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■  Broken Hill will no longer pay for a ‘welcome to country.’ A true welcome is free, says the mayor. ■  Traditional Jesuit solution: Fr Frank Brennan suggests opponents of the Voice give in to the left. ■  Brussels is … Continue reading

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■  Doctor of Keating, Jim Chalmers, hopes “cost-of-living package” will magic away 11th rate hike. ■  Electricity inflation “still high,” says RBA chief Philip Lowe. Well, Labor blows up power stations. ■  Meanwhile, the government of former leftist Shangri-La Sweden … Continue reading

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■  Tony Burke is right. There is nothing wrong with black artists being assisted if they’re in control. ■  More than half of mothers of gender-confused boys have “psychological issues.” You don’t say. ■  The ABC retails Ukrainian propaganda about … Continue reading

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Remains of The Day

■ Fatal heart attacks in Australia are up 17% in one year. ‘Experts’ are looking into the mystery. ■ Bright news in Nazi Canada: it now leads the world in organs harvested from ‘MAID’ victims. ■ In golden form, Tucker … Continue reading

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To A Happy New Year, Please Driver

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Happy Christmas

From the entire staff, thank you for making the site an enjoyable nook in the net to crew in 2022.

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Confirmed: Support for war is rock solid among Russian public

Support for war in Ukraine ‘falling significantly’ among Russian public – British intelligence.

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Weekly Clearance

■ I hope historians can one day work out how Canada of all places became a bastion of nazism. ■ Yes, that’s a good point about Bill Barr but his ‘burn down the GOP’ Trump op-ed is mostly fair. ■ … Continue reading

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Italian tourist must have been windsurfing without a mask

First case: Man diagnosed with simultaneous coronavirus, HIV, and monkeypox infections.

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The key words here are “months at sea”

A sailor meets his baby for the first time after months at sea, 1940s. — History Defined (@historydefined) May 25, 2022

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Rational Triage: Let The Culture of Death Die

SORRY, Dr Srivastava, but there is nothing special about your bile. The highly respected oncologist tells us nothing about that unvaccinated man or that cancer-stricken lady. For all we know, he had perfectly good reasons to abstain from the (now … Continue reading

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Marvellous Stuff

Only Richie Benaud braved coats of cream, bone, white, off-white, ivory and beige. Until now.

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Happy New Year!

I hope 2022 is a good year for you and your loved ones. May it be a very bad one for tyrants.

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Revival: Hunting blacks is a thing again up in the Territory

Authorities say the risk posed to the community was “very low.” You don’t say.

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Leftist campaign to ICAC the Coalition from office fails

She’s delivering: Pauline Hanson supports government to block federal integrity commission bill.

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Dry your dishes with left-wing diversity

Chuffed Louise Milligan says there are “other warrior women” who deserve a spot on the tea-towel.

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Two of my favourite ladies getting important things said

At New Catallaxy, Cassie, and on Twitter, Gabriella the Great.

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