Piers Morgan: Woke Fraud

IT’S a shame the ‘Uncensored’ host being called a “c-nt” live on air by a male “trans activist” he willingly identified as “Jane” takes attention away from the interview that followed. The obscenity was less revealing and indictable than Morgan’s unctuous hypocrisy. More on that presently. “It’s an uncensored show – so you can speak your mind,” the sweary vampire was assured before being cancelled by Morgan for accepting the offer. Members of a Manchester ‘protest’ group, Trans Rise Up, had earlier made news by assaulting a representative of Standing For Women who was trying to speak at the St Peter’s Square statue of suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst.

Women have decided to give up our spaces to men. They have listened to the cries of these nasty, entitled men and gone, ‘I feel sorry, I think you should come into our spaces.’ They only want to pee and masturbate in our toilets.”

Kellie-Jay Keen

Just as he thought it would be entertaining to conduct a ridiculous interview last week with Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen about women’s rights, Morgan bet on one of the assailants delivering a bonanza of views and clicks. All of this was soft news, of course – Twitter loves a c-bomb – but only because on this occasion the ‘TERF’ wasn’t injured or killed. For mark this well: trans militants are so like Afghan jihadists and the killers of Deborah Yakubu that their lunacy will escalate to violence if weaklings continue to indulge them as Morgan does. Watch as he lectures Standing For Women founder Kellie-Jay Keen – whose friend had been manhandled that day – for daring to mock the lie of transgenderism. She doesn’t back down. Nor should we. There can be no reconciliation of what Morgan calls “the two warring factions on this.” The truth has to win.

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  1. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “There can be no reconciliation of what Morgan calls “the two warring factions on this.” The truth has to win.”

    Correct. This is precisely what Helen Joyce says. Joyce is the author of Trans, when Ideology meets Reality, a book I highly recommend. Joyce argues that there can be no discussion whatsoever with the likes of the thugs and perverts, dressed as ninjas, who turned up in Manchester to bully, harass and assault women. We simply have to steamroll through these extremists because it’s about truth and the truth must win. You cannot change the sex you were born into. You cannot put on a dress and some red lipstick and then demand the right to invade female only spaces such as change rooms and toilets, you cannot insist others call you a woman when you are clearly not a female, you cannot compete against biological females in sporting events, you cannot insist that young children are “transgender” and then sit back and watch these children be medically mutilated (I use that word deliberately), either surgically or medically or both. I could go on. There is no, none, zero, nada argument to be had with these transgender extremists. Due to our ever increasing passivity, tolerance and apathy, too many people across the West have ignored what’s gone on over the past few years only to wake up to the reality that this creepy transgender nonsense is now everywhere and if you dare say that you have a problem with biological men competing against biological women and so on, you’re smeared as a bigot and transphobe and so on. Which reminds me, I truly hope Kath Deves does well on Saturday, she may not beat the grotesque flabby Zali and her Porsche driving hypocritical maniacal army of lunatic supporters dressed in teal coloured t-shirts but I hope she takes the fight to the hypocrite. Oh and the colour teal now makes me feel physically sick, everyday I see the cult members running around in Wentworth, spruiking for Princess Allegra, all of them like something out of the Stepford Wives…in fact there is little difference, these teal coloured fools are zombies…..effluent hypocritical zombies.

    Kellie-Jay Keen is one of my heroes. I’ve been following Keen for nearly four years. She’s not intimidated by the likes of Fake Morgan or anyone else. For her “crimes”, she’s been threatened, doxed and so on. But she steamrolls through. This is what we need to do. What I also like about Keen is her ability to reflect. She acknowledges that a lot of this creepy gender nonsense has arisen from “feminism”, particularly third wave feminism. Keen no longer calls herself a feminist and is quite adamant about this. Despite being an atheist, she acknowledges that one of the big problems in today’s pagan society, that’s directly contributed to the growth of this sinister ideology, is the collapse of organised religion.

