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Adam Smithereens

Close… The leader of the Greens demonstrating that some beginnings of wisdom end badly: Labor knows renters and people with mortgages have already cut their spending. They’re bled dry. There is no slack in their budgets and they have no … Continue reading

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Greg Sheridan on Roberts-Smith and lessons from Afghanistan

A very sound and vital meta-analysis: Going woke risks destroying the ADF as a real fighting force.

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You’ve Never Seen The Line?

AS I watched the CCTV footage of Brittany Higgins going through security and into the ministerial wing of Parliament House in the early a.m. of 23 March 2019, something about it seemed familiar. Aired Sunday night by Seven News and … Continue reading

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Netball Australia’s endorsement was less influential than hoped

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A misogynist might joke that it’s usually the other way around

Which wouldn’t be funny: Nightclub apologises for urging patrons to take off bras for free drinks.

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Vendetta lunch lasted longer than David Sharaz’s first marriage

Five guileful hours: A real project: how Lisa and Brittany war-gamed which ‘friendlies’ to fire up. I have every confidence that you will answer that very eloquently, but it’s one you just need to really think about. I don’t want … Continue reading

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Hanoi Vane

Odious hypocrisy: PM to raise ‘shared interests’ with Vietnam amid concerns for detained Aussie.

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Flag This

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■  Broken Hill will no longer pay for a ‘welcome to country.’ A true welcome is free, says the mayor. ■  Traditional Jesuit solution: Fr Frank Brennan suggests opponents of the Voice give in to the left. ■  Brussels is … Continue reading

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Term limit clash: DeSantis points out Trump is half empty glass

Forgetfully, The Donald says a truly capable President would only need one term to save America. Other potential weaknesses in the 76 year-old’s résumé will also be exploited in coming months.

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Computers assist carpenters match precision of their forebears

900 years ago: Rebuilding Notre Dame’s fire-ravaged roof transports workers back to Middle Ages.

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Admired lady was executed for the crime of being inconvenient

Life of courageous service: Clare Nowland remembered for her deep faith and beautiful soul.

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America Avenges Mwanga

TODAY is the feast day of the Ugandan Martyrs, a national holiday in the East African country – whose population is 80 per cent Christian – and its most important cultural-religious festival. If you wondered why the unhinged Joe Biden … Continue reading

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In The Rear With The Sneer

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Sodomy ban is the new WMD and neocons are poised to strike

Blacks warned: US threatening sanctions, visa restrictions against Uganda over anti-LGBTQ law.

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Tony Abbott in Ukraine

Macho fawning is now a thing: Address to the Kiev Security Forum, Intercontinental Hotel, Kiev. For me, Putin’s war on Ukraine has long been personal. The war in Ukraine has nothing to do with Tony Abbott or anybody he knows. … Continue reading

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We won’t be able to tell the difference – in more ways than one

Gosh: Generative AI could lead to ‘a world where you can’t trust the information you receive’.

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Fear not: A new breed of digger picks up the fallen standard…

Their manliness speaks for itself: Ben Roberts-Smith: War hero loses landmark defamation case. Nick McKenzie looks to have let out a sigh of relief and is nodding confidently at Chris Masters. He gave Masters a brief, one-armed hug with his … Continue reading

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