A Snakes & Ladders player wanders into a chess tournament

While the media is fixated on a tactical ploy, this could be a démarche of historic proportions:

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6 Responses to A Snakes & Ladders player wanders into a chess tournament

  1. Buccaneer says:

    That’ll learn em, no malarkey or something

  2. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Doubtful. Governments really really don’t like things they don’t have control over. Hence governments will either establish control over cryptos or they will hammer them flat.

    This is especially true with authoritarian regimes, and we’re entering an era where all regimes are authoritarian. Like we have suddenly become.

    Global reserve currencies are ones of the most dominant nations of any particular century, because that nation can defend its currency financially and militarily. There is no defender for BitCoin so as soon as it becomes a threat it will be squished.

  3. Entropy says:

    Bruce is probably right.

  4. C.L says:

    I’m no sure governments have the power to hammer cryptos. You might as well talk about governments squashing alcohol or tobacco.

  5. howardb says:

    Agree with BON.

    Biden Executive Order to regulate/destroy bitcoin on grounds of national security.

    Quick clip from Catherine Austin Fitts on how they can shutdown bitcoin.
    “Not by controlling the technology but by controlling the people”

    I don’t see how they will allow bitcoin to circumvent the whole purpose of the plandemic – the introduction of digital ID & central bank digital currency.

    Great clip Chris M

    To follow on this may be the most vital article you read about Covid. Italian writer/philosopher, Fabio Vighi, provides a quasi-total account of why the ‘pandemic’ was launched. It’s not about health, but wealth. Part 3 of 3 parts.

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