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The only difference: Okie ogress doesn’t have a medical degree

Oklahoma woman, 44, is accused of ‘intentionally’ giving her mother, 72, a gun to commit suicide. Meanwhile: How voluntary assisted dying laws will work in New South Wales. They can either self-administer or have a doctor or nurse give them … Continue reading

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First Notions

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The never-ending suffering of contemporary Australian women

I had a bad experience at the mechanic. After talking to other women, it seems I’m not alone.

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We were appalled by China’s spy drones during the ‘pandemic’

That was so long ago: New York police will use drones to monitor backyard parties this weekend.

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Wear a Hat

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Fond memories of school lecturettes I ‘prepared’ during recess

AI is kind of a fancy thing. First of all, it’s two letters. It means Artificial Intelligence.” – Bad fall away from the Presidency Kamala Harris is the Elon Musk of not knowing

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I’m sure the Palestinians would do the same for a Jewish boy

“Out of the woods”: Israeli surgeons reattach Palestinian child’s near complete decapitated head.

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Intelligible Artifice

SINCLAIR Davidson dabbles in Meat Loaf, Essendon, whiskey and the dismal science. His work in recent years at the prang-strewn crossroads of economics, official humbug, zombie prohibitionism and especially the blockchain has been truly stellar. For this reason – and … Continue reading

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We won’t be able to tell the difference – in more ways than one

Gosh: Generative AI could lead to ‘a world where you can’t trust the information you receive’.

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Yawn. Another truck boat. Neither compares to the 1978 FJ45

Toyota’s huge Tundra ute will finally be sold in Australia – here’s how it compares to popular Hilux. No womanish accessories like reverse camera, sat nav, Bluetooth or air con. Did have an ashtray.

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Boulevard of Token Reams

What connects Barry Humphries, a little-known deco artist, AI, yours truly and the future of scholarship? My computer cache, in a way, because I’ve watched or read so many clips and pieces of Humphries talking about culture since he died … Continue reading

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They want us to think it’s Jack Palance and the state is Shane

Rand Paul dismisses the TikTok panic as a Trojan bid to seize control of social media generally.

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Into the sun would be preferable but Proxima Centauri will do

Abundans cautela non nocet: Pope Francis to bless satellite set to launch his words into space.

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Less threatening than chow mein

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Meanwhile, as little Australia builds paper planes for Ukraine…

Two new stations a week: China’s new coal plant approvals surge in 2022, highest since 2015.

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Vehicular encyclopaedia David Burge is fed up with angry cars

He says the two best looking motors ever made “look like happy fish, not crazed axe murderers.”

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Get well wishes for the Donald Bradman of blogging, Tim Blair

I thought he was taking a WEB but he was having a STEMI – a more unpleasant kind of vacation.

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Still No Flying Cars

But I have to point out that this important breakthrough was foretold in Back to the Future Part II.

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