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The regime requires even basketball players to humbly comply

A new swastika: Several Cairns Taipans players reluctant to wear rainbow logo on their singlets.

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The never-ending $uffering of being an indigenous cricket star

Indigenous cricket star Ash Gardner slams Australia Day as the ‘beginning of genocide’ and says she’s unhappy about having to play on January 26.  ‘As a proud Muruwari woman and reflecting on what January 26 means to me and my … Continue reading

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Evil Empire

In 1980, the USA won a famous moral victory in the Miracle on Ice against Russia in Lake Placid. Four decades later, the most respected man in North American hockey is a Russian Reaganite.

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Tennis Apartheid cancels white ball boys and girls for a day

“A 14-strong First Nations ballkid squad will also take to the courts at the Australian Open. They were selected from across the country during trials at the National Indigenous Tennis Carnival in Darwin and training sessions in Victoria.” A demonstration … Continue reading

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Zelensky’s envoy orders Russian flags banned at the Oz Open

And what Ukraine’s Vasyl Myroshnychenko wants in Australia, Vasyl Myroshnychenko gets. Of course, there are other issues relating to Australian values, fundamental values such as democracy, freedom of press, freedom of speech – this is what we are out there … Continue reading

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Johnny Baby and The Soccer Bawls

FIFA President Gianni Infantino’s Freckles Declaration must be a contender for the most hilarious exercise in woke-corporate reality-mangling of the year. But the interesting thing about this Swiss-Italian grifter’s attempt to eke out woke virtue from such unpromising raw material … Continue reading

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Don’t Call Him Nadia

Oh my goodness! Stevie Spark over the top rope! And he sticks the landing!” – The commentator on the gymnastic finale of the Love vs. Spark title bout

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K-Mart Elon To The Rescue

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You look at what Lang Hancock said, it’s disgusting that Gina Rinehart potentially isn’t willing to distance herself from that.” – Scion of Rhodesian plantation owners, David Pocock

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Players now in talks with Davo’s Bait ’n Tackle

They took cant to a gun fight: Gina Rinehart pulls massive $15m Diamonds netball sponsor deal. Ms Rinehart will provide “short term funding” so that Netball Australia can find another major sponsor. “Contrary to media reports, Hancock Prospecting has not … Continue reading

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Football legend Carmen Lawrence wants club to nix free cash

Mania: High-profile Fremantle Dockers members call on club to end Woodside sponsorship deal.

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I Did A Zoom

Morals campaigner and former Diamonds “legend” Sharni Norder hits out at… Lang Hancock? This is a company that doesn’t suit Netball Australia’s values. We’ve always stood up for social justice, we’ve always been anti-gambling, no smoking. Lang Hancock’s past and … Continue reading

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In Russia, unlike Essendon, a Christian may run a sports club

Congratulations to News Corp for “revealing” that Mr Thorburn has the same views as the Pope. The Board made clear that, despite these not being views that Andrew Thorburn has expressed personally and that were also made prior to him … Continue reading

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Confidential Anonymous

The Hawthorn racism review is a small version of the national Maoism that a “Voice” will unleash: I don’t believe that it is fair for people who have had the courage to come forward on a confidential anonymous basis in … Continue reading

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Always Was, Always Will Be Obvious

Foretaste of the Voice: They’ll start small and then work up to South Africa-style farm seizures: Ringmistress is a “Wotjobaluk and Dja Dja Wurrung woman” – or garden variety leftist Victorian.

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Institute of Sport disgrace: No men included in research group

AIS researchers launch new study into how the menstrual cycle influences sports performance.

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Court had four children to her one – while winning grand slams

Serena on retiring at 41: ‘If I were a guy, I wouldn’t have to choose between tennis and a family.’ There are people who say I’m not the GOAT (greatest of all time) because I didn’t pass Court’s record, which … Continue reading

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How to cancel-proof a sport long hated by the beautiful people

Get women involved and sell the ‘trailblazing.’ If they get hurt or killed, offer thoughts and prayers.

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