Scott Biden

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6 Responses to Scott Biden

  1. Pommyal says:

    Grow a spine and just tell him to fuck off.

  2. Pommyal says:

    The liberals seem to have a desire to be mourners at their own funeral.
    Their wish will be granted.

  3. Rockdoctor says:

    Scomo is a fraud. He and the LNP need to be smashed to smithereens. I’ve long since had it with these ALP lite types…

  4. Keep asking the Gliberal candidates:

    Just how are you different to Labor?

  5. cuckoo says:

    Won’t somebody please take him to the April sun in Cuba?

  6. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    When Eraring and Liddell go it’ll be great fun watching pollies squirm.
    Electricity prices will surge and the punters will be howling “DO SOMETHING!”
    Going to be real hard to find gas for those you bewt gas turbine generators.
    Especially now that the EU will be chasing LNG from anywhere not Russian.
    Hey, I have an idea! Scott, I think I know where you might get some gas.

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