another magic 51 percent.

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That’s what governments, health officials and police are for

The online world should not be a wild west where bots and bigots and trolls and others are anonymously going around and can harm people and hurt people, harass them and bully them and sledge them. That is not Australia.” … Continue reading

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Locks out protection for Christian doctors and black footballers

Scott Morrison locks in protection for gay children. Christians are presented there as the enemy.

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That freedom MPs are ‘rebels’ is why Liberals deserve to lose

Forgetting the forgotten: Unite or we lose election, Scott Morrison tells rebel Coalition MPs.

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Tanya Plibersek says far-right ideology is evidently on the rise

That time the ALP incited an attempt to assassinate the entire Howard government:

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Pauline’s Chalk ’n Talk

Via Twostix, a superbly made One Nation election advisory. And Part II was just posted.

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First sighting this season: the Migaloo of political tropes

EVEN within his oeuvre of dogmatic expediency, Paul Kelly’s Weekend Australian column is one of the most rambling, confusing and amoral I’ve read. The topic is the Morrison government and Net Zero, which we should start referring to as Year … Continue reading

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Malcolm Morrison

Newspoll: Coalition falls to lowest support in three years as Scott Morrison prepares for Glasgow.

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Net Hero

GOOD news tonight: Barnaby Joyce hasn’t committed to the weird, unachievable and meaningless emissions reduction target that nobody in Australia cares about. In 2021, that’s the nearest thing to bravery in politics you’ll see but is it just theatre? The … Continue reading

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Bombing Dom

AS Quadrant Online editor Roger Franklin notes today, Dominic Perrottet is the media’s favourite new Catholic hate figure. He is, in a sense, as much the successor to Cardinal Pell as he reportedly soon will be to Gladys Berejiklian. To … Continue reading

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National Party wokel takes menstrual leave or something

You might be “extreme right-wing” if you expect thugs who assault women to be prosecuted: Nationals MP Darren Chester says part of his decision to take a break from the party is because of the “very hard right-wing agenda” he … Continue reading

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The Christian Porter situation

ALBO the mudlark: “He needs to answer where this money came from. Members of Parliament, as well as ministers, just can’t accept money from anonymous donors for a private legal matter.” The Labor Party has been trousering cash from anonymous … Continue reading

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Also clean and good-looking

Anthony Bidenese has praised dumped-for-Kristina pre-selection hopeful Tu Le as “articulate.”

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Liberal gets owned

Another example of the reining do whatever the hell we want drunkenness of state: Liberal Democrats federal leader Campbell Newman concedes his party may need to change its name after new election laws passed parliament on Thursday, but says the … Continue reading

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