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■  Oh please. The NRL Integrity Unit is prissier than what passes for an on-field ‘fight’ these days. ■  Besides, Peter V’landys (as Simon Cowell) insists Walsh is “the Justin Bieber of rugby league.” ■  Entry to a Philadelphia baseball … Continue reading

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Farewell Buster

I don’t follow folks on X but I do read Gemma Tognini. Click to read her remembrance of a friend.

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Open Locum

Light, if any, posting for a few days as I’ll my have my hands full IRL with a few other projects.

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■  A reminder this morning that this is no longer your country. It’s the Labor Party’s to give “back”. ■  Anti-men Samantha Crompvoets says her ‘business’ is now broke. Stuart McCarthy isn’t sorry. ■  Tucker Carlson’s Ep.8: “A fat guy … Continue reading

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Psalm 130: De Profundis

For the men aboard Titan: “Out of the depths I have cried unto Thee, O Lord; Lord, hear my voice.”

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■  Broken Hill will no longer pay for a ‘welcome to country.’ A true welcome is free, says the mayor. ■  Traditional Jesuit solution: Fr Frank Brennan suggests opponents of the Voice give in to the left. ■  Brussels is … Continue reading

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■  Doctor of Keating, Jim Chalmers, hopes “cost-of-living package” will magic away 11th rate hike. ■  Electricity inflation “still high,” says RBA chief Philip Lowe. Well, Labor blows up power stations. ■  Meanwhile, the government of former leftist Shangri-La Sweden … Continue reading

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■  Tony Burke is right. There is nothing wrong with black artists being assisted if they’re in control. ■  More than half of mothers of gender-confused boys have “psychological issues.” You don’t say. ■  The ABC retails Ukrainian propaganda about … Continue reading

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Happy Easter

May your heart soar knowing goodness is destined to win and you can be one of the reasons why.

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Remains of The Day

■ Fatal heart attacks in Australia are up 17% in one year. ‘Experts’ are looking into the mystery. ■ Bright news in Nazi Canada: it now leads the world in organs harvested from ‘MAID’ victims. ■ In golden form, Tucker … Continue reading

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To A Happy New Year, Please Driver

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Happy Christmas

From the entire staff, thank you for making the site an enjoyable nook in the net to crew in 2022.

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Confirmed: Support for war is rock solid among Russian public

Support for war in Ukraine β€˜falling significantly’ among Russian public – British intelligence.

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Weekly Clearance

■ I hope historians can one day work out how Canada of all places became a bastion of nazism. ■ Yes, that’s a good point about Bill Barr but his ‘burn down the GOP’ Trump op-ed is mostly fair. ■ … Continue reading

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She was the victim of officials sacrificing children for neurotics

Excellent mum Rhaikit Thintuep’s daughter Glory wasn’t the victim of “indirect impacts” of COVID.

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Italian tourist must have been windsurfing without a mask

First case: Man diagnosed with simultaneous coronavirus, HIV, and monkeypox infections.

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The key words here are “months at sea”

A sailor meets his baby for the first time after months at sea, 1940s. — History Defined (@historydefined) May 25, 2022

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