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John Kerry: The world’s governments must start banning food

Correct: “The 21st century monsters are vastly more murderous than the 20th century monsters.”

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When Richard Marles announces the deaths of four ADF men…

The beautiful flag of a united nation should stand alone on the dais at which he solemnly speaks.

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We have the right and the responsibility to lie, ABC tells court

Communications Minister Michelle Rowland must take action against the national broadcaster: Does the work of a journalist in society receive its greatest and most fundamental justification in the reporting of truth as it would be determined ultimately by a court … Continue reading

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In the old days, running a foreign spy ring was called espionage

US military spies to embed in Australia’s defence department to monitor regional threats.

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No: The Bumper Number

More than 40 contributors – and it’s free: Quadrant’s Special August Edition Against the Voice.

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Rowland confirms government’s commitment to left-wing lies

“The focus is going to be on systemic issues, it’s not about moderating content.” Communications Minister Michelle Rowland has claimed her proposed crackdown on misinformation and disinformation would have no impact on the mainstream media… “And just to be clear, … Continue reading

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The Effort

More than 700 babies have been left to die after botched abortions in Australia. It wasn’t the outcome we were hoping for, but what I did observe was the very best of humanity and what humanity can offer. I want … Continue reading

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If the Liberal Party wants to come back and make a difference…

It should study this interview with the man who advises leader of the free world, Viktor Orbán.

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The smashing of holy things is always a sign of frailty and fear

Call it the heresy of neo-iconoclasm: Flourishing Latin Mass community targeted outside St. Louis.

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Nobody picks a phony like Gerald Ridsdale’s former housemate

Paul Bongiorno says Warren Mundine’s suicide confession is ‘hardly worth a second of sympathy’.

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WSJ: US knew ‘counter-offensive’ was a doomed, hapless farce

And thousands died: The empire knows it’s pouring Ukrainian blood into an unwinnable proxy war. When Ukraine realises it has been conned, the lashing-out that ensues will imperil all of Europe.

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You love to see it: Putin Signs Law Banning Gender-Reassignment Surgery, Hormonal Therapy.

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The stupidest ‘elite’ in human history

Glenn Reynolds: Our society’s ‘top brains’ have gone mad and dysfunctional politics is the result.

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Little Mark Dreyfus Obeys America

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‘Western values’: Two weeks after welcoming the use of cluster bombs, News Corp celebrates mobilisation of Ukrainian women

Pretty soon, they’ll be hailing the ‘bravery’ of child soldiers: In pictures: New faces of Ukraine war. “They sport perfect manicures and muster brave smiles, but these young Ukrainian women are now ready to join the frontline in a bitter … Continue reading

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Incredibly, Mr Netanyahu ignored a mentally deranged criminal

Victory for democracy: Defying Biden, Israel’s governing coalition passes judicial overhaul bill.

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The Logical Escalation of Wickedness

It is a Canadian twist on a Belgian horror I pointed out here last year. That was the case of Shanti De Corte, a young woman who, at the age of 17, had been caught up in the 2016 Brussels … Continue reading

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The Duggan Disgrace

ODD, isn’t it, that the earnest Cassandras who warn of a ‘growing threat’ to ‘Western values’ posed by China and Russia have no interest in the Albanese government’s ugly and immoral abuse of an Australian citizen. Not a News Corp … Continue reading

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