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October 14: The date destined to go down in Australian history

For the inaugural running of the group 1 weight-for-age King Charles III Stakes at Royal Randwick.

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On 315K, Adam Bandt is fives times more valuable than a nurse

Lucky us: Australia’s 227 federal MPs get a 4% pay rise – the biggest salary increase in a decade.

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Because fragile feminists love melodrama far more than soccer

Yep: Infamous Spanish kiss overshadowed meritorious women doing their job. Can you believe it?

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Rod Dreher on Viktor Orbán and the Constantinian imperative

A Chi-Rho by drones: Heaven Over Budapest: A Sign of the Times in the Hungarian Capital. The Soviet Union told you that you had to worship Lenin. The State Department tells you you have to worship transvestites. It’s not so … Continue reading

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Putting the suit in Pesutto

Kellie-Jay Keen issues John Pesutto and his entire leadership team defamation concerns notices.

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Beware of Greeks Bearing Babies

THE news angle in most local reports on the police raid at a surrogacy clinic in Crete last week was the desperation of “Australian parents” unable to take “their babies” home. Other “parents,” Sharri Markson reported in The Australian on … Continue reading

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Four times: Misinformation czarina refuses to answer truthfully

In this slightly heated exchange, Ben Scallan questions Ireland’s Media Minister Catherine Martin.

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Debauchery is now the core ‘value’ of American foreign policy

Heroic pastors: Bishops back Ghana’s efforts to resist Western imposition of sexual rights agenda. Just as the US and other so-called developed countries have cultural values which inform what is acceptable and/or unacceptable within their respective jurisdictions, Ghana, as a … Continue reading

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Proponents of global boiling and women’s penises look back…

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Gillard, Andrews, Royal Commission ignored state school rapes

How the Victorian Education Dept’s historical child sexual abuse scandal was hidden for decades.

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Australian Disney Force: Warriors banned, sodomy celebrated

ADF Academy cadets claim they were pressured to remove uniforms for Wear It Purple Day.

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Chook Cooked

LNP on track to win next Queensland election as Annastacia Palaszczuk’s popularity dives.

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Vicar of Christie

Not at all: DeSantis asks if Ramaswamy comparing Zelenskyy to Pope went too far for Catholics. I find it offensive that we have politicians who will make a pilgrimage to Kiev, to their pope Zelenskyy, without doing the same for … Continue reading

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They said the old diseases would return thanks to selfish idiots

And they were right: Food affordability crisis raises risk of scurvy and rickets, researchers say.

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The Society of Plastic Surgeons calls for subsidised mutilations

Transgender Australians waiting years for ‘gender-affirming’ surgery, as Medicare bid looms.

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Contempt: Ignoring High Court ruling that no abuse occurred…

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The Moose In The Room

IT was seen as the one-on-one that would swamp a conventional and irrelevant FOX News debate featuring eight other contenders for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination. By the numbers, that expectation turned out to be accurate. Tucker Carlson’s sit-down with … Continue reading

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Which reminds me, when is the ‘pandemic’ Royal Commission?

Murderers should be injected with truth serum to find out where bodies are, say top barristers.

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