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Court had four children to her one – while winning grand slams

Serena on retiring at 41: ‘If I were a guy, I wouldn’t have to choose between tennis and a family.’ There are people who say I’m not the GOAT (greatest of all time) because I didn’t pass Court’s record, which … Continue reading

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The weird new convention of paying for rich people’s funerals

■ Olivia Newton-John’s family indicates it would accept state funeral for Grease star. ■ The Seekers singer Judith Durham will receive a state funeral in Victoria. ■ A man has died on a hospital stretcher after waiting over three hours … Continue reading

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Not Recommended For Children

THE historical reasons are flimsy but St Mary of the Cross (Mackillop) is patroness of the Brisbane archdiocese. And this is how she’s honoured in St Stephen’s Chapel in the city’s cathedral precinct. Conventional post-conciliar neo-iconoclasm, the work is already … Continue reading

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Remainda-bindi elder tutors Aborigine on how to be Aboriginal

Jacinta Price accuses Peter FitzSimons of being ‘aggressive’ and ‘rude’ during interview. Accusing me of somehow giving power to racists because the issues I raise are confronting – he loses the point completely. I said to him, ‘Get down from … Continue reading

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Judith Durham

More than Melba and cuter than Kylie, her song is as Aussie as a maggie’s in the morning. Vale.

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How to cancel-proof a sport long hated by the beautiful people

Get women involved and sell the ‘trailblazing.’ If they get hurt or killed, offer thoughts and prayers.

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White Leftists To Aboriginal Voices: Drop Dead

SCION of Rhodesian plantation owners and newly elected ‘independent’ senator David Pocock is manically eager to overturn the Howard government’s prohibition of voluntary assisted homicide in the Northern Territory, Norfolk Island and his home constituency of the ACT. More than … Continue reading

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Dumb whites. “I do wonder if some of them can read and write”

Marcia Langton should be wondering about the literacy of the Aboriginal Industry’s young charges.

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On ideological extortion and intolerance

The great Cassie of Sydney on this week’s ‘Manly 7’ disgrace: The other half of the rainbow.

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In 1982, Ozzy Osbourne was arrested for urinating on the Alamo

Hold our beers, say shock rockers: Rainbow light plans for Shrine of Remembrance draw criticism.

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Welcome To Woolies

Video: Northern Territory police arrest teenager after daylight ‘riot’ in Darwin CBD supermarket.

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2021: ABC celebrates protest ban. 2022: ‘Experts’ concerned

■ Abortion clinic protests banned in WA as safe access zones bill approved to protect women. ■ Vegan protester is banned from every WA pub via liquor laws. Legal experts are concerned. ■ 2021: Tasmanian women in veils and religious … Continue reading

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Moby Dickless: Transphobic marine biologist’s simplistic claim

Department officers have examined images of the dead humpback whale at Mallacoota and have confirmed it is a sub-adult female. Migaloo is a male… One of the most important things is the morphology of the genital area; that’s very indicative … Continue reading

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The Wallabies learned to sing the national anthem in Yugambeh

But it wasn’t an eisteddfod: England holds off Wallabies to win 21-17 and claim Ella-Mobbs Cup.

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EU goes to war in defence of the West’s most important pillars

Grooming, mutilation and sodomy: European Commission sues Hungary over anti-LGBTQ law. Friday’s two lawsuits add to a long list of increasingly bitter standoffs between Hungary’s hardline nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban and the liberal core of the EU over human … Continue reading

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What we’re fighting for against Russia

Our “western values”: America’s representatives at the French Ambassador’s residence this week.

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Christ, Christianity not mentioned in vision for Europe’s future

Message of His Holiness Pope Francis to the participants in the EU Youth Conference. “There is an urgent need to reduce the consumption not only of fossil fuels but also of so many superfluous things. In certain areas of the … Continue reading

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One brother a New York wise guy, the other a priest economist

■ Sopranos star Tony Sirico’s funeral mass held in Brooklyn. ■ Rev. Robert Sirico, Acton Institute. Friends and family members of the late Sopranos actor Tony Sirico gathered in Brooklyn to pay their respects to the wise guy–turned–actor… Sirico, who … Continue reading

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