Court dismisses the rule of law, upholds neurotic vaxxer vibe

Yes, Mr Farage, we are a banana republic. We have the yellow, bent federales to prove it.
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5 Responses to Court dismisses the rule of law, upholds neurotic vaxxer vibe

  1. Tom says:

    A friend who is a Liberal voter emailed me to gleefully cheer on Scott Morrison’s expulsion of the Serbian outsider for refusing to obey the antipodean government at the bottom of the world. I am embarrassed. This is now tribal and indefensible.

  2. jupes says:

    As a nation, we should hang our heads in shame.

  3. a reader says:

    Watch the charm offensive on Tongans now as the white knight to fix the island nation. My guess is somebody will weigh up that they think there are more Tongans than Serbs in marginal seats

  4. Perfidious Albino says:

    I think Jacinda already has the Tongan matter locked to be fair.

    If ScoMo and Co were soooo concerned about maintaining ‘good order’ where the f@ck have they been for the last 2 years allowing Andrews to brutalise the populace.

  5. howardb says:

    Djokovic’s presence “could be a threat to public order because his presence would encourage anti-vaccination sentiment”. So, how long until the Aussie authorities start applying this reasoning to Australian citizens?

    A dangerous precedent … and in particular for Victorians under TaliDan’s Pandemic Bill & new 3000 bed quarantine camp being built at Mickleham.

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