    As for Morgan, Sky dumped Alan Jones for this offensive fool, they fell for the left-wing progressive hysterical bias against Jones. I no longer watch blubbering fool Andrew Blot, the man who likes to fellate his ideological enemies, and I most certainly don’t watch Morgan.

    Apologie for the morning rant!

  2. Boambee John says:


    Very well said.

  3. C.L. says:

    Cassie, Morgan didn’t supplant only Jones but – more recently – Rita.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Piers Morgan is just the sort of talking head the Murdoch kids appear to want – a soft left pseudo Tory. His show though should be renamed “Unwatched” because lefties won’t ever watch it and righties think he’s a lefty, which he mostly is.

    But the Ryans and the Jameses and the Lachlans persist with Wallaces and Megyns and Morgans because they Believe. Unfortunately the poor people who subscribe in hope of something other than the wall-to-wall leftist swill in the rest of the MSM get yet more semisoft swill from these elites-favoured people.

  5. C.L. says:

    His sanctimonious lecturing of Keen in the video (click and play) was nauseating.

  6. and says:

    It began with “homophobia”. Now there’s a growing list of fake phobias. From homophobia to transphobia to fatphobia. That term “phobia” has been so abused… so bastardized… that it can and is applied as a smear to pretty well anything. If folk don’t agree with some perspective, just refer to them as a *[whatever]phobe. The smear born of incoherence is to depict dissenters as irrational… having irrational fear/hate. Kelly-Jay Keen gets close to exposing this deranged use of the term “phobia”, but still buys into it with something like… if standing up for women’s rights makes me transphobic, then I’m transphobic. Transphobia, or homophobia, or fatphobia, or I-slamaphobia have no coherent meaning.

    A comment from the old Cat a few years ago.

    Terms such as “homophobia”, “i-slamophobia” are concocted. They have no actual meaning. It’s just one example of the bastardizing of language to push agenda.
    Phobia typically refers to an extreme, abnormal/irrational fear; it’s a type of anxiety disorder. An excellent example occurred a few years ago on the Australian “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here”. It turns out that a legend of the sport of cricket is arachnophobic. To his despair, one of the trials involved having a spider (tarantula) placed on his open hand for some 30(?) seconds.

    From the time the trial was announced, the celebrity was in a nasty mental battle. Part of his mind said that it was just a short time to endure the spider; all would be OK. Another part was in utter panic. By the time he had to hold the spider, he was already a mess. But since his successfully holding the spider was to the benefit of all players, hold the spider he did. And he was battling himself all the way through that 30 seconds, at one stage reduced to tears. It took hours after the event for him to calm down. Asked straight afterwards what it felt like, he replied that it felt like he was going to die.

    Phobia involves clinically identifiable psychogenic physical reactions, e.g., heart palpitations, dizziness, shaking, sweating. Phobics are aware that their extreme visceral reaction is abnormal/irrational, but the feelings of dread, of impending doom/death are overwhelming.

    Disapproval of homosexuality, for example, is not a phobia. People may have coherent ideas for their disapproval. There is typically no extreme anxiety reaction when there is contact with homosexuals. I don’t know of any documented case of anyone receiving therapy for phobic reactions to homosexuals. There is no “homophobia”. It’s contrived. Yet the term is bandied about ad nauseam as if it’s a well understood phenomenon.

    Homophobia is a contrivance by the “gay” lobby. The preference for the term “phobia” is the intent to reduce/dismiss all opposition to homosexuality as irrational. But phobia refers to more than just irrationality as indicated above. Unfortunately, the term is now abused to silence opposition in a variety of areas.

  7. Lee says:

    Excellently said, Cassie.

  8. and says:

    Matt Walsh

    Sex Educators Are Grooming Our Kids For Annihilation

  9. dover_beach says:

    Morgan, like a lot of conservatives, fears taking a stand on anything so always tries to steer a middle course irrespective of the truth of this or that position.

  10. and says:

    Shocked parents hit out at ‘disgusting’ book aimed at children as young as FOUR that frankly describes sex, the Pill and the coil


